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Rebecca Goodell

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Not a Boyfriend at all

Written By: Rebecca Goodell

She sits in her room
looking out her dirty old window
wishing that you were here.
She says to herself." i love him so much, but i cant handle this fighting anymore.

I was left behind all broken hearted thought he was the one for me, but i was wrong in the end.

She knows that he loves her so much and that she means everything to him, but she cant take it anymore. She doesnt want to lose him over a fight, but if it happens; it happens.


She wonders why he broke her promises, even though he said that he was sorry, but she will not be able to forgive him. He trys to tell her that he wont do it again, but she wont belive him.

Chorus: 1x

He always tells her these fake ass lies, that it will never happen again, but he always ends up breaking her heart in the end........