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No Komment

Ossining, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Ossining, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Hip Hop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Audio: No Komment - Mitosis"

As we anticipate the release of his EP, ‘Lab Notes’ No Komment drops a treat titled Mitosis. A single produced by Andrew Omega we’re sure that you will find this is one of your new favorite artists. - Boi1da

"Artist Lookout: No Komment (Interview)"

There’s a lot of talent coming from all over the place these days. It’s like these kids have been in their cave or their lab or whatever you wanna call it, perfecting their craft before they display it to the world. As of late, I’ve been on the lookout for every type of talent more than before. During my search, I happened to get introduced to NO KOMMENT out of Ossining, NYC. Needless to say, we all know that New York produces some of the world’s greatest talents — don’t even try to debate it because it won’t work — and this dude here is just another example of that. I took the time to listen to the listen and dissect his music. The raps makes sense, the beats fit, the storytelling is captivating and interesting, and most importantly, the vibes is right. I’m a fan. After a tour through his SoundCloud, I made it my obligation to find out more about the artist so I respectively reached out. Take a listen to his latest tracks in the interview below.

13: Where did the name No Komment originate from, What’s the history behind that?
NK: “I started making music my freshman year of high school. I started bouncing ideas off my best friend through AIM, at first I settled on NK-47. When I realizes being a brown rapper named NK-47 would carry too much stereotyping (after 2 days of wearing an NK-47 hat in school I realized it won’t pan out so well), we went back to the drawing board. After going through 20 or 30 names, I hit my homie up saying ” I can’t even think of anything, it should just be “no comment” lol”. He said “No Komment” is actually really fly and it integrates my first and last name into it (Naader Khan). It was his first positive komment (pun intended), so I ran with it. Ironically it has grown into what I represent in music. No “Komments”, just let the music speak for itself. Too many new artists rely on a gimmick, I’m not about that. I’m going to do it all and make the best music along the way, and that’s what my fans will love me for.”

13: How did you get into making music?

NK: “I joined the basketball team in 7th grade. I always got picked on because I was the tall goofy indian looking kid, and I wasn’t very good. But, I had a temper, so it always provoked long fights filled with insults after practice. I was always really good at doing rhyming poetry in English class, so I started making my disses rhyme, and slowly I gained a lot of respect and no one really wanted to battle me anymore. In high school I became pretty notorious for battling, and a couple friends suggested I make music. I really got into recording at first because I would write songs about girls and it helped got me laid when I was young and without much game. Now, I just want to be the greatest.”

13: How long have you been at it?

NK: “Like I said, I started rap battling in 7th grade, around 12 years old, and recorded my first song at 14. I first started performing and taking it seriously with my crew ‘CBS’ our senior year of high school, and after my freshman year of college, at 19 years old, I launched my solo career with long-time producer friend Andrew Omega. So much has taken off this past year, and I am thankful the years of hard work are finally paying off.”

13: In your own words, how would describe the style of music that you make?

NK: “Everything. Haha, but seriously, I think I provide one of the most eclectic mixes in hip hop. I tend to rap over smooth sample heavy beats, Andrew’s production is very reminiscent of early Cole mixed with early Kanye. I do dabble in a the ASAP faux-trap sound, whenever I am trying to make a banger or spit some ill flow about a girl that’s been on my mind (see “Honest”, “Yes Please”). I really enjoy elements of live instruments, and my favorite performances always come with a band backing me, not some audio track. I like to think of myself as a vocalist more than a rapper. I am not the best singer, but by blending a smooth flow with melody and strong lyrics, I tread the line between hip-hop and RnB pretty well. My content primarily focuses on my story coming up in this world, love songs, and a handful of hard-rap tracks trying to bring it back to the poetry of the 90s. I like to think I have that socio-political influenced style mixed with hard bars that Rakim would be proud of, but I also mix it up with the sensitive self-revealing style of Cole and Drake. My whole style relates to who I am as a person, a kid who grew up in the most diverse area in New York, a child of immigrants who made it to college and now I’m doing the same while also following what I love. I can relate to a lot of people, and I just want that to come across in my music. I hope I can evoke that “I feel you” sentiment when fans are listening.”

13: Your inspiration(s), where does it come from?

NK: “My early inspiration came from eminem and 50 cent. I liked how eminem could mix humor and tragedy, while 50 cent could mix baby-making music with thug anthems. Eminem’s rhyme scheme is also what I base a lot of my own writing off of (internal rhymes are a huge component of my music). As I grew older, Kanye being the most influential artist. His production is my favorite, and he blends social awareness with party music and self-exposure in a perfect manner, which is what I am seeking to do, just better. As for inspiration from home, my parents have been huge for me, especially my mom who still sings and performs as a 56 year old English Professor. Also, my best friend $olo, the best new artist from NY (aside from me of course). He influenced a lot of my recent music taste, which really helped my sound grow over the past few years.”

13: Any current musicians either on the come up or major artist inspire you and gives you the visions to create and keep creating music?

