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"This program is great for our students because it’s unrealistic for students to do all the things professionals tell them, cooking their own foods and eating lots of fruits and vegetables every day. This program shows students which choices are better and shows our students the life changing effects this program can have on their life."

Drew, University of North Carolina, Advisor
- Advisor - University of North Carolina

“I can definitely sense Samantha’s passion for what she is teaching; A + for public speaking!”

Hans Keller, Morrisville State College

- Morrisville State College

“Samantha is not only a powerful speaker, but more importantly, a powerful human being. She has a genuine, relevant, and sincere passion to help people from all walks of life LIVE HEALTHY in mind, body, and spirit. I celebrate the difference she makes in people’s lives.”

Delatorro L. McNeal, II – Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Career Coach

- Delatorro L. McNeal, II

“Samantha is a health enthusiast, wonderful educator, a very entertaining speaker and I have only the highest admiration for her. She has a great understanding of health and definitely knows what she is talking about. Every time I have seen her speak she is so inspirational.”

Dr. Norm Burba – Naturopath Doctor

- Dr. Norm Burba – Naturopath Doctor

“Samantha taught me how to make better choices in my busy lifestyle with studies and work. I know exactly what to order at fast food restaurants now and I learned how to plan snacks between classes. I’ve had more mental clarity to study for exams and since I can remember so much more, my grades have already improved! I’ve also lost 2 pants sizes from doing what she taught me and I feel great!”

Clarice Roberts – Hillsborough Community College
- Hillsborough Community College

“Samantha is truly gifted in the art of speaking. She educated us about healthy eating in a way that was fun, entertaining and powerful. She has motivated me to live a healthier lifestyle that’s not overwhelming but is more of a fun challenge instead of a diet.”

Dana Marsh – University of Indiana

- University of Indiana

“Samantha taught me what I can eat on the run to avoid traps that will set me up for weight gain. From what I learned from her I have already lost 70 lbs., I have clearer thinking and more energy. Thanks Samantha!”

Renee Eaton – University of Florida
- University of Florida

“Samantha is very knowledgeable about this topic and I like how she shared her personal experience. She is real in tune with college student eating habits and presented her information in a relevant way that can reach students.”

Jennifer Furner, Advisor Keuka College, NY - Advisor - Keuka College, NY

“I really enjoyed how energized Samantha is, she really made the topic fun to listen to and easy to comprehend and I liked how she kept the audience drawn in.”

Jeff Abraham SUNY Delhi - SUNY Delhi

“Samantha is an excellent speaker. When most people talk about weight loss it is always the same old thing but I found this presentation interesting and helpful. It helped me gain some confidence in myself that I really can lose weight realistically and not by eating bird food or going on some crazy diet. I like that I actually learned how to eat healthy.”

Mayra Vazquez, Alamo Community Colleges - Alamo Community Colleges


I have given over 150 talks on health and weight loss.
I hosted a health talk show for one year and a half.
I hosted a LIVE fitness and weight loss spot on television for 6 months.



I have been inspiring students for 13 years as a speaker, personal trainer and health consultant. When I speak I use humor, excitement, real life examples and a realistic approach that keeps audiences totally involved. Students relate to me since I lived a busy college life taking 20 credit hours a semester and working a full time job. I ate fast food 3-4 times a day, pigged out at the dining halls and gained almost 20 lbs. I was so tired from eating poorly, I could hardly stay awake in class; I felt horrible. I knew in my life it wasn’t realistic for me to stop eating fast food or dining hall food so I decided to learn how to make better choices because those were the only places to eat. I quickly lost 20 lbs while still eating the food I loved without feeling deprived. Over the years I have shown thousands of people how do the same thing. I show students realistic options so they can actually do it!

After struggling with an eating disorder, I learned “The Formula” for losing weight, having more energy and mental clarity making better, realistic choices with food. With a student’s hectic schedule most of them feel trapped into eating whatever is at their disposal. They feel frustrated that most health professionals give them so many rules they can’t follow leaving them feeling like they don’t measure up. I meet students right where they are and show them how to make better choices with their food while losing weight and having more energy for their studies and exams. Best of all my solutions are realistic and will leave students with an empowered mind to make smarter choices while still eating the food they love.

It is my passion in life to inspire students to make realistic choices with their food. I am different than most health professionals because I show them eating habits they can live with and can actually apply the next time they eat. I don’t overwhelm them by giving them a huge list of all the things they have to change to be healthy. I inspire students in a funny, entertaining way that motivates them to take action because I give them realistic options they can actually apply on a daily basis.

I have:
-Done over 150 talks on health, nutrition and weight loss
-Been the host of my own radio show about health for a year and a half
-Had a LIVE television spot on fitness and weight loss for 6 months
-Helped thousands of people lose weight
-Became the #1 producing personal trainer out of 2000 trainers
-Own and operate a private personal training and weight loss studio
-Manage a successful online health business
-Overcome an eating disorder and now use that experience to help other college students

What I LOVE to do MORE THAN ANYTHING IN LIFE is to get up on stage and inspire students to take action on their health by making smarter decisions. Most of all, I love for them to see how easy it really can be when they make it realistic with their lifestyle. Most students get so excited about not packing on extra fat, losing weight and having more self control they have a desire to eat even healtheir.

That is exactly how it happened for me and I am PASSIONATE about helping other college students.