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"Rebecca Closure BONIO BONIO BONIO"

Rebecca Closure - Bonio Bonio Bonio
2009-02-26 by Undisco

Rebecca Closure photo

Just a little review here of a great album, of which I feel compelled to write …... the album being Rebecca Closure’s (Wikipedia Entry) “Bonio Bonio Bonio”, an album so good she named it thrice. It’s due out on iTunes shortly, and you can listen to most of it on the Rebecca Closure page here and Bonio Bonio Bonio page, and also the MySpace page

So, anyway dissecting Bonio x 3 … the album starts with the fiery “You’re So Cheap”, an electro-latin curiosity that lets you know what you’re in for, the album keeps up with the good shit from then on. Next track “40,000” will please fans of Kenny Larkin or any early Detroit techno from the late 80s, and “Dangerous I Know” has shades of Juan Atkins/Model 500 “No UFOs”, albeit with its own more, how shall we say, specific and inimitable Rebecca Closure stamp…

“Face is the Place” keeps up the halycon-days-of-house feel, the lyrics being loud and clear about the location of where to put one’s booty. “La La La” kicks booty, rather than requesting where it’s put – a top track that’s aggressive but grooved-out in equal measure. Following, “Dirty Jungle Ginger” encapsulates the album cover concept, and has some of the finest examples of Closure’s trademark ‘cresto’ lyrics (‘cresto’ being the term for the invented vowel/consonant rhythmo-language that she uses in her music)

“Captain Bailey” is the crowdpleaser, complete with Black Lace-esque ‘come on, row!’ call to arms in the lyrics. The water’s rushing in, so you better row … especially once the Van Halen-esque-with-bongos ending comes in…(!)... and, once you’ve finished your rowing, have a rest and listen to the more 1990s referencing ‘straight up’ old skool dance track, in the form of “Fool”...which sets one up nicely for the luminous icing on this particular sonic cake, closing track “Key Largo” with it’s MONSTER Kraftwerkian keyboard riff, which evokes carefree dancing into the night on a Florida beach at sunset. YEAH!

So, if you like originality with specific reference points (hey, if that makes any sense, which it doesn’t), from Black Lace to Black Dog Productions to Willie Colon to Siouxsie Sioux, then by all means do yourself a favour and pick up “Bonio Bonio Bonio” when it comes out on iTunes!

also…further to this… you can…

(a) still buy the old Hotklub EP on iTunes here

(b) check Closure’s film “Hotklub” (Wikipedia Entry) on the YouTube page

(c) check a video of Closure playing live with Damo Suzuki from Can, also featuring Craig Tamlin of AJATSB on drums, and Justin Paton of Now on guitar, and me on bass.

Peace out peeps!

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'bodybuilding' (written rebecca closure) Joan of Ass 555 Records
'tequila' featuring Simian, Stendek, Rebecca Closure
Panache Records
HOTKLUB EP (2003) digital release itunes/amazon/emusic

Bonio Bonio Bonio to be released later this year



Rebecca Closure is a one woman audio assault.
Her latest record Bonio Bonio Bonio is a righteous and raucous body of work. It is a musical and visual trawler net, with Captain Bailey at the helm, a track that encompasses the carefree feeling of the B52s Love Shack and the party atmosphere of Agadoo. Every song is wrapped in imagery transporting the listening far away with its magical desert island theme. Dirty Jungle Ginger is depicted on the cover of the album - a wild percussive dance track with its story set within the mystical jungle. Key Largo fantasises about beach life utopia. Another track 40,000 is reminiscent of Yellow Magic Orchestra with a fast paced disco edge and the hook line - 40000 and Im out of here!

Added to this, her trademark vocals, known as Cresto, which she spits out in torrential rhythmical phonetics, can be heard in tracks such Dirty Jungle Ginger, La La La and the sizzling electro salsa of Youre So Cheap.

Rebecca Closure will be pulling up to our shores during 2009 with a fresh new show and a new 5 piece live ine up to have you dancing into the sunset.