NK: “As I said, $olo is one of my biggest inspirations. He doesn’t release as much music, but when he does the local fans are craving it. Working in the booth with him has really made me a better artist than I ever could have imagined. Logic is one of those guys on the come up who I really fuck with. He did so much without a major label, he went to college, he deals with being labeled white despite dealing with racial prejudice his whole life, and the kid just SPITS, no foo-foo shit. He’s basically followed the trajectory I am on to immense success, which gives me a lot of confidence. Definitely hoping to tour with him and do a feature in the near future, I think our sounds complement each other well.”

13: Since the time that you began making music, were there any memorable moments that took place? Anything in particular stood out to you throughout your journey?

NK: “My most memorable moment came in Singapore several months ago. I was studying abroad, taking a hiatus from music. One day, at the beach, some kids were chilling playing guitar, and I went over to freestyle with some of my friends. One of the guys liked it so much he gave me his contact and set up a show for me in Singapore. The crowd was an average size in a small venue, but when I hit that stage, they went NUTS. I have never seen more love from people who had no idea who I was. My music career had been slowing down going into this, but after that performance I booked a small tour throughout southeast Asia, recorded the first hit single of my most recent mixtape, and filmed a music video that recently eclipsed 35,000 views. Things like that remind me that everything is meant to be, and when you get inspiration like that handed to you on a silver platter, you have to run with it.”

13: Are you working with any artist that the people should know about?

NK: “$OLO is an abvious choice. He’s featured on my “101” mixtape. Be on the lookout, once he drops his debut project, the world will be taken by storm. Fre$h, Bazanji and Thornbro are some local guys from NY and NC I’ll be working with in the near future, so look out, the collaborations are about to be crazy.”

13: What’s your dream feature?

NK: “It depends on the record. I got some old school shit I really want Rakim or Nas on, just some intellectual gritty shit. Most of my recent work is melody heavy focused on sick flow and a specific content, so I would have to go to the kings of hooks and melody, 50 or Drake, for a feature on any of that. If I had to do a whole mixtape with someone, it would be Logic or J Cole, just because our overall styles complement each other the best. If I could only pick one, it has to be Drake. Everything he touches goes gold, you know Party and the Weeknd.”

13: What is your opinion on music in 2014 & what you intend to bring to the mix?

NK: “Music in 2014 is interesting. Real rap is slowly disappearing. Gone are the days of DJ premier, 9th wonder, the alchemist, accompanied by grit, poetry and intelligence. Pro era is the best we have in terms of that, and lately Joey is making corny music. Now, hip hop is moving towards big bass, synths, trap music, incomprehensible lyrics and yelling. Music we turn up to. I have no problem with that, in my opinion MUSIC is getting better. Lines are blurred, sounds are tight. Partynextdoor epitomizes the sound of the future. He’s not as ridiculous and ignorant as the music that’s gonna fade, but he captures the sound and tells a good story. My goal is to bridge the gap. Mix the new with the old. I want to take you on a time machine with each song. The verse will have you in the 80s, the hook will be that 2020 shit and vice versa. I hope to bring more content and reflect more on my life so I can really give people someone to relate to. The masses need that right now.”

13: What can we expect from No Komment from now and beyond?

NK: “I’ll be releasing 3 projects leading into summer 2014, when I plan on booking my first major tour and releasing a debut album. I will be performing a lot more throughout NY and NC over the next year, and I am sitting on music that you really aren’t ready for. so standby and get hyped for some new music and ill collaborations, until I’m in your town and you can come see what’s good in person. By 23 I will be a household name. Going for that Jordan legacy, I dare someone to try and stop me.”

Follow him on Twitter – @realnokomment - BackDooor2VIP

"No Komment - Woah"

Today No Komment drops off the video to his new single, “Woah”. This Andrew Omega produced record can be found on No Komment’s new project, 101 slated for a Fall release. - Mechanical Dummy

"New Music: No Komment - Mitosis"

No Komment drops Mitosis, a single produced by Andrew Omega. You can find this on his ‘Lab Notes’ EP. - Itz Bizkit


Still working on that hot first release.



No Komment represents a new age sound in hip
hop, that blends traditional sounds (sampling, boom-bap drum beats, laid-back
flow), with a touch of modern pop (synths, multiple flow switches, melodic
intonations). He allows listeners to enter the mind of the most relatable
artist out there. He has seen the struggles of people from all backgrounds,
attends college with thousands of students who all have their own fun and
problems, he’s the child of immigrants and he hails from NYC. By blending all
of these different stories, he tells a well-rounded tale of what he’s
experienced and witnessed. Most importantly, he brings it back to the roots of
hip-hop, and gives the listener music that they can party too. While elements
of socially aware rap can be found in his lyrics, he tends to focus on women,
love and making the party a more enjoyable experience for him and his friends
who all need a break from the day to day grind.  At 20 years old, No Komment still spends his
summers back home in Ossining, New York, one of the most diverse places in the
world, and spends the rest of the year traveling, touring and studying at UNC.
He brings balance back to a genre of music that is becoming saturated with less
and less content. At the end of the day, he brings you music, which is why “No
Komment” fits him perfectly. It’s not about the image, it’s all music.

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