Reality Revolts

Reality Revolts


The best elements of Alt Rock, Punk, Metal and Reggae all infused into a straightforward yet unique sound. Simple enough that casual listeners will enjoy and technical enough to please the music nerds!


From North County San Diego, we started playing together in High School and restruck our musical bond in 2008. We have been pumping out fresh tracks ever since! Influences range from All American Rejects and Thrice to Soundgarden, Les Claypool, Tool and Slayer. The vocals combine an insightful sense of melody and a rare intensity that drives the music forward. You will find an interesting array of drumming styles from track to track topped off with funky bass lines and lightening fast rhythm guitar. Our music is the reason you were born with ears.


No official releases yet...

Set List

Never Enough
Easy Over
Positive Ends
Getty Up

Our sets vary according to the venue, but we've played 30 - 120 min sets. Our average set we like to play is 45. We have a few covers, however we prefer not to play them unless the audience communicates so.