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My albums include: "God's Armor Mix CD Vol. 1" with singles such as "Genesis (In The Beginning)" produced by DJ Lyv Wyr of 000 (Triple 0 Production); "A Prison Song" (feat) Shawn Rafael, produced by DJ Lyv Wyr of 000 (Triple 0 Production).

Then "The Seed of Faith Tour 2007 Compilation Album Vol. 1" Which was done by several artists I went on tour with. The big single off that was the 8 minute song with a majority of us on it called "1 Blood (Tour Theme Song)"

And coming next year July 4th, 2008 my actual album: "God's Armor (The Album)" All but 8 songs produced by me on a 19 track album. 1st Single "Free At Last" (feat) DJ Lyv Wyr & Anayanzi Simpson singing on the track, produced by DJ Lyv Wyr of 000 (Triple 0 Production).



As a believer of Christ I am to tell the world that God is not mad at them and that the only sin that will send them to hell is their rejection of Jesus Christ.
I am also to declare to my brothers and sisters in Christ (the church) that we are of one body and that the walls that separate us--racial, denominational, doctrinal differences, etc.--must come down so we can get out job done as one church or Body of Christ.
My purpose with this message is to glorify God in music by equipping local churches, Christian labels, Christian production companies and ministries worldwide to multiply talented ministers of the Word through friendship, evangelism, discipleship, and healthy growth.
Our goal in music is to present Christian/Gospel Rap first to the Church of God in Christ, to show them that the times have changed. The biggest influence on our children is what they see on TV and hear on the Radio. So we ask for the support of the Lord's Church of God in Christ (or whole body) to support the changing of a generation through relevant teachings of Truth as revealed in God's Word, the HOLY BIBLE.
Second, we want to rebuild from scratch the already corrupted music scene to challenge both mainstream rappers and underground hip hop heads to step up to a level of real artistic lyrics and poetic skills. That it will draw both the commercial and underground from the beef between them by seeing music from a new perspective and not the deception.
Last, I wanna challenge all music, not just hip hop to be positive role models for the Lord for their children's sakes. God says, "For by Him (Jesus) were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible (that includes hip hop).... all things were created by Him (Jesus), and for Him (Jesus): And He (Jesus) is before all things, and by Him (Jesus) all things consist (or hold together). And He (Jesus) is the head of the body, the church: who is the Beginning, the Firstborn from the dead; that in all things (including hip hop) He (Jesus) might have the preeminence." (Colossians 1:16-19).
You see, hip hop belongs to Jesus anyway, cause when He comes back He's gonna ask you what did you do with His talents and gifts He gave you, and how you used Hip Hop. To speak the devils lies, or to tell the world about Him and how much He loved us all enough to give us hip hop to have fun with.
What's it gonna be hip hop?

Reason Disciple Bio
Born Ricardo Jerome Butler in Orlando, FL on December 12th, 1978. I picked up my love for hip hop in about 85' when my uncle used to play Run DMC and D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince records. I grew up on bass music like DJ. Magic Mike before it turned into booty movement. I started off in hip hop as a graffiti artist, then into hip hop dancing and afterwards a little break dancing. But after I heard the Nas/Illmatic album one New Years Eve in 1994 going into 1995, I declared myself a rapper and hadn't wrote one single rhyme. Earlier on in life I did poetry and one a lot of the contest in middle school. But I had no idea I actually liked to do it. The Illmatic album captivated me. At the time I had just came to Christ prior to that, but I wasn't going to church or anything like that. I actually didn't start really walking with the Lord until 2004. Anyway, I picked Bishop as my first rap name. The reason why I changed it to Reason is a whole other story. But I started out with a group of three. We called ourselves Physiological Ruckus. It was me, Mygrane (who is now part of Open Campain), and Skrapie (who is now past away, RIP). Then me and Mygrane became Mental Dizkreshon with DJ Murdoc (who is the other half of Open Campain, now do you get that picture?). So I got married had a daughter, served in the Army for 3 years, all the while still doing hip hop for fun, not looking for a record deal. And I’m still not looking for a record deal. My record deal came from Jesus anyway. Finally my life took a turn for the worst. I caught a domestic battery charge fighting my former wife, and ended up in the system. Then I ended up violating my probation. The judge sentenced me to 18 months prison. The same day I was sentenced was the same day I knew without doubt in my heart and mind that God had called me. And I just said I couldn't run from it anymore. My life was a Jonah story. I missed my mark when I was younger. But now the Lord got me back on track. When I was in prison, I asked the Lord, "How can I still do rap anymore?" My tongue was still dirty, and full of bad words. I haven't even heard gospel hip hop before. So I had nothing to like motivate me or something to show me how to do it. At the time I asked the Lord that question, I was reading the call of Moses. God has asked Moses what was in his hand. And Moses told God he had the staff or rod. And God asked me a similar question. He said what's in your h