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Really Hot Music is the next generation of music, management and distribution. The name itself is undeniable! Our focus is on progressive technology and strategy to promote our artist starting with Anthony "Sire" Martinez, Really Hot Music's Founder & CEO.


It began like most things begin...with a thought! How can we market our artist and get their music heard faster? How can we make hit records and bring our artist fame and fortune over night? How do we move away from the traditional management and recording label mentality that keeps an artist waiting years to be discovered or released? Lots of questions...but only one answer...HOT SINGLES!!!

For years the music industry has been muffled with LP's that have 3 or 4 strong songs and the rest fillers. Those 3 or 4 songs are usually what you hear on radio rotation. Really Hot Music only creates singles from talented artist and focuses only on radio rotation type songs.

As a true leader, Artist, Founder and CEO Anthony "Sire" Martinez creates the bar for all Really Hot Music artist by putting out and featuring in the first five (5) singles that Really Hot Music will make available to the public. "I think that if you're going to be the CEO and sit across the table from artist signed to your label you never want to have that conversation of telling an artist what you need from them and have them look at you as if you don't know what an artist has to go through to create a smash hit" says Sire. "I don't just bring the business relationships and strategy to Really Hot Music, I want to be the one to set the bar and have Really Hot Music artist do better than the bar that has been set."

In addition, Really Hot Music has become the home for talented unsigned artist who find it difficult to get signed by other labels. The industry has demanded that upcoming artist become self sufficient and create their own music, create their own buzz and show the labels that they already have a following. Labels as well require that artist already have their album pretty much done before being picked up by the label. Although this philosophy helps the labels manage artist development cost tremendously, it also has become a deterrent for artist to be heard. This has created an opportunity for Really Hot Music to sign the most talented unsigned artist in the world to release Hot Smash Hit Singles!!!

Welcome to Really Hot Music!!!


I Can Treat You Better Featuring Cleph the Cosigner & Sire
Bout My Money Featuring Sire & Lil Wayne
Like My Swag Featuring Sire