Rebecca Eaglin

Rebecca Eaglin


Contemporary gospel/christian band that displays a mixed blend of music style that takes you on a journey of soulful melodies, to pulsating rhytmic dance beats, and ending with rich ballads.


The musical influences that have effected her style of music are jazz, African poly-rhythms, funk, soul, gospel and r & b. All of the referenced styles are merged together to create her own unique sound. Having the control of a seasoned professional, the songwriting style of a gifted lyricist, and the ear of a trained composer, Rebecca is gaining attention from music lovers everywhere. Her versatile sound has garnered her attention from an early age exposing her talents with her first tv appearance on BET's "Teen Summit". Subsequent appearances on the national tv scale given her exposure locally and abroad. Hear what others have said about this artist:

“Your voice is truly a gift from the Lord. Heaven’s doors open everytime you bless the microphone with your voice. It’s truly a blessing to have such a cd for my listening pleasure.” Romarr – NY

“Your album has very quickly been added to my collection of favorites….” Monique – Pennsylvania

“You are certainly unique and I am convinced that you are deserving of the compliments given on your behalf…” Dr. Ronnie Milton –

“You are a serious musician and have invested the needed time and resources in presenting your gifts and ministry at an optimum level….” Dr. Kevin Turner – Univ. of Alabama


Discography: "God Says You Can"; Women of Worship -- "Raising The Praise"; Women of Worship -- "When Praises Go Up"; and "Faithful." Yes there are tracks available from cd baby as well as

Set List

Rebecca's typical set starts off with high energy cuts then slows down to worship songs, finally ending with high energy praise songs. The typical set can range from 20 minutes to one hour, taylored to the needs of the audience or event. If doing covers, the typical repertoire are ballads, hymns and worship songs.