Rebecca Lappa

Rebecca Lappa

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Rebecca Lappa is a Canadian Folk Music Awards recipient and Edmonton Music Awards winner. Rebecca performs as a soloist or with her four piece band The Revelry. Leaning on her strong writing skills and powerful vocals, Rebecca delivers vivd stories wrapped in a folk rock soundscape that ranges from intimate to unbridled.


“The evidence is piling up – that Rebecca Lappa is at the top of the class of great new artists from Edmonton.  Fans rave about her voice: a rich, soft, soulful tone deployed with obvious technical proficiency. There’s no doubt Lappa would impress the judges on The Voice.  Record labels and publishers: please commence the bidding war.”, Nov/2015

Rebecca Lappa, 2015 Canadian Folk Music Awards recipient and 2015 Edmonton Music Awards winner is Canada’s brightest new folk-rock voice. Her music is a truly special combination of energetic rock melodies and warm roots tunes bridging the gap between rock and acoustic music with class and appeal while throwing in a dash of blues. As a highly recognized songwriter, Rebecca recently garnered a lot of media attention after winning the Lieutenant Governor’s Spirit of Vimy contest and a trip to France.  Her story based songs, about history, poetry and life events, carry the listener through a sea of emotions.  She performs with her band, Rebecca and The Revelry, who give Rebecca’s powerful voice and lush lyrics a rocking beat. The band is comprised of MacEwan Univeristy music students, Madi Myhre, Evan Stewart and pianist Nick Samoil. Together they have performed at over 50 events such as the Ottawa Blues Festival, Secret Street Car Series, Nextfest, Canada Day at the Legislature, The Needle Vinyl Tavern, Sherwood Park Patio Series, CBC Centre Stage, K-Days, Edmonton Unplugged, Black Dog, Capital City Records EPL Event, and the Sub Stage at the U of A.

For her latest Factor funded album, “Reckless Heart”, Rebecca teamed up with JUNO-winning producer Russell Broom.  Russell is nominated for Producer of the Year for “Reckless Heart” at the 2017 Western Canada Music Awards.  While showcasing her compelling songwriting …“The singing is the true knock-out here, the passion of Sheryl Crow with the sensitivity of Sarah McLachlan.” (Mike Ross Gigcity 2016). “Reckless Heart” debuted at # 1 on CJSR’s Top 30 and #10 on iTunes Singer/Songwriter Album chart on Nov.2nd, 2016. Since then it has charted on campus stations across Canada including 5 weeks on CILU Thunder Bay's Top 10 Folk/Roots/Blues Chart. The Single Crock Pot Girl is currently gaining spins on commercial radio stations such as The Drive in Red Deer, The Wolf in Regina, The Wolf in Naniamo, Moncton’s K94, Fort McMurrays KAOS, and Fort Saskatchewan’s Mix 107.

Rebecca’s story based songs carry the listener through a complex sea of emotions. History, poetry and life events are all fuel for her musical inspirations. This 5 time CFMA nominee has opened for the Pistol Whips, Jenn Grant, Leeroy Stagger, Travelling Mabels, Maria Dunn, Joal Kamps, Back Porch Swing, Alana Levandoski, Rye and Fairy Tales, Gordie MacKeeman and his Rhythm Boys and she has shared the stage with Basia Bulat, Ruth Moody, Pharis and Jason Romero, 100 Mile House, Scenic Route to Alaska, Lucas Chaisson, Ken Stead, Tim Chesterton, Mohsin Zaman and Benjamin Dakota Rogers.

This spring Rebecca finished her Composition Diploma at MacEwan University. Her songwriting has been recognized with Sonic Youth wins at the 2013 & 2015 Calgary Folkfest Songwriting Contests, and the Shine My Demo win at 2015 SongRise Conference. She has co-written with many songwriters (Nuella Charles, Jay Semko, Chloe Albert, Beth Portman, Rob Heath, Lexi Strate etc) and producers (Dan Davidson, Davor Vulama, Troy Sampson etc) across Canada.  And she was selected to be in the Prairie Winter Songwriter Retreat in Winnipeg in Feb. 2016, and as the Open Chair for the Songwriters Association of Canada Songworks Camp in Edmonton in Aug. 2016.

