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"Reason Disappears @ Lee's Palace"

Reason Disappears@Lee's Palace
Monday June 12, 2006 @ 12:00 PM
By: Staff

Date: June 10, 2006
Reporter: Steve English

Background/Composition: A brawny melodic hardcore sextet, pleasantly heavy on the melodic part.

Comment: A talented group whose intriguing songs, road-hardened live act and expanding cult show considerable promise.

With six guys thrashing away, there wasn't much room to maneuver. Still, each member made the most of his limited space, rocking out energetically while keeping collisions to a minimum. Their enthusiasm was infectious, inciting more than a few of the older Rocketface leftovers to tap a foot in approval. The keyboardist was so locked-in it looked like he had a whole colony of ants in his pants.

Heavy, muscular, hard-charging tunes peppered with blasts of screamo and, weirdly enough, the occasional RHCP-style jabber-rap. The keys and sound effects add texture to already solid songs, although the lyrics (and the guy who sings 'em) may be a tad too earnest for their own good.

You name the hairstyle, someone here had it: one fauxhawk, one wild orange mop, a few short & spikys, even a Rob Thomas Special. The anguished emo faces are to be expected, but isn't the old foot-on-the-monitor pose a little played out at this point?


"CD Review from"

Reason Disappears
"s/t" (independent)

4 stars
Reviewed by: Kaj Roth

Will appeal to fans of: Hypnogaja, Stuck Mojo, P.O.D., System of a down

Comments: If I didn't know better I would believe that Stuck Mojo /
Stick Speed / Fozzy / Cafu Mainman Rich Ward had something to do with
this heavy funkmetal band coz they're both supergroovy and melodic
with a real heavy touch.

In 2003 the band landed a publishing deal with Zomba/BMG which lead
to the recording of a 4 track demo with Jagori Tanna (I mother
earth). Reason D stands with one foot in the modern rock territory
and the other in funkadelica land. Am I the only one thinking the rap/
tropico/metal arcade of "Almond Sculpture" could be a huge hit with
the right distribution?! Awesome!


Redesign EP - 2003
Flies or Kings EP - 2005
Toss the Match EP - Fall 2006 release



Six years as a band, six members in the band, and the
calendar reads 2006. It is shaping up to be one hell
of a year for Reason Disappears.

The fire that ignites this Toronto-based powerhouse is
coming to fruition with the bands upcoming release,
Toss the Match. Entirely self-produced in their own
studio, Toss the Match is promising to be a venue of
raw energy and sonic exploration not yet experienced
by fans of Reason Ds recorded music. Intricate and
eclectic, heavy, funky and always melodic, fans of the
band can rest assured that all the things they have
come to expect from Reason Disappears will be present
on this CD, but with a heightened sense of focus and
cohesion. Being firm disbelievers in the myth that
great songs and great musicianship cannot co-exist,
the members of Reason D use their extraordinary musical
abilities to heighten the emotional experiences of Toss
the Match.

Having had their two previous efforts produced by
prominent Canadian rockers Nick Walsh (Slik Toxik) and
Jagori Tanna (I Mother Earth) respectively, one might
wonder why the boys in Reason D would choose to do it
on their own this time. Drummer Mark Kasaboski comments,
"We had amazing experiences with both Nick and Jag, and
learned so much about what works and what doesnt work
in a recording. We figured, since we have the tools at
our disposal, this was an ideal opportunity to use that
knowledge and create exactly what we had envisioned.
People had always commented on how our self-produced demos
were so much more representative of the raw energy found
in our live show, so it made sense to do it this way".

It is this very live show that seems to keep people coming
back for more. National exposure on MuchMusic and MuchLoud
via their video for Almond Sculpture, as well as supporting
slots with Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, Death From Above
1979, Thornley, Bedouin Soundclash and The Salads have been
effective in reaching out to attract more and more fans to
their consistently packed headlining shows. This in turn,
has lead to Reason D gaining a reputation as one of the most
exciting and energetic live acts on the scene.

When asked about the suspicion that he may be an Arsonist in
waiting, Vocalist Bob Mather replied, Toss the Match is
symbolic of burning the things in your past that have held
you back. Fire can be very destructive, but it can also be
cleansing. This album is about reaching deep inside,
exploring all the things you don't like about yourself or your
situation, and destroying them to make way for new life.

Toss the Match is slated for release this summer, and will see
Reason Disappears live show spreading like wildfire.