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Rebecca Jed

| Established. Jan 01, 2016

Established on Jan, 2016
Band Country Bluegrass


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"Tangy without being to Twangy"

As a boy the station my father and mother listeened to was a country station WJRZ 970 Am. My mother also had the I walk the line album on record, so the first songs I could relate to were Wreck of the old 97, and later a song like the orange blossom special. in adition for my first two years at the Maryland school for the blind, took a train home to NJ every third weekend. So after seeing Rebecca listed in a Americana tonight listing, and seeing the first track on the cd, new I could relate to it. this is great stuff Tangy and not to twangy, and what a sweet voice. this is like an old love letter you'll want to read again and again so don't forget when you reply to it, stamp it with a kiss. love ya rebecca. - Author: Ken Lawrence

"Dallas Observer"

Sometimes I think real music experts in this town are the ones checking IDs at the door, the ones fiddling with knobs in the dark corners, the ones pouring drinks behind the bar. Unlike me, they can't escape when the music gets awful. They're stuck.
So when I show up at Club Dada for my last scheduled show only to discover I got the night wrong-a closing catastrophe to my week-I listen to Tom Prejean, who runs the club's open mike night.
"Stick around for Rebecca Jed," he says. "She started playing here a year ago and is already chiseled on the Mount Rushmore of my mind." Man, what a compliment. Rebecca is small and pretty, with the cheekbones and arched eyebrows of a young Katherine Hepburn. She's yet another songstress wih a guitar, but her music has a disturbing twist. "I put all my eggs in one basket," she sings in a dark Betty Boop Voice, "I'm walking to my casket."
"Play the travelling song'!" says the bartender when she's finished. "Oh, you like that one?" she asks shyly. "Rebecca, I like all your songs." So do I. It's funny how you just know talent when you see it.

- Dallas Observer


Pearl Handle Pistol - Can be purchased on-line at
Radio play for Rebecca 1 - Radio lyon fm, and on the net at broadcasting from Lyon France
2- House Of Mercy Radio Show from London 3am saterday
3- KVNF from Grand Junction Co. Redneck Riviera show on Saterday at 2.30



Rebecca Jed is a left field artist with overtly traditional roots. Her haunting voice is reminiscent of the classic sounds of Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton. Her style of writing is more of an updated crossbreed between Ray Wylie Hubbard and Dolly Parton. Jed calls her music, “Retro Country.”

Jed’s story began at the tender age of zero, in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. There she spent her summers with every animal under the sun, helping her dad manage his dude ranch.

She barrel raced in local rodeos, led trail rides, and snake hunts. This is where her main source of inspiration would come from and where she started singing and living the real country music lifestyle. The environment was a colorful one, with pet buffalos, wolves, dogs, deer, horses and city slicker tourists.

The rest of the time Jed lived on a farm in Texas, with her four other sisters. Attending a snobby school and taking voice lessons. Jed soon began performing at state fairs, talent shows and singing hymns in churches. At twelve, she saved up all her lunch money for four months and from the pawnshop walls of broken dreams, bought an awful sounding but pretty looking Ovation guitar. It was enough to set Jed on fire.

Shortly after, in pursuit of her dreams to be a country star, Jed played in Austin, Portland, Boulder, Arkansas, Seattle and LA. Finally finding a home here in Nashville, it’s been a long journey for Jed and the life lessons she has learned along the way can be heard in her music. Poised to take Nashville by storm Jed’s currently working on her new album, due out summer 2009.

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