Five good friends that, in the latter part of 2000 and 8, got together and collaborated on music and other thought provoking mediums alike. Post-hardcore pop-rock would probably be the best 'classification' of our style.


Starting off with the lead and rhythm guitarist. Jake and Cody had been playing together for about a decade and had been writting, jammin', and building with a plethora of different aspiring artists to construct what now looks to be a solid foundation for music. After learning fluency in the art of instrumentation, Jake and Cody wished to expand their horizon. And did so. With known friend and fellow music enthusiast Beck(Also known as Andrew but was re-nicknamed due to an old member, also Andrew, and stuck) who wished to take on new challenges with his vocals. While they WERE jamming and they DID feel inspired and b-e-a-utiful, they were still feeling incomplete. So in the next couple of months of searching for mystery men Beck would eventually find a vocalist/bassist by the name of Paul, right infront of his face I might add(?), at his work and would offer him a half-assed audition. The next day they would convene, initiate Paul, and would discuss the recruiting of a new drummer. Paul being the newest member in the band he jumped in like the lifeguard he is and suggested his long-time friend Ben as a possible new member. Annnnd there you have it. Tah-Dahh! REALtimeJERICHO Was Born.


We've released a demo 'fromTHEbeginning' which is just the two songs found here.. and we're on myspace, purevolume, indielove,, and others if interested.

Set List

Experiment, dont forget to preafrood, backyard again, these days... , chasing begbie, untitled(x3), no transitory(cover), Kryptonite(cover), and many more on the rise.