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A musical journey awaits you… …Witness, and enjoy, as Realize takes you there!


Hip hop is an ever changing, always evolving musical genre that is world wide and dominates, and shows no signs of slowing down. Over the years the sound has become more melodic, and intricate compared to the early hard driving, head bopping drumbeats. The lyrics have become equally more complex, and thought provoking to capture the listener’s attention. Today’s music enthusiasts have tastes that range from the extreme to the conservative. However, the public has the power to create a living icon, or take away dreams just as quick. Therefore, an artist needs to be lyrically sophisticated, musically educated, and must be able to move the crowd, and keep the attention of there following through the good days, and bad. The artist with attributes to handle this commitment is Realize.

Realize is a twenty something artist and producer from Roosevelt, N.Y. and has been on the Hip Hop scene for 10 years. Initially he made his mark with boyhood friend and rhyme partner, Al Dirty. They reached local success, and created good music together for several years. Today they are the tag team duo of Real Dirty... Realize has a very unique style as an artist, and a producer. Realize is an urban composer that has the ability to create songs with, and without samples. He has studied music on various levels obtaining skills on the keyboard, and as a recording engineer. “I refuse to limit myself when it comes to creating a track, I want everyone to appreciate my efforts, not just the streets” explains Realize. When it comes to the lyrics, he is just as passionate. “To be successful you need more than just catchy punch lines, and cursing after every three words. I design concepts that entertain, and make you think”.

Realize, the man, the musical creator using words and rhythm to entice minds to explore urban music to the next level. This project is an example of dedication from a person that believes that art can be profitable, and enlighten. Realize doesn’t come off as a mythical character to enhance a faux ghetto persona, he is believable through his journey. Review these tracks and you’ll understand who Realize is as a man, and as an artist.


The collection of works on this CD is only a microcosm of what Realize has to offer the world. The concepts that are presented here aren’t new, however, Realize makes sure that his rendition is strong, and to the point. “Work” is almost like a theme song for Realize. He goes in depth on why he works so hard to create music, and why he still reaches for the brass ring. “DRO” is a hard driving club anthem that takes you in the psyche of Realize when he crosses the velvet ropes. “Take ya clothes off” is a risqué, erotic tale of Realize, and a special lady getting together. “Rollin” is the epitome of urban driving music. It features an up tempo track, smooth lyrics, and a catch hook that has you reciting it over, and, over even when the song is finished.