Rebecca Boldt

Rebecca Boldt

 Lowville, New York, USA

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Your Beauty Sings

Written By: Rebecca Boldt

Time and again I can see You in the creation of Your mighty hand. What words can proclaim all the wonders You've made, but Lord, Your beauty sings?

The color of green with the first breath of spring, the earth once again bears new life. The sun's beaming rays on those long summer days, with fireflies dancing at night.

Chorus- From the brightest of days to the darkest of nights, to when the morning is kissed by the sun; in every season I truly can see, Lord, Your beauty sings; Lord, Your beauty sings.

Brisk autumn days set the trees all ablaze, their red and gold leaves paint a scene. Winter's cold chill is soon ushered in with a blanket of pure sparkling snow.

When the rain pours down from dark, hovering clouds and the thunder raises its voice, still Your promise holds true that the sun will come through to show a rainbow across a blue sky.

Tag- No matter what each season may bring, Lord, Your beauty sings; Lord, Your beauty sings.