Realcoolyeah is the result of a collaboration of talent, dedication, and energy that audiences can't help but to shake their asses to.


RealCoolYeah is a band whose members are as ecclectic and innovative as the music they create. Founded in 2004, RCY has made a name for themselves as being, not only an entertaining live show, but also an extremely effective studio band. Comprised of 4 members; Brian Saxton (vocals & guitar), Mark Wardell (guitar), Jerry Arsenault (drums), and Sean Friel (bass), the band has been successful in blending an amalgamation of sounds, coming together from a variety of different influences and musical expertise into one cohesive groove that has proven to be nothing less than infectious to audiences at any of the many venues at which RCY has performed. The proof of this statement can be seen in the loyalty of their growing fan base that spans from their local area of New Jersey to such surrounding cities as Philadelphia and New York City. Drawing from such a diverse number of musical influences such as; classic rock,modern rock,progressive rock, jazz, funk,and soul music, RealCoolYeah, rather than mimic these genres, expands on them creating their own unique brand of rock music. All members, possessing varying degrees of training and musical education, bring with them an air of professionality, enthusiasm, and dedication that can only be found in musicians that consider the acts of creating music and performing it as a career. The members of RCY have joined together to take the best of each of their musical abilities and put them together to create one finely tuned musical machine.


Realcoolyeah (4 song demo)
"Swim" on Danimal Records compilation CD
August 2006

Set List

Questions Unanswered, Slipping Away, Is it Real?, Harder, Freeze, Bleed, Ten Steps Ahead, Steam, Swim, Long for Short, Pressure, Goal I can't Reach, Time Out, Breakdown