Rebecca loves to teach songwriting to children and teens at schools, camps and music classes, and she volunteers at the Stollery Children’s Hospital under the supervision of the Music Therapist.

For the moment, Rebecca Lappa may be Canada’s best kept folk-rock secret, but soon the entire country is sure to be charmed by her wide-ranging talent.


Welcome to Wayne

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1:
Deep in the Valley beyond Cyprus Hills
The fields lay bare and the milk cow is ill
Son pack your bags, the future's the road
By the dawn, you'll hear that whistle blow

Chorus: whooooo

Verse 2:
Smoke billows up as he hops on the train
Shuts the wooden door against the rain
Closes his eyes, feels warm and safe
Riding the rails to start again

Verse 3:
Welcome to Wayne says the old wooden sign
The train slows to a halt near Rosedeer Mine
This looks like a good place to settle down
So he starts a family in this old mining town

Verse 4:
Comes home from work with coal in his hair
Said they're going on strike, the wages ain't fiar
We can't afford to take a stand
I've got to choose between the union and the clan

Verse 4:
It all went down at the Bucket of Blood
He crossed the line, which could not be done
Tarred and feathered and tied to the train
The last thing he read was Welcome to Wayne

Verse 6:
A little while later his wife cuts him down
Filled with rage she storms back to town
Shot gun in hand, strides through the mud
To find those cowards at the Bucket of Blood

Vese 7:
A gunshot cracks through the crisp November air
The Bucket of Blood goes silent and still
A woman walks out, gun and head held high
The others will never see the morning sky

Lemon Mine

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

We’re out on the trail looking for gold
The North Saskatchewan’s bitter and cold
The mountains are caped with snow
And I wish that I was back home
After the Crows Nest Pass we hid our tracks
Jack tells me he’s got my back
Just in case some Natives spy
The cavern that’s caught my eye

And the wind whispers in my ear
Of all the things that I hold dear
A cave of riches won’t be free
Will it cost my humanity?

We creep over and look inside
And our eyes grow very wide
The gold stretched for at least a mile
And I could not contain my smile
Unroll our packs for the night
To leave at the morning light
We start to fight, unaware
Of the gold’s mystic presence there

And the wind whispers in my ear
Of all the things that I hold dear
A cave of riches won’t be free
Will it cost my humanity?

Jack’s eyes glint in the firelight
And I cannot contain my spite
Grappling for each others throats
I grab hold and Jack begins to choke
The full moon hung above my head
As the minutes passed it grew red
Jack struggled till the end
And I realized I’d killed my only friend

And the wind whispers in my ear
Of all the things that I hold dear
A cave of riches won’t be free
Will it cost my humanity?

I run, yes I run
I run, yes I run
Down through the Crows Nest Pass
To the river at last
Black Jack’s death unhinged my mind
Though I’ve searched I’ll never find
The Lemon Mine

And the wind whispers in my ear
Of all the things that I hold dear
A cave of riches won’t be free
It cost my sanity (repeat)

Mermaid and Merman

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

A mermaid sits upon a throne
Of pearly white alabaster stone
Combing her locks of the finest gold
Sings to herself all alone, all alone
And she sings of pastel dreams
Reflected rainbow fantasies
Loved by all from afar
Wishing on the brightest star, the brightest star

Chorus: At night she frolics in the seaweed green
The moonlit coral and the valleys deep
The mermen chase her near and far
Kiss her lips; steal her heart
But her only lover, he is true
King of the Sea, eyes dark blue
Carried her off into the night
Won’t return till the morning light, the morning light
He loves me; he loves me not

The King sits on a mountain high
Watching with longing eyes
His mermaid as she swims away
He won’t see her till the end of day, the end of day
He plays the harp to pass the time
To focus and sooth his mind
Looking down on his kingdom fair
Hoping she is happy there, happy there

