Rebecca Cole

Rebecca Cole


An intimate and gritty acoustic performance fronted by vocalist Rebecca Cole, and accompanied by electric, slide and acoustic guitars. Cole has been compared vocally to Janis Joplin and Ani DiFranco. You will not leave a performance untouched by her vocal prowess and unbridled passion.


Rebecca Cole offers a strong blend of blues and rock to original folk material. Soulful and lyrically alive, the band's tight delivery comes from skilled and experienced musicians who love playing together.

Rebecca Cole, the band's songwriter and vocalist, offers up a soulful and animated performance. Her influences come from Mahalia Jackson, Eva Cassidy and Bonnie Raitt. Classically trained on piano since age seven, she crafts songs that are lyrically potent and technically strong. Cole has performed throughout the US and abroad.


Flavila Cates

Written By: Rebecca Cole

Flavila and her brother tilled the land by hand,
'neath the blue-spruce, the great pine and the purple lupine.
Brother and sister on a farm all alone,
sister fed brother with sweat and a hoe.

Tell me great grandma where'd your strength come from
as your family fell down one by one?
Tell me more than this quilt will ever say,
how did you do it, what did you pray?

Two mouths to feed, there was no room for sorrow,
hunger came first, tears could come tomorrow.
And they walked through these miles and the walked through these trials, but she was twelve years old,
no more than a child.

Tell me great grandma, where'd your strength come from,
as your family fell down one by one?
Tell me more than this quilt could ever say, how did you do it, what did you pray?

Warm winter dresses,
sewn one by one,
made for a blanket to keep me warm.
At night i wrap the cloak around me warm and tight,
and stare at the beauty sewn from the fight.


What It Meant

Written By: Rebecca Cole

we talked about
what it meant
to be happy
and all those things
that are rarely said
i spoke them, spoke them,
to you.

i bled my heart to you
rested calm at ease
at ease
you wove a maze
through my insecurities
i cried them, cried them
to you.

you kicked the wind out of me,
stole my every breath,
every breath
i have more pain
than you'll ever see
i hide it,
hide it
from you.

we talked about
what it meant
to be happy, happy
all those things
that are rarely said
i spoke them,
spoke them
to you.

Old Woman

Written By: Rebecca Cole

this old woman she's about 92.
she sits on her bed and she's talking to you.
where is my family, where is my home?
it's in my head and it left me alone.

those pink, plastic flowers you can't fool me,
won't blind eyes that are taught to see.
the reverend's at the door,
the reverend's at the bed.
thinkin' bout things that've
already been said.

sometimes i think that it ain't right.
you can't give up livin'
can't give up the fight,
tired and old with her eyes half closed,
got to comply with the man who knows.


Drink the Rain (LP) 2001, KOOP, Austin,TX
EP 2002, Koop, Austin
Bloom(LP) 2004, KLBJ, KOOP, KGSR radio, Austin

"The United State of Americana" compilation including Cole's single "Flavila Cates". This release hit #53 on the Americana Music Association chart the week of February 7, 2005 up from #54 the previous week. The US of A also hit #59 on the Roots Music Report ROOTS 100 chart and #12 on the Roots Music Report ROOTS ROCK chart for the second week in a row on February 7, 2005. It was the #5 most added disc to Americana radio it's first week. This disc is currently spinning on, KAXE, KCUV, KDNK, KFAN, KPFA, KRCL, KRFC, KUSH, KVNF, KXCI, KZUM, KZSU, Western Beat, WERU, WHAY, WJJC, WRIU, WVMR, WVLS, WCHG, and many more!

Set List

We do a few covers, maybe three of Lucinda Williams. A typical set may range anywhere from 1-3 hours, however, they lean towards an hour.

Here's a typical set list:

For the Misfits
The Outlaw Song
Cry Baby
Mama Help Us
Old Woman
Flavila Cates
Gates of Heaven
Angel From Montgomery
Big Guns
What It Meant
White Satin
Hebrew Orphanage