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Rebecca Jade Hoover


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Where I Belong.

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Where I Belong, It's All Over, Too Far From Home, Believe Me, Helpless, While Your Gone, Second Best.



The music I write and perform is simply me, a window into my soul. I tend to write when I am experiencing strong emotion. To describe my music in words is not an easy thing. The first word that comes to my mind is a simple word, but that I believe to be accurate...real. The melodies, the chord changes, the words are not contrived but flow out from me when the passion strikes. I don't write songs to please or just for the sake of making music, but to fill a deep need in side of me to express myself. Lyrically, the songs are somewhat minimalist. This is not done intentionally, but in hindsight I can see that I limit detail perhaps to protect myself and at the same time to invite others to feel what I’m feeling without having to share the exact same experience. Musically, my music is elegantly simple yet at times complex. Other musicians who have played with me have said that they have enjoyed the challenge of playing along because I don't repeat predictable patterns and take the songs in expected directions. The music really does draw you in and leaves you wanting to hear more. Although some songs are on the melancholy side, they are guided by an uplifting spirit. They are songs of hope and anticipation of better things to come; songs about the journey that we are all on.

I would say that I have been influenced by so much music over the course of my life so far, but influences are always changing and evolving, affecting the way I create. However if I were to limit the influences one might hear in my music I would say Sarah McLachlan, Elton John, Fiona Apple, Coldplay and Joni Mitchell.

I have shown an interest in music since I was a little girl, pounding out melodies that I would hear my mother sing. Music has never left me, it has always been there for me, and I did not easily neglect it even when there seemed to be more important things in life. It seems as though it was music that got me through parts of my life, giving me an outlet to turn to, and a way to release my feelings. Releasing a feeling into a song is one of the best things one could experience. When we don't have the words, the strength, the patience or whatever it is we are trying to muster, we can express it through the art we create. I was never one for competition when it came to music; I just love music for what it is. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with others to create music. Wow! What an experience. I have had the opportunity to do this in many ways throughout my life, whether it be through rock bands, choirs, worship teams, jazz ensembles, or just jamming with other musicians. Music will always be something that I have in my life; I cannot escape it. It cannot escape me. If I get away from it, it calls out to me. I have been so inspired by music and seek out opportunities where others might find inspiration through the music I create. It is a gift that I have been blessed with and I can in turn bless those around me.