At night he frolics through the seaweed green
The moonlit coral and the valleys deep
He takes his lover by the hand
Shows her the wonders of this land
Kissed her in the grassy sea
Kiss her again till she kissed he
Carried her off into the night
Won’t return till the morning light, the morning light

She loves me, she loves me not (3x)
Repeat last verse


Written By: Rebecca Lappa

They say back in the homeland
But I don’t have one I live across the world following the sun
My Father’s the ocean
My Mother’s the sky
They say join civilization but I’d rather die

Chorus: Ooooh

I know no one and no one knows me
My best friends are the birds in the trees
My partner in crime are the strings that I strum
The stories that I find are my only love


The wind in my hair with the ice and the snow
Nobody, nobody, nobody knows
The rights and wrongs, clouded in smoke
Brothers help brothers when there’s no hope
People are kind when you’re on the road
Long as you don’t get too close


The night’s a hunter, my sister’s his prize
She hangs in her cage and I hear her cries
Her true love’s the sun,
And the stars are her tears
With the heavens to guide me,
I know no fears


They say back in the homeland,
But I don’t have one
I live across the world, beholden to none
My Father’s the ocean,
My Mother’s the sky
They say join civilization but I’d rather die



Written By: Rebecca Lappa

The ocean’s wide and vast and deep
Beneath its heart untouched a monster sleeps
With its breath the tides roll in and out
The ships above sail on a glassy mask of doubt

You pick your clothes up from the floor
Take one last look at me and head for the door
Slurring the truth as you go
You said we’re done; we’re through and left me all alone

Chorus: The waters help me hide
The chaos in my mind In hopes that you won’t see
The monster deep inside of me

I watch your ship from the dock
I turn to go but I hear the people mock
“She gave it all just for him”
Now you’re gone and they laugh at my sin

Thunderclouds come rolling in
The monster’s stirring and my rage is like the whirling wind
The rain, it cools my bleeding heart
I realized I was a fool and played the perfect part

I cry out to the storm
The monster woke, I feel her anger burble forth
She rises from the depths
The mask is shattered; she’s going for revenge

Chorus (2X)

The Light Brigade

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1:
Half a league, Half a league
Half a league and onward
All into the Valley of Death
Rode the six hundred

Verse 2
Forward charge, Forward charge
Charge for the guns
All into the Valley of Death
Rode the brave six hundred

Verse 3
Half a league, Half a league
Half a league and onward
All into the Valley of Death
Rode the brave six hundred

Verse 4
Cannon left, Cannon right
Volleyed and a thundered
All into the Valley of Death
Rode the bold six hundred

Verse 5
Cutting here, Slashing there
Though they were outnumbered
Right through the line they broke
The army of six hundred

Verse 6
Cannon left, Cannon right
Volleyed and a thundered
All into the Valley of Death
Rode the bold six hundred

Verse 7
Losing friends, Killing foe
Slaughtered and a sundered
Fleeing from the Valley of Death
They rode but not six hundred

Verse 8
Rotting smell, They are in hell
As horse and hero fell
Climbing out of the jaws of death
What’s left of the six hundred

Verse 9
Losing friends, Killing foe
Slaughtered and a sundered
Fleeing from the Valley of Death
They rode but not six hundred

Verse 10
Flying fast, Pick up the slack
No they will never look back
Riding from the Valley of Death
What once was the six hundred

Repeat verse 10

Queen of the May

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

I’m the Queen of the May, Babe
I’m the Queen of the May

The boys they flock, I let them gawk
I just go on my way
My hair is filled with petals
And my neck a string of pearls
Boy you think you got a chance
Never in this world


My ex cried, our flower died,
Please bloom again
But I am too beautiful for a Weeping willow tree
They say his heart is breaking
And what is that to me?

