Melodic rock with songs that appeal to every genre and taste. Everything from hard rock to reggae, and even some 60's vibes in between.


From Cambridge ON Canada. REALM started out in 2001 with a victory at a local battle of the bands. After recording a 2 song demo from their winning prize, the members all took time to finish their university degrees. Neil continued writing music and bringing it to Drew to work on, and in 2007 recorded their full debut record "Walking in a Shadowless land" with producer Sean Riley. With influences ranging from the Beatles, and Bob Marley, up to TOOL, Incubus, and silverchair. REALM have a melodic variety in their music that has become a rarity in the music world.


A Walk in the Park

Written By: Neil Leicester

when I awoke yesterday
to watch the world melt away
then I saw the child fall out of open arms
all because you're alone in your mind.
Sell your soul for a smile
deplete that source to stock the pile
It's not a sign on the wall or a bridge with a path, it's the one thing that I'll never have.
It's not a reason to die when you can't be content, or the dying wish you've never spent.
It's not a walk in the park when you can't figure out, you're the one thing I can't live without.
It's not a place where you lie with the clouds for a house, then you climb right back to fall while
I had it all
and I don't want it anymore


The first radio single off of "Walking in a Shadowless land" (2007), is track 4 called "Rocking Me." No songs were released off of the 2001 EP. Three songs off the new record are streaming online and the whole new album is available on iTunes. You can check out: Rocking Me, Crowded Room, and After it all @

Set List

Typically we play close to an hour, so we get to play pretty much the whole 12 song album. We have done some covers by Green Day, Nirvana, TOOL and Weezer, but we generally tend to play our own stuff. Here is a typical set list:

Crowded Room
The colour of money
Rocking Me
After it all
A walk in the park
the Rising
Haunting You