Reality Check

Reality Check

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Deep,Hot, Hood , Street's my music is what you wabt when you need a taste of Reality, in Other words A Reality Check !!!!


Reality check Born In bent harbor MI
Now living in Grand Rapids His music reflects His life. He will guide you through the trials and tribulations, and hardships He Has faced in Michigan. And In San Diego California where I was introduced to gang life. However, growing up He was always around old artist, New Artist .That was willing to teach, and He was willing to learn. Living in Chicago He Was always exposed to violence And Street Life. Therefore, He had to look at life like an adult but as a kid. So, He uses His music as a getaway. So He can relate to people in All Types Of situation. You can feel the harsh realities in his life Through His music. While also giving you music with feelings and emotions.
So if you want real Come Get a Reality Check

After Month’s in the studio and years of living the street life
He cranked out The Album Real Talk

15 track’s That Take from the penthouse to the outhouse
With Some Real street life and Real Street Talk!


Real Talk Lot's Of Air play Worldwide

Set List

Song's And Set's Very depending On Size of Venue