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Reality Movement
Lift It Up



Every band has their own story and this one tells about how God can put together four guys who never knew each other and lived distances apart but had one thing in common…..a heart for God. Reality is now a group of guys who love to rock for God, not only in their music, but their lives as well. In a world full of neutral lyrics, Reality seeks to stand out by displaying all hope only through Jesus. In songs like “Reality Movement”, a message is given to the church to come out of the mundane world that’s got us so busy and get back to the message of Christ, “Love God and love each other.” The music that accompanies their lyrics is fresh and challenging. It’s full of off rhythmic hits, accents and odd time signatures that offer a “cutting edge” in today’s music. It has been said that it is hard to describe Reality’s sound as it is so fresh and not too much like anything else today. It’s also hard not to rock your head when listening to the chorus of songs like Reality Movement and Lift It Up.
In the mix of everything Reality also knows how to speak to all people, including those who are not of the faith. With songs such as “Running Inside” a message is given that tells of how we can all benefit from letting down the walls around us in order to let God in. Reality also believes in having a heart of worship toward God. They demonstrate this every Sunday and Wednesday at their local church, The Dwelling Place, where they lead worship. A glimpse of this can be heard in their song, “Use Me”.
Reality is really a testimony about how God can work wonders and demonstrate His ability to bring purpose and destiny into lives, as He has done with Reality. The band attributes its style and lyrics all to God and consider them birthed of Him and not of influences of this world. Above all, Reality seeks to glorify God and would love to see all Christians unite around the message that Jesus saves so that more may come to know Him. The song, “Sick Church”, demonstrates this message with a chorus that simply says, “Why do we still break His body.”
With God at the forefront and the support of their wives and family, Reality seeks to create a movement…..a Reality Movement. Please join them and help them achieve this by supporting them, their music, and their message.
Be sure to keep a look out for more music to come as Reality's first project, Reality Movement, is underway being recorded at home!

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