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The best kept secret in music


"Reaxis / Solomon Dividing EP"

"REAXIS has a nice hard rock/alternative sound to their music. It's not too heavy and not too light, it's just the ample amount of "rock" for their style of playing. The vocals found on their track "Solomon Dividing" were melodic and harmonious while on tracks like "Care About You" they were much more harsh and driven. The three tracks found on REAXIS' SonicBids EPK page (which is where I downloaded these songs from) provides the listener with a great example of what REAXIS is capable of. I'd love to hear a full-length album by this band; they have a Dave Matthews type of sound, but produced in their own unique way."

[Wednesday Elektra]
- Wednesday Elektra,


"The folks here in Little Rock love Reaxis. They generated a lot of buzz- we see good things in their future. I hope they make it down
this way and rock the "Battle in the Rock" again."

Nathan D. Pyle
UPN38 / Clearchannel - Nathan D. Pyle

"Reaxis- Solomon Dividing EP"

"Reaxis is a quartet from south of Boston that's been making some headway into the local scene via the Lucky Dog's Wormtown Wednesdays. Live they sounded like a tight hard rock band with progressive tendencies. Those progressive tendencies and the energy of their live set aren't really captured on this CD."

-Phil McNamara ( Music Hall) - Wormtown


"Keep an eye out for: Reaxis at The Hog’s Trough Saloon at 10:15 p.m. Jan. 27. Reaxis is a pretty decent original rock band with kind of a punk/Led Zeppelin/Smiths thing going for them. Read about them and listen at"

— Robert Greene

- Music Roundup


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy



We are currently looking for a producer/engineer/studio to record a full album, so we've revamped this EPK to suit our hunt. If you've come here looking for any other types of information about Reaxis, our website still has all the info your heart could desire- . Or you could contact us at if you have any questions.

Reaxis is in search of some people to work with to record a full-length album in the next few months. Our last studio recording was a bit of a disappointment for us but it was definitely a great learning experience. We did feel however that the recordings came out sounding sterile and unrepresentative of our live performance. Also, since then we've been joined by our new bassist Joe, and Bryan has shifted over to guitar, so now we'd like to have a recording of the music that we're writing now. And this time really make sure to nail it.

Rather than try to convince you of how scary cool or how edgy we are we've put some tracks in the audio section that should give a good cross-section of our sound. We have many more finished songs, of course, and many acoustic songs as well ( some of which can be found at or ). On our website we also have a full live performance recording from the Webster Theatre Underground in Hartford, CT.

The first track in the Audio section of this EPK is off our EP Solomon Dividing. We had been together for a couple of months when we decided we needed a demo for booking/promo purposes and recorded this. It's still in our set but has changed significantly. It is probably the best song off that recording. More of those tracks can be heard at .

The second song is one we've recently been working on for this new album. Our dynamic has changed since the first album and this song shows that new direction. The recording is from a recent practice(room mics to an 8-track). It's been tightened up and finished since this recording and it's ready to go along with about four other songs we haven't yet recorded.

We've added the third song to give an idea of how we work together. This is how this song happened: Jimmy(guitar) and Joe(bass) were playing in the practice room in the house we live in. Bryan (lead guitar on this track) heard them from upstairs and ran down to add a riff that popped into his head. Sean(vocals) was outside and heard them all playing and joined in a few minutes later. Then Scott(drums) came home and sat down at the drums to play along. This recording was the first time we had played any of this together(you can hear Bryan calling out the chord changes as we're all playing!). But it's a good representation of the way we'd like this new album to sound- spontaneous and climactic. And the recording of an actual musical event, rather than layers of overdubs and Pro-tool edits.

Anyway, thanks for checking out our EPK and listening to our pitch. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at . We look forward to hearing from you about any services you offer that you think could help us out.

Thanks again!