Real Durango

Real Durango

 Mountain View, California, USA

Real Durango is an alternative rock project intended to wow the audience, with powerful tunes carrying out emotional melodies and combining several genres with a baseline of rock. Our music spectrum does not know limitations. Our live shows are, no doubt, an experience not to be missed.


Real Durango (a.k.a. Royal Durango) is an independent musical project based in Mexico and with frequent trips to San Francisco, USA. Sounds producing images, chords with sublime senses, and a vital pulse surrounded by a bed of melodic voices are what distinguish them beyond contemporary bands.

January 2009 is the starting point, performing their first gig. It is their singular fusioned sound that makes them play in joint concerts along with popular mexican acts such as Bengala, Los Románticos de Zacatecas, Joe Volume and Furland.

Nationwide radio station RMX recognized Real Durango as one of the upcoming greatest promises from Mexico's new rock scene. (ran by producer Hector Mijangos) featured the single "Not Enough" in its website as part of the country's new talents. And Paste Magazine selected the same song to be included in the compilation album "Songs for Haiti", among bands like The Decemberists, Of Montreal and Gomez.

Today, Real Durango is recording and pre-producing the next album, after a four-months period of non-stop live concerts throughout Mexico City's independent scene.


2010 - .010110 (EP)
2010 - e.p. (EP)
2011 - work in progress...