Reasons Untold

Reasons Untold


Very energetic pop/punk/rock sound. Lots of harmony vocal parts and guitar licks. Super high energy stage presence...loads of choreography...lots of crowd participation. A lot of fun on stage.


We started as a three piece in high school. We played a couple of shows as a cover band. Soon after, we started writing and recording our own songs. We decided to add a couple of new members to improve our stage sound and presence. We have been through many members.
It's been an on going battle to keep the band going. Six months ago it all finally came together...all the right members. We've been in the studio 5 times as a band and recorded 2 full length CDs and a demo. Some of our influences are MXPX, The Starting Line, Simple Plan, Taking Back Sunday, and Eric Clapton. We all share the same passion and thats music. It doesn't matter how many people we play for, we always perform 110%.
We try to be unique in our music writing and our stage performance. always pushing the limits with new ideas no matter how crazy. We will do what we love, no matter what for the rest of our lives.


2003 demo
"Young but not TOO old" 11 Track cd
"Gone" single track
"Sometimes sorry Isn't good Enough" single track
"Heartbreaks and Headaches" 10 track cd

Set List

Truth Hurts-3:22
Dreams Do come True-3:44
What you do with it is up to You-3:17
Sometimes sorry isn't good Enough-3:37
Looking Back-2:45
Hit and Run-3:15
Theres Always Tomorrow-4:03
It's Over-3:00