Rebecca Capua

Rebecca Capua


Singer-songwriter music for people who don't like singer-songwriter music. Described as "perfect pillow talk music...the kind of songs you might play on the last night spent with your sweetheart before moving away to another continent. "


Notable venues in NYC played over past year:
Sin-e bar, Laila Lounge, Galapagos, CB's 313 Gallery, Arlene's Grocery, Bar Matchless, Pete's Candy Store, Piano's, Bar 4

Rebecca Capua: Biography

Rebecca Capua is a Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and she is just reaching her musical stride at the age of 25 with the release of her highly-anticipated first album, “Night Creatures”. Her pure voice that changes in a line from gentle to powerful, and the lush arrangements of her self-taught finger-picking guitar style are a unique combination that tends to make fans out of people – especially those who claim that they don’t normally like singer-songwriters.
Music always played an important role in Rebecca’s life: as a child, she was obsessed with the record “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme”, and she counts Simon and Garfunkel as her earliest and perhaps most important musical influence. Another strong influence for Rebecca was the experience of growing up in the suburbs of New York City, where she developed a fondness for forests and hanging out in parking lots. Much of her music recalls teenage suburbia – feeling awkward, driving around at night, boredom, secret places, attempts at self-awareness and understanding relationships. With respect to musical education, for Rebecca it came in the form of playing cello in her public-school orchestra. She taught herself to play the guitar in the ninth grade, and perhaps due to the influence of the cello, has always been drawn to a finger-picking style rather than strumming.
It wasn’t until 2001 that Rebecca lost interest in writing poetry and wrote her first song in her dorm room at Barnard College. By this time her musical tastes ranged from folk to metal to trip-hop, but she was influenced perhaps most strongly by Björk, Belle and Sebastian, American Analog Set, and Radiohead. Although Rebecca’s music does not sound particularly like any of these artists, their influence is shown in her clear and un-affected melodies and full-sounding arrangements played on the guitar. Once Rebecca had written several songs she was encouraged by friends to perform, and overcame her shyness to play at an open-mic night at Columbia University’s Post-Crypt Coffeehouse. When she moved from Morningside Heights to Brooklyn she discovered a vibrant musical community and became immersed in the NYC singer-songwriter circuit, inspired by others’ music and gaining praise for her own. She became more confident with every live performance, and has developed a quirky stage-presence and a vocal style that causes even the most raucous rooms to quiet down and listen.
She has been called “a sweet, mellow performer,” with “an intimately sweet voice that resonates into your skin.” “Sweet” seems to be the designated term to describe her songs, but her first album, "Night Creatures" is also a considered work of solid songwriting, an aspect that many think set Rebecca’s music apart from others. Rebecca was so pleased with the orchestration of the album that she began to play with a small band, which includes Alan Zapata on drums and guitar, and Devon Press on bass. The sound of the band is much fuller but maintains the subtleties and dynamics of her solo performances. Rebecca looks forward to gaining a wider audience with the distribution of her album, touring and playing larger venues with the band.


Night Creatures

Written By: Rebecca Capua

Said I didn’t
give a damn
But either way
I’m here right now
There’s no telling what
state she’s in
I had to see it
for myself
night creatures
don’t understand
what day creatures
already planned
thought I found a friend in you
but I should have known
that night creatures
are always alone
You are
in a desperate
sort of way
you say you’ll start
standing up
for yourself
no more sitting
by the phone
night creatures
don’t understand
what day creatures
already planned
thought you found a friend in them
but you should have known
that night creatures
are always alone
so let it go
let it go
oh, let it go
let it go
I don’t understand
the way
I am

Agent 99

Written By: Rebecca Capua

I thought about
all the ways we fell out
out of time
and your crazy laugh
embarrassed me I was only
I’d rather be
indebted to your mistakes
I’d rather be
your holiest blasphemy
You were so eager to please
everyone except for me
but so was I
Boys used you up
I never knew if you cared
that they made you cry
I’d rather be
indebted to your mistakes
I’d rather be
your holiest blasphemy
We weren’t sure
what kind of girls
we wanted to be
and I can’t blame you
for hating me
I’m sorry that I
took your hint to heart
we never got to say
what was true
and I’m sorry that your mom
was such a bitch
all I can say is that I hope
you’re far away
from all of it


"Night Creatures" LP, released august 2006

Set List

Typical set list, for about 45 minute show (most songs are between 3 and 4.5 min long):
Night Creatures
Thy will be done
Out of my mouth
King's daughter
Our good name
Agent 99
Robots in Love
Party Girl