Real Things are Good

Real Things are Good


An independent lo fi diy garage band from San Diego, Real Things are Good is just good, clean, clear waves of homemade music with a fuzz fringed wall of sound.


Travelling through the long vein of garage rock that began in the 60s and drawing from the punk aesthetics of the 80s, Real Things are Good is a group of friends with a boisterous California sound.
Real Things operate through a noisy blend of racing guitar layers, which give the keyboard plenty of room to ride within the wave of sound. They draw from a wide range of influences but are frequently compared to The Strokes. As of late, their sound is evolving into a more fluent arrangement without sacrificing grit and venture.
Although Real Things only recently settled on their sound, they have over twenty original songs and are currently producing an EP.
Real Things are Good is comprised of Sean Daly, Danny Ellis, Dan Edick, Alex Packard, and Cameron Petersen.


Travelling Cell EP Single - expected release December 2012