World fusion and Jewish roots with an edge. Rock, jazz, Middle Eastern, hip-hop, and ancient, traditional influences. #1 CMJ World album.


Recording artist and producer, RebbeSoul's releases include RebbeSoul, Fringe Of Blue , RebbeSoul-O, and the most recent Change The World With A Sound which hit #1 on the CMJ (college radio in the US and Canada) World Music charts. The music of RebbeSoul is world fusion stemming from the Jewish Diaspora, a mix of ancient and modern, a blend of East and West, featuring Russian balalaika, Greek bouzouki, electric and acoustic guitars, hip-hop rhythms, Middle Eastern percussion, flamenco cajónes, and soulful vocals. RebbeSoul has been featured in Billboard magazine, on CNN International, National Public Radio (NPR), interviewed on the CBC of Canada and VTV’s Gabareau Live, named to the Starstreams top 20, and written up in of hundreds of publications to date. Several record companies including Island and Rhino Records have licensed his tracks for use in compilations as have film and TV studios, most recently When Do We Eat and the American Film Institute in their Tribute To Barbra Streisand.

RebbeSoul and his six-piece band have played LA’s House Of Blues and Knitting Factory, New York’s Wetlands and Knitting Factory, San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall, the Seattle Center, and many other popular venues including colleges and universities. He is the star of the one-man show, RebbeSoul-O, which was nominated for three Valley Theatre Awards. RebbeSoul with a pair of percussionists form the RebbeSoul Power Percussion Trio that play special events suited to ethnic, acoustic music. RebbeSoul is also the bandleader and producer of the planet hop band, Common Tongue featuring players from The Jerry Garcia Band, Spearhead, and Strunz and Farah. Their release is entitled Step Into My World.

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Shalom, The Peace Song

Written By: Bruce Burger

Why can't it be now? Why can't it be today?

Shalom, Salaam, Kosen Rufi, Om Shanti.


Fringe Of Blue
Change The World With A Sound
all by RebbeSoul

Step Into My World by Common Tongue

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Change The World With a Sound albums received substantial college radio airplay. It was #1 on the CMJ world music charts. Avinu on the RebbeSoul album was on heavy rotation on P1 radio stations in the US. It was the most requested song in San Francisco's KKSF's history.

Set List

Our shows are groove oriented and attract lots of dancers, especially belly dancers. We stretch out and groove. There are some covers we play. Among them are White Rabbit and Exodus. Our sets usually go anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the event. We have hours worth of material.