I’m the Queen of the May, Babe
Cannot get away

I’m the Queen of the May, Babe
I’m the Queen of the May
The days are getting colder
So I cannot stay
I frolic in the good times
And vanish in the bad
When flowers bloom I will resume
My fun, don’t be sad


Boy, I think you’ve changed my mind,
I want to run and play
What would I do without you
On a summer’s day?
Your kiss is like the honey suckle
Cannot get away

I’m the Queen of the May, Babe
Cannot get away

I’m the Queen of the May, Babe
I’m the Queen of the May
The days are getting colder
So I cannot stay
I frolic in the good times
And vanish in the bad
When flowers bloom I will resume
My fun, don’t be sad

I,I, I‘m the Queen of the May
Cannot get away ay ay ay

The Queen, The Queen of the May
Cannot get away

Lotus Eaters

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

“Courage,” cried the Captain
Courage through the storm
I see an island
So lonely and forlorn

“Courage,” cried the crewman
Courage for the Lord
The Sirens may be tempting
But our eyes are on the shore

“Courage,” cried the Captain
Courage to the child
Courage to the Island
So beautiful and wild

There was courage in my heart
The sun glistened on the sand
We stood tall and resolute
As I stepped upon this land

“Courage,” cried the Captain
As I stepped upon this land

The first few nights were calm
When we settled down
We never heard a rustle
Or any kind of sound
It seemed our luck had ended
For one morning they came
Their dark faces pale
And they brought the rain

First they only watched us
As we began to pack
We ran towards our ship
Hoping they would not attack

But then a woman cried out
And ran in front of me
Then she pulled me in
And I lost all sanity

“Courage,” cried the Captain
As I lost my sanity

They gave to us a flower
And exotic fruits
These things had higher power
Not meant for mortal use

The flowers were enchanted
They robbed us of time
We’ll frolic till eternity
Has warped away our minds

My wife will be a widow
And my son is just a lad
Who’s Father never told him
What it meant to be a man

Believe what you will
About the lotus, my friend

But it stole away my courage
And I can’t find home again (repeat)

“Courage,” cried the captain
Kept spinning in my head (repeat)

Field of Dishonour

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

I’d spill blood on the field of dishonour
And take what’s rightfully mine
d spill blood on the field of dishonour
For the love of a beautiful wife

Juan farmed corn in the center of Mexico
His love at Cantina Migelle
He met her by the moonlight after work
But this time there’d be a surprise

Mariam, Mariam will you marry me?
I’ll protect you with my life

They were married that night in Monterey
By God, the priest and the moonlight
On their way home to fulfill their vows
Don Migelle road up by their side

Juan, that’s my Senorita
And I’ll take her and let you go alive


Juan cried I’ll fight you for my wife and a promise
That I’d protect her the rest of my life
I’m a man of my word, you’ll get what you deserve
When I end you merciless life

They took their ten steps
and before they turned to shoot
Juan prayed God would save his life

There was blood on the field of dishonour
And as the pistol smoked he died
There was blood on the field of dishonour
For the love of a beautiful wife

Mariam swore as she picked up the pistol
From her husband’s cold dead hand
She said I challenge you Migelle for the life of my lover
That you killed with gunpowder and lead

Migelle laughed as she turned and aimed and fired
Knowing for sure that she would miss

She spilled his blood on the field of dishonour
For her love was not his
She spilled his blood on the field of dishonour
And she road off in the moonlight and mist (3X)

The Earl

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

We were two daughters of one race
She was the fairest of face
They were together when she fell
Therefore revenge became me well

She died; she went to burning flame
He mixed her ancient blood with shame
Whole weeks and months, early and late
To win his love, I lay in wait

Oh the Earl, the Earl so fair to see
With his heart enchained by the Devil’s reign
His fabled beauty was a lie
Upon my sister’s grave I cry
Oh the Earl, was fair to see

I made a feast; I bade him come
I won his love and took him home
Upon my lap he laid his head
And I kissed his eyelids into rest

His ruddy cheek upon my breast
And I hated him with the hate of hell
But I loved his beauty passing well
So I kissed his loving lips farewell


I rose up in the silent night
And I made my dagger sharp and bright
As half asleep his breath he drew
Three times I stabbed him through and though

And I curled and combed his comely head
He looked so grand when he was dead
And I wrapped his body in a sheet
And I laid him at his mother’s feet


Tastes This Good

Written By: Rebecca lappa

Verse 1:
So you want to be a knight
Be true and do what's right
If there's a maiden to be saved
You must be stalwart and brave
So when you start to get discouraged
Time for a round of liquid courage

