Reason Disappears

Reason Disappears


A 6-piece rock outfit with eclectic influences, the music is hard-driving, melodic and textural. Solid musicianship combined with refined songwriting makes for a fresh sound.


When preconceived ideas and rational thought are no longer relevant.
When you close your eyes, and get lost inside yourself.
When music takes you to a place ruled by emotion, and free of physical limitations.
When everything's right, and it all comes together...

That's when Reason Disappears....

The six members of Reason Disappears came together with a common goal of creating music that is melodic, driving, eclectic, and emotionally driven. The combination of six very diverse musicians who share a wide variety of influences results in a very unique sound, while still keeping one foot firmly planted in the hard rock arena.

Since the band's inception at the dawn of the millennium, this Toronto-based powerhouse has gained a reputation as one of the most entertaining and energetic live acts around. With an unleashed energy and sense of camaraderie between band members rarely seen today, Reason Disappears draws their audience in and nurtures a very personal connection with the listener. Heartfelt lyrics sung to insanely catchy melodies, combined with superb musicianship infects the soul with an uplifting sense of inspiration that is a much needed breath of fresh air in a world of turmoil and uncertainty. While many people see the world falling apart, the members of Reason Disappears see hope and greatness in the evolution of the human spirit, and humankind's ability to overcome repression and strife.

During the early part of 2002, the band went into the studio to record four songs with the assistance of producer Nick Walsh, and engineer Darius Szczepaniak (Barenaked Ladies, Sum 41, Big Sugar). Originally meant to be a starting-point for a full length album, the four song EP, entitled “Redesign” quickly caught the attention of many a discerning listener. One such listener was Dallas-based Manager, Jeff Roe, who is best known for representing 2003 Grammy-nominee, Bowling For Soup. Jeff immediately expressed interest in representing Reason Disappears and is now an integral part of the team.

The EP’s lead-off track, “Almond Sculpture” explores an unbridled determination for, and validation of, a given individual’s personal life-goals. With that in mind, the band recently completed filming of the song’s music video, which takes selected glimpses into each of the band members’ daily lives, illustrating the struggles and determination of a band trying to “make it”. “Almond Sculpture” has been receiving generous rotation on MuchMusic as well as MuchLoud, and was recently one of five top requested videos on the all-request episode of “Loud”, MuchMusic’s heavy music specialty show.

Having been recently added to the prestigious roster of The Agency Group, Ltd., the band has begun to compile a series of high-profile shows such as the North by Northeast 2003 Agency Group showcase, as well as opening slots for such acts as I Mother Earth, Billy Talent, Bowling for Soup and Three Days Grace. And, as anyone who has been to a show will tell you, this is one band that must be experienced live.

With a solid recording, a highly energetic live show, world-class representation, and a kick-ass music video behind them, this most certainly promises to be the year of “The Almond Cup”. So keep your ears peeled, your mind open, and tune up the right side of your cerebrum, because sooner or later, when you're least expecting it, Reason Disappears.


Almond Sculpture

Written By: Reason Disappears

Did you think that you could stop this, cold like a brick wall ?
Countering a tennis ball, thrown by the hand of a small child,
Did you think that you could stand up proud and tall…?
Well Mr. Wall meet Mr. Wrecking Ball.

The syncopation of my heartbeat, impossible to concentrate,
Playing in an odd time, drumming to the theme of a dream realized,
And almond never tasted so sweet, and the shell’s a battered wall of disbelief,
No matter what you do, no matter what you say,
I know the almond comes today.

And I, I felt everything, I wonder what becomes of me…..

Remember disbelief I broke it, just in time to be the first across the finish line,
Wined, dined, and exercised the demons inside…. I’ve waited long enough,
Today’s the day I take that Almond cup.
No matter what you do, no matter what you say,
I know the almond comes today.


You are alive, you are alive in me…………



Written By: Reason Disappears

There’s a pile up of people, now 6 billion high,
And they’ve all dropped in the same place,
Some stay in, some fall off, and some make wings and fly away….

Who took away your free will,
And who’s at the head of the line you stand in,
What ever happened to chills?
And what ever happen to my hair standing…
On end, you pretend,
Each new trend’s your favorite blend,
Revert to the old you….&

Redesign, what’s going to make this better,
And Rise

The scariest part about this life,
Is when you wake in the morning like the world’s lied to you,
Should’ve used more than one tenth of your head….
I want… can’t have it…. I need this


If I ever wanted a life of waves and water,
Tell I could drown these intensions and float across the waves,
Maybe I should build up a break wall, and keep the splashes at bay,
To afford an opinion and finally get away…. From it all.



"Redesign" 4 song EP (Independent 2001)

"Almond Sculpture" Video (235 Films/VideoFACT) Currently in rotation on MuchMusic and MuchLoud

"Almond Sculpture" also recieves airplay on Toronto's Edge102 as well as various college radio stations in Ontario

Set List

I'm Still Awake
Me Vs. Mr. Man
I Wonder
Before the Curtain Falls
Beside Myself
The Silver Orange
Almond Sculpture

(This is a typical 45 minute set)

Reason Disappears' sets consist of all original material and can be catered to any length, depending on what is required. (up to 2 hours)