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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | INDIE

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | INDIE
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""Casino Heart" Gets Rave Reviews"

The Indianapolis based band Reaul, never displeases, and upon listening to their new album "Casino Heart" this piece of work is far and above their best effort to date. Each song is power driven edgy rock, with compelling vocals and lyrics. "Casino Heart" is a more complex side to Reaul. The boys have added layers upon layers of outstanding musicianship to Rick Connell's vocals.

You will become a fan after you listen to "Casino Heart" and find a favorite in one of these 5 songs if not all. I believe the strongest song on the album and single here is "Circle City Lights" - just love this tune. The song is driven with hooks, catchy lyrics and great musicianship.

Compare this band to part "OneRepublic", with a bit of "Anberlin" but with the new sound of REAUL! A Must Listen!!!

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Top 10 for 2011
Highly Recommended!
Marlene Palumbo Indienink Music - IndienInk Music

"The Reaul Deal"

For Tulsa's part in the wide world of music there are examples of real success that isn't always measured monetarily. In recent years Tulsa along with statewide musicians have raised sizable dollars to help others. I am happy to report that Tulsa and Oklahoma musicians are not the only ones doing their part. Just yesterday, Colorado based Marlene Palumbo of Inidienink PR suggested that I check out the Indiana based group "REAUL".

What I discovered reminded me that success doesn't have be selfish. Reminiscent of Nickleback,One Republic and Anberlin, Reaul is not only the real deal, they understand the laws of attraction. A big part of their mission spotlights the health issues of the growing problem of Juvenile Diabetes and their involvement with JDRL awareness.

Their newest release titled "Casino Heart" is slated for in-store and online release on May 24th with Indianapolis' RadioNow 100.4 in tow.

So far my ears have been treated to five of the cuts beginning with the titled track "Casino Heart" followed by "Second String Lover", "Forever Starts Tonight", "Circle City Lights" and "Chasing Daylight".

Reaul is keeping it real with first class songs for a first class cause.

For more info on REAUL and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation aka JDRF


By Scott Russell
Tulsa Music Examiner | Read More - Tulsa Music Examiner

"Reaul has luck on its side"

Indy rock quartet Reaul doesn’t go anywhere without the Green Goblin action figure that sits on the dash of their Land Cruiser. They acquired him as part of a kids’ meal in Chicago during their first national tour in spring 2009; he’s ridden up front with the band ever since.

"We all hold a deep belief that he has kept us safe on our travels," said vocalist Rick Connell. "One time we left without him and drove back 12 miles to get him — yep, we are that superstitious."

Whether due to their lucky charm, strong work ethic or accessible Top 40 sound (reminiscent of The Fray and Vertical Horizon), Reaul has been on a winning streak lately.

"We’ve come off of two national tours, the latest at the end of August. We’ve picked up sponsors we’ve never had before," Connell said. "We’ve had some label interest and we’re doing more interviews. So it seems we’ve gotten some good forward movement, especially in these last several weeks."

The highlight, though, has been Reaul’s chance to work with producer Travis Palmer (Faith Hill, Red) on new album "Casino Heart," due out in early 2010.

"He’s helped to change and solidify the sound of the group a bit," Connell said. "We did a lot of the new music on the recent tour, and we rearranged our old tunes to give them new life. We saw a huge difference in the response to the music. Just a big difference. So the most significant development has been working with him."


Reaul performs a free concert at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 14 at Downham Music, 2307 Broadway St., Anderson.

Behind the name

"The first name we wanted to use was already taken by another band from Colorado. For weeks, we brainstormed, and finally one night I had a dream. Out of that dream came the name Reaul. As funny as it may sound, in the end it came down to whether we could buy the ".com" for the Web site. Nobody had So we were good to go," said Rick Connell, Reaul vocalist. - MetroMix


The band newest release, "Casino Heart" hit shelves in 20 countries on May 24th, 2011.

Réaul's self-titled EP was released on December 11th, 2007 to online stores such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and The EP was re-released in July of 2008 in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

The single "Going Down" has been played on local Indianapolis radio stations: WEEM 91.7, WIWU 94.3, & WQME 98.7.



It all started with a dream, and for Réaul it is becoming a reality. Réaul is reminiscent of bands such as OneRepublic, Nickelback, and Anberlin all rolled into one. The band has traveled throughout the country playing over 250 shows on a variety of different tours in the last 3 years and has now settled down to work on their new album titled “Casino Heart” - which is slated to be released in April. The band has been working with producer Chip Znuff, of the band Enuff Z’nuff, and Grammy winning engineer, Jeff Luif (Janet Jackson, Twista) for the last several months. "We have spent over a year of literal blood, sweat, and tears writing and recording our new album and there is a lot of anticipation from us and our fans for the release of this album” states frontman Rick Connell.

The Pop/Rock group’s journey has led them through a variety of places, but if one thing can be said of them, it’s that they have never lacked knowing the meaning of hard work. Réaul has recently been endorsed as a national partner with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and is planning on taking the country by storm in a Nationwide tour of walks starting this Spring continuing into the Fall. “We have an amazing group of people that we are working with. We would definitely not be able to do this without them,” stated Connell.

The group’s passion for JDRF was first ingnited when the band’s drummer (Nate Metzler) began giving drum lessons to a boy named Ian McCollum who happened to have Type 1 Diabetes. Ian’s father and mother (Mark and Cindy McCollum) who are heavily involved with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, wanted to help the band make an impact in this endeavor and began forming a relationship that has turned into a nationwide partnership between Réaul and JDRF.

Réaul was invited to perform at the first annual “Rock it to a Cure” in 2010 held in Indianapolis, Indiana as well as play for the 2010 Indianapolis JDRF Walk. The walk is held annually in Indianapolis’ downtown Military Park with more than 5,000 people in attendance. Needless to say, both these events were a huge success.

"We have had our fair share of challenges, but somehow we always seem to pull through. We don't have an overnight success story and nothing has just fallen into our lap. We have a great team of people, a wonderful organization to be working with, a bus, gear, a new album, and this dream that we can ‘change the world for the better’ that just won’t quit," states the band’s drummer, Nate Metzler. “I really think this is going to be the year that we see things change on all fronts”.

Réaul's self-titled EP was released on December 11th, 2007 to online stores such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and The EP was re-released in July of 2008 in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan. The band is currently recording a full-length album entitled "Casino Heart" slated to arrive on shelves in early 2011.

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