Can't be so bad if it tastes this good
And my courage burned like I knew it would
Can’t be so bad if it tastes this good

Verse 2:
When peasants interrupt your feast
Begging kill the fiery beast
And the whole hall looks to you
You know you have a job to do
So before you slay the dragon
Just make time for one more flagon

Verse 3:
And upon the kings behest
You'll gladly join the quest
And you know you will prevail
When you're fortified with ale
So you mount your trusty steed
And pack a flask of mead

Verse 4:
Yes some people they disagree
They say drinkings a disease
Well just take it as a sign
Even The Lord he drinks wine
And He'll lift your spirit up
Each time you drink from his cup

Final Chorus:
It can’t be so bad if it tastes this good
My courage burned like I knew it would
The spark that lights my flame,
Wild and untamed,
Can't be so bad if it tastes this good
It may be bad but it tastes so good
Can't be so bad if it tastes so good
Tastes so good, mmmmmm
Tastes so good

Brother John

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

I courted with a pretty maid
Her eyes as green as the summers day
I asked her to marry me
And this is what she told me

Go ask for my hand
From my father, my mother, my sweet sister Anne
Don't forget my brother John
His temper wicked and strong

I went and asked for her hand
Her family said that they were glad
Unfortunately I never thought
Of the one person that I forgot

I asked for her hand
From her father, her mother, her sweet sister Anne
I forgot her brother John
His temper wicked and strong

I watched her as she walked to me
Her gold hair blowing in the breeze
Her arms reached out towards me
But John went and stabbed her deep

And she fell to her knees
I got down beside her and begged God mercy please
John laughed maniacally
Dropped the knife and ran with glee

As she died she whispered dear
So sweet and quiet in my ear
For my family give my ring
And for John let the gallows noose swing

I held her close and I did sing
And to her family I gave the golden ring
And as for her brother John
Upon the gallows pole he was hung

Piece of Me

Written By: Rebecca |Lappa

Verse 1
If life is a masterpiece, each strokes its own story
You can't appreciate the final design, if you don't take the journey
Each new experience adds a swirl of colour
You are a work of art, unlike any other

We each choose our own way
Like birds we will roam
With my heart as my compass
I follow my soul
And as I wander down this road
And go where the wind blows
I'll always return home
Cause I know you have a piece of me
A piece of me (2X)

Verse 2
With a leap of faith, you fling away your fears
You dance like no ones watching and smile through the tears
With hard work and practice, you’re The Lord of the dance
The impossible can happen, if you just take a chance

This is our swan song, the final hurrah
Our path has led us here, take the curtain call
This end is really a beginning, it's a time of rebirth
Broaden our horizons and soar across the earth

Jamie's Love

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Where have you been my Peggy
where have you been
I was in the garden, mother
Among the flowers green

You may have been there my young one
But you were not alone
Your poor father saw you in Jamie's arms
As the moon shone bright and full

My father saw me in Jamie's arms
He'll see me there again
For I will sleep in Jamie's arms
Until my breath comes to an end

Don't lay the blame on him my mother
Lay it all on me
I cannot keep away from Jamie
And he cannot away from me

But my darling Peggy he is a roge
Your Jamie is a loon
He plays music on the streets for money
Peggy what will you do

Your Jamie doesn't have a home
Where will you go
If you run away with him
I'm sorry but your on your own

If thats how you feel my mother
Then you should know
Me and Jamie we leave tonight
And will be married on the morrow

I’ll slam the door and I will run
The cool air against my skin
Jamies waiting in the garden
For our life to begin

We'll steel away into the night
Together hand and hand
And by the light of the morning
The church bells will ring

Father will curse and you may cry
But we won't give a damn
For me and Jamie will be together
United woman and man

Don't lay the blame on him my mother
Lay it all on me
I cannot keep away from Jamie
And he cannot away from me

Rose Coloured Lenses

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1
I see people through rose coloured lenses
It's crazy that's all I see
On their best behaviour
Or what I know they could be
It's amazing how I miss so much
And give till there's no more to share
Delicate and fragile are a pair
Of rose coloured lenses (2X)

