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Reba Hasko's 'Electropera' is a seamless vocal performance of poetry, organic loops, & power-pop piano featuring the live video art of Sunit Parekh. Matched with Parekh's electro-art, Hasko's award winning cross-disciplinary songcraft, virtuosic piano & innovative vocals create a dynamic experience.


"A woman and a piano, sometimes that's all you need... at least if the woman is as gifted as Reba Hasko." --Anna Maria Stjarnell, Collected Sounds

"Joni Mitchell with the heat turned UP! Damn great piano pop." -- Derek Sivers, CDBaby

"Being at first, lulled by the sweet sounds of genuine piano pop, you're suddenly blown away by this attention grabbing, sould stirring voice like a heavenly combination of Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush. Having command of the piano with passion that rivals Tori Amos and with the perfect combination of intensity, brilliance and piercing emotion in her musical voice, this is an albulm that will have you doing a double-take."
--Tamara Turner, CDBaby re: "Live At Studio 43"

Reba Hasko performing poet/singer/pianist/composer, completed studies in theatre, opera and voice at the Crane School of Music in upstate New York before moving to San Francisco in 1998. Winner of the 2002 San Francisco Hotel Utah Contest, Ms. Hasko’s cross disciplinary song craft draws references from musical theatre, rock, jazz, French art song & opera and has been likened to the work of Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos and Ani Difranco.

With dreams of becoming a song writer, her acceptance after high school into the Crane School of Music in upstate New York seemed the ideal next step. Once there, however, she was quickly claimed by the School's opera director and thrust into the drama and rigors of the discipline. By this detour, she discovered a passion for atonal music and mixed meters, and developed a deep respect for composers such as Alban Berg, Gabrielle Faure and John Cage. But it would be her irrepressible individuality that threatened her academic performance when she failed 20th Century Composition for writing something so unique and unexpected, that her teacher remarked, "This isn't even music"!

As it turns out, it's more than music. After moving to San Francisco in 1998 and studying and performing for about a year, Reba made an abrupt break from the classical scene: "I had had enough of singing other people's music. The fact that the majority of women's roles in opera had been written by men didn’t settle well with me. I finally turned in my scores and rented a piano. I had my own things to say, to sing about. I had a voice of my own, and I wanted to use it."

She achieved that goal with her first release, "Live at Studio 43," the charmed union of a crystalline vocal power and masterful piano work. Rich, confident instrumental stylings that counter her luminous poetry with daring, organic chords that never threaten to obscure the siren at the center of the song. Derek Sivers of CDBaby calls it “a brilliant album…”

Currently, Reba is writing, recording and performing in Northern California. She will be touring her latest performance project “Electropera” in Europe beginning in May 2004. Her electropera is a storytelling vocal performance with original poetry, loops and piano featuring the live video art projection of Sunit Parekh. The result is both confidential and cryptic and charged with a punk-rock commitment among classical stylings. Parekh’s lush all-original video art provides an otherworldly beauty. So maybe that teacher was right, after all. Maybe this isn't music. Perhaps it requires a new category, some place where rules are broken, revelations are made, and the thing we once called music takes form in the air before us with a grace and dimension we can almost touch.


"Live at Studio 43" (Reba Hasko) - LP 2002

"Here's How" (Reba Hasko) -EP Currently In Progress

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Set List

An all-original 1 hour set

*The Glamouratti
Drifting to the Veil
*The Magic of Stephin Merritt
Heavy Rescue
*Blue By Nature
I'm for You
Nick Tribute
Any Way
Aunt Fran
Here's How

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Program for 'Electropera No. 1"

What Suffering Asks..........poem, loop
Here's How..........soprano, loop
Drifting to the Veil..........loop, castanette, soprano
Rising Times..........poem, loop
Any Way..........soprano, piano
Dessert..........poem, loop
Crimson..........strings, soprano
Holy Notions..........poem, loop
The Glamouratti..........piano, soprano
Aunt Fran..........strings, soprano

Encore, cover: "Wicked Little Town from Hedwig & the Angry Inch".......... piano, vox