Rebecca Elliott

Rebecca Elliott

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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Thursday Night

Written By: Rebecca Elliott

It's thursday night again and I am home alone
And you won't be here for another three hours or so
My only company is my piano
Which is usually fine but tonight I miss you too much

I hate the days when you wake up before me
And you don't get home until I've gone to bed
The house gets really quiet whenever you're not here
And it's hard to fall asleep when I can't hear you breathing next to me

I don't mean to be needy, love
I just need you to be here, love
And I'm calling on all of my patience dear
So please hurry home to me

I know that I complain about
All the space you hog
And I know I always talk about
Getting a queen size
And please could you just stay on your side

But the smallest bed is way to big without you
So please hurry home to me


Written By: Rebecca Elliott

There's flowers in a vase on the mantle of the fireplace
And pictures turned over on the nightstand by her bed
She sits facing the window that looks out on the garden
Wishing she hadn't left so much unsaid

Oh she can't say goodbye, 'cause she's already gone
And her next hello has already begun
Oh she weeps for the winter and waits for the spring
And she's stuck somewhere in between
She's getting older, oooh

Something in the air says the seasons are changing
But the birds are still silent and the garden still sleeps
She knows she won't be there when the flowers awaken
She'll be long gone when it's finally spring


Written By: Rebecca Elliott

Last night I found some letters
From when we were still together
And I wondered if you'd remember
If I called you and told you

I still see your name on construction signs
Warehouses and billboard advertisements
I think it's funny how often I
Still think about you

And I wish that you were here

Sometimes I think I'm such a fool
For missing all the ridicule
That you threw at me whenever you thought
I was getting out of hand

I've exhausted all the memories
And all that's left are the little things
Like the twinkle lights on your Christmas tree
And dancing to no music

And I wish that you were here

I'm not angry anymore
But I still hate the way you left
Your reasons never could hold water
Even though what you did was for the best
Remembering stopped hurting a few weeks ago
And now it's all just bittersweet
And I wish that you were here
And we could just go back to how it used to be

And I wish that you were here