Verse 2
To me loves is river
That winds it's way to the sea
As the current grows stronger
My passion blows through the trees
Always flowing and changing
But one thing stays the same
The water always washes over me
Love is a river (2X)

Verse 3
Truth is the only language
That I do speak
And when I let my hair down
People call me weak
So I must be as hard as stone
For my heart is too big
Pretending to be unaware
That truth is a language (2X)

Verse 1 again


Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Little hands and little feet
With open hearts and eyes that speak
Wonders without a word
The purest laugh anyone's heard
Just like the new fallen snow
Sparkling and beautiful
You take my breath away
Every time and now I say

Do you wonder where it goes?
Why do our hearts grow cold?
Criticize our fellow man
How come we can't understand?
That for a moment we were all the same
For a moment we were all the same
Perfect in every way

You are the morning sun
Giving light to everyone
Bringing me peace of mind
You are the twinkle in my eyes
Delicate like a blooming flower
Your rain is kind like April showers
You make my world go round
Even if you don't make a sound

We learn as we grow
To carry hate in our souls
Forgetting the kindness
And love we'd been shown

Anchor Tattoo

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

'Twas the sunrise of the morning
when the ships they came a shore
I could feel it blowing in the air
That was when I saw her
A brawny sailor lass
She winked at me and I couldn’t help but stare
She had skin of ivory
and hair as black as night
And in that moment my love for her was true
Put her hand on her hip
She blew me a kiss
upon her wrist there was an anchor tattoo

An anchor tattoo painted softly on her wrist
What mysteries could it hold, would I dare to kiss
Her in the candlelight, at the Wayward Inn
I'd love her every night, and would it be a sin
No matter where I go, no matter what I do
I'll always remember, her anchor tattoo
Her anchor tattoo

I met her in the market
The following afternoon
I could see it burning in her eyes
She held out her hand
I took it like a gentleman
For I knew she was an angel in disguise
We danced late into the night
Under a blanket of stars
I held her close, her eyes they were so blue
Kissed her gently on the lips
Who knew my heart could feel like this
Thanks to the girl with an anchor tattoo

I spent with her the whole summer
She was my one and only lover
And she was called away from me
Back to her true love the sea


Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1
Fighting with reality
Said this decision’s up to me
To her friend as the phone sharply rings
He’s at it again
Getting high with his friends
To be with him she will do anything
But the love she receives
Is conjured make believe
As the genies and other folk lore
He's inside her head
And when he takes her to bed
He treats her like she's a whore

There's cruel and there's kind
But he crossed the line
She don’t care at all
Like a dog to its master
She runs that much faster
When she’s caught
The lime tennis ball
Deserves so much better
Than gold chains and a sweater
With an ego as big as his gall
She waits for his call
Ready to crawl

Verse 2
Even if people see
They still won't believe
She didn't want it to turn out that way
He pushes her around
But she won't stand her ground
Her heart's malleable as clay
No one else hears her cries
Or sees the pain in her eyes
When she finally tells him to go
He says just wait and see
You'll be call'n for me
It's the truth and deep down she knows

Hours of screaming but she keeps believing
It's better than being alone
A moment of bliss before his next fit
Is worth all the hours on the phone
She’s not a fool to admit that he's cruel
Can she stop playing his game?
The power to choose, to use or to lose
Believe in her self and change

Last Chorus
There's cruel and there's kind
And he crossed the line
Does she care at all?
Like a dog from its master
She runs that much faster
When he whips her whenever he calls
She deserves so much better
Than gold chains and a sweater
With an ego as big as his gall
She hears him call
She hears him call
But she's not gonna crawl (3X)

Crockpot Girl

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1
Won't sugar coat it baby don't got the time
Before you hand me that glass of wine
You wanna see how fast the dough will rise
You’re in for a big surprise
My love could be a raging fire
Way bigger than your desire
But you can't start with the chocolate cake
Please don't make a big mistake

