Sounds like 'Paul McCartney', 'Johnny Marr' and 'Thom Yorke' all having a fight over a 'Take That' album... on the moon.


We met at Amersham College where we were all taking a BTEC in Music performance. After being flung into a rehearsal space together and told to write a song using just 3 chords... we did what any group of strangers would of done, we Dropped the Guitars and went to the Pub. It's been two year since that day and we are still writing/gigging and recording. Are fans do struggle classing the music we make into a genera and to be perfectly honest we a little confused when the subject is brought up, but if i had to describe our music i would say that we make 'odd pop' just traditional English guitar based songwriting, but in a very unconventional manner. the bands influences stretch from the Beatles, the smiths, Radiohead, the Strokes, Foo Fighters, the La's, Take That, Cold Play, the XX, Death cab for cutie and White Lies to alice and wonder land, pulp fiction and Shakespeare.


1st album release TBC.

Set List

our typical set is normaly an hour of our origionals, then an hour of covers. Covers include Katy Perry, the Monkeys, Muse, Steriophonics, Elbow, Kings of Leon and Green day too name but a few.