Reality Stricken

Reality Stricken


Louder than a freight train ringing in your brain that you'll be humming in the shower for hours and hours!


Reality Stricken is a four-piece rock band that hails from Norristown, Pennsylvania. Their guitar-driven sound has drawn comparisons to Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World and Bayside. Reality Stricken has been featured on Clear Channel's Radio 104.5, performed at the Dewey Beach Music Conference and has shared the stage with such acts as Blindside, Bedlight For Blue Eyes, and A Skylit Drive. Along with their passion for performing, Reality Stricken has an extensive online presence, active street teams in serveral cities and a clothing sponsorship from Beast Attire. In addition to having played over 100 shows in the past year, Reality Stricken has completed two successful tours in support of their latest self recorded and produced album, "This Is All We Could Remember".

The band can perform both as an all electric act as well as a lower volume acoustic driven act.

Prices for Mid Atlantic Festival are as follows -

Full volume electric performance

1 show - $850
3 out of 5 - $750
7 out of 10 - $650

Acoustic Driven Performance

1 Show - 700
3 out of 5 - 600
7 out of 10 - 500


This is All We Could Remember EP 2008
Reality Stricken self titled extended EP 2007
Embrace Your Last Chance EP 2006

Set List


The Secret Vs. The Moment
A Chapter on Desolate Minds
Brand New Trick
The Scar Love Left Behind
Cracked Doors and Empty Dance Floors
I Cheer Your Raw Ambition
A Short and Shallow Breath
Rejection with Benefits
Ships Don't Fear Sinking, People Do
Ink Wells Dried
Expression of Your Fears
Two Halves of Perfection
Read and Sign
Living Like Scripts
Stitch in Your Side
Signal Fire

Johhny Be Goode - Chuck Berry
Everlong - Foo Fighters
Shippin Up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys
Bleed America - Jimmy Eat World
Weezer - My Name Is Jonas
Sic Transit Gloria - Brand New