Freddie G

Freddie G


My style is diffrent. I'm not your typical RnB artist. I like to switch things up a bit. Ya know? Have the fans on their toes, thinking "What will Freddie do next?" My music, I like to make music that'd have the people feelin good, especially my ladies.


Coming Success means working hard." Born in 305 but raised in 229 This young Kat is the future of R&B. Freddie G A young go getta Straight outta Floriga who is on the rise to get success, with the struggle of his life on his mind he's hungry and got to get it. In early 05 Freddie G dropped his debut underground album finally. In late 05' early 06' he dropped the Special Edition with the hit Realman that had a great sucess in the South Ga. Region Now Freddie G is back on the Grind workin on his next Album called Change of Plans, and Teaming up with Tha Infamous Hara B doing a album together called Similar But Different. Freddie G's what the game been missing with the hit Deep Inside and Fresh Da Def CHANGE OF PLANS is gonna be The Next Big Thing.


Realman - Single
Special Edition - LP
Fresh2Def - Single
G - Promo CD
Change of Plans - LP

Set List

Typically 15 - 40 minutes long