I'm a crockpot girl, come on let me simmer
Only the strong can wait till dinner
A crockpot girl, come on light the candles
Did you bite off more than you can handle
We could be like bread and butter
I don't cook like your mother
I'm more than just a sweet confection
Gotta work to get my affection
Ah, Ah, Ah, Now we're cook'n, Ah, Ah, Ah

Verse 2
So you think you’re worth your salt
If I'm under cooked it's your fault
When we’re cooking you gotta add some spices
To make a dish that entices
Boy, you know I'm nuts for you
And I hope your heart is true
Gotta hand me the mixing bowl
So I can make food for the soul

A pinch of this, a pinch of that
You wanna make a love that lasts
Take a page from my recipe book
And you'll get to kiss the cook

Yesterday's Wine

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1
Told me you loved me
So I took the lead
We were drunk off each other
So it seemed
We'd stumble together
So very long
But in the darkness you sobered
And I didn't catch on

Like yesterday's wine
Left me on the table
You never said goodbye
Didn't know I wasn't able
To be left behind
In a drunken stupor
Lost in my mind
On my breath all the time
Like yesterday's wine (2X)

Verse 2
Fell to the floor
Head between my knees
Wanted you out of my system
But it just left me weak
Feel the ghost of your touch
My cloths smell like you
After years of dreaming
I can't hide from the truth

We christened our love
Toasted to the future
My vows they were written
And I imagined the alter
But the bottle has spun
And you’re onto another
That has left me
To be poured in the gutter

Love in a Killing

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1
Like a deer you gunned me down
Poacher fleeing town
Guess I should have seen it coming
A wide-eyed doe I fell for you
You led me to misconstrue
Couldn't see the wolf in sheep’s clothing

Pre chorus
Just like all the times before
You lick you lips and close the door
Your prey's not escaping
High off of your latest kill
Taste my anguish, feel a thrill
Was love ever your intention?

Sold me a fantasy
It wasn’t to be
Guess there's love in a killing
Gave you my reckless heart
Watch it all fall apart
I guess there's love in a killing
Love in a killing

Verse 2
So you stand there proud and tall
Showing off your trophy wall
I’m just a prize like the others
Page in your storybook
Of all the innocence you took
So you can brag to your brothers

Pre chorus
Now you’re back here at my door
And you don't think I know the score
I’m the feast you can count on
Like a carcass, chunk by chunk
Your greedy fingers rip me up
And I'm caught in your talons

You may have my bleeding heart
But like a Phoenix I'll restart
From the ashes rise again
And I’ll break free from your chains

Mary Jo

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1
Always was a stubborn man hard working and true
Guess that’s the reason I fell I love with you
Heard there was a struggle way out in the east
Wanted to lend a helping hand, just wanted peace

Pre chorus
Held you in my arms that very last time
I thought I'd be back in no time
Cause honestly how hard could it be
To get some people to agree

Mary Jo, Mary Jo you’re my heart and soul
Please remember me
My battle cry has long died across the Caspian Sea
Now I lay me down and let the sands cover me deep
Mary Jo, Mary Jo I'm not coming home
So please remember me

Verse 2
When we first arrived I thought we'd sit us down
Like civilized people and just figure it out
But the General had a different plan to which I did not agree
Had to use brute force instead of humanity

Pre chorus
There's no rest for the wicked which I quickly learned
Watched my fellows die soon it would be my turn
Lock and load and fire take a breath and count to ten
And then do it again

Verse 3
Out in the sand and heat for many years and the dust was in my eyes
Hadn't seen you for so long I began to cry
Drowning in my sorrow I fell to my knees
And I didn't see the gunman bearing down on me

Pre chorus
As the bullet flew through me that was when I knew
My soul went to heaven, my thoughts they flew to you
Now as I lie here cold and alone
I know they'll finally send me home

Till the King Comes Home

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1
Boy you look like a real Prince John
With your posse gathered round to make you feel so strong
Oh but what would you do
If you were standing in my shoes

You’re a liar, you’re a cheater but you won't break my bones
Cause you spend your nights crying in the dark when you’re alone
Yeah you act like you’re above us all till the shit is thrown
Wait till the king comes home (2x)

Verse 2
Steal my gold spend it how you like
Trash our castle, party every night
When King Richard finally comes around
Oh, he'll run you straight into the ground

Your thieving days are through
Oh, you rowdy fool
Pack your bags I'm warning you
You’re gonna lose

Final chorus
You’ll be knocked from the throne
Just wait til the king comes home

Breathe in the Storm

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Captivated by my beauty
You always show your love to me
Then the wind it started blowing
And your temper became no mystery

My love, you pricked me like a rose
Yeah, you cut me nice and deep
And as the rain begins to fall
Oh it comes as a relief

I've got to breathe in the storm
Let it wash away my bitter scorn
Breathe in the storm
The truth was buried with the thorn

When you only pay attention
To the pressures in your mind
And the thunder starts to roll
Oh, you can't read the signs

Oh my love it's complicated
When you can’t see what it does to me
And you won't give an explanation
Oh it makes me want to seethe

I've got to breathe in the storm
Let it wash away my bitter scorn
Breathe in the storm
The truth was buried with the thorn

Everybody needs forgiveness
Won’t you do the same for me
Cause we are fragile like the roses
And won't survive disharmony

Final Chorus
I’ve got to breathe in the storm
Let it wash away my bitter scorn
Breathe in the storm
The truth was buried with the thorn
Mmmm, the truth was buried with the thorn

Carnival of Love

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1
Sun kissed skin
And your ocean blue eyes
On your tilt a whirl
Oh, I get so high
Your love it sends me
Into a feverish spin
Every time I hit the ground
I just get back up again

On your twisting roller coaster
The excitement pulls me closer
Cherry lips and cotton candy tongue
I'm in your carnival of love
In your carnival of love

Verse 2
You’re my favorite treat
From the concession stand
Extra sprinkles on a chocolate swirl
You’re perfect, I’d give you the world
There are fireworks
When you kiss me at night
The wind it blows and I hold you close
As we're bathed in starlight

If like a foolish clown, I'm led astray
And in a house of mirrors, I lose my way
Oh I know that you can turn me around
Cause I let you turn my world upside down

Bonnie and Clyde

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1
Just like two birds we fly
Into town when the dusts blowing high
To take our own form of compensation
Once we’ve picked the lock
And taken the store owners stock
I exalt in my initiation

Pre chorus
Makin love in the morning sun
Singing sweet songs and cleaning guns

We're Bonnie and Clyde
So wild
Two school kids out on a spree
We're cool under fire
No barbed wire
Dream'n as long as we're free
Oh baby come and run with me
The road is calling desperately

Find us where the liquor runs
Hands are dealt and confidence won
There's a sense of liberation
The smell of smoke from my cigar
You bite my lip and I get in the car
Oh, you give me validation

Pre chorus
The thrill of being on the run
Our silhouettes in the setting sun

We just wanna stick it to the man
Cause I know that he don't understand
What it's like to be beaten down
Again and again and again
Never again, I'll get my revenge

Baby Set Me Free

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

Verse 1
I come home from work and you’re already in my face
Don't even react because your anger's common place
Tell me that you love me I don't see it in your eyes
It's cause you think I'm cheat'n baby what a big surprise
What a big surprise

That I'm the spark and you’re the gasoline
Destroy what you touch and it makes me wanna scream
Your jealousy
Your jealousy
Makes a monster out of me
Why can't you see, why can't you see
That's the last thing I wanna be
So set me free, baby set me free

Verse 2
I live under your ever watchful eye
A caged bird that will never learn to fly
Enter a world of broken glass every time I take your hand
I gave you everything, why can't you understand?
Why can't you understand?

I keep on choosing this again and again
When we’re through I'll find an identical man
The only difference will be in his name
It makes me sick the thrill I get from this game

Secret Love

Written By: Rebecca Lappa

She’s my secret love
No one needs to know
She owns my heart and soul
And when I hold her close
Yea, she’s got those emerald eyes
That make my head spin
Our dirty little sin
Her rosy lips and wicked grin
When I meet her every night
And her husbands not around
Tender lovers we are bound
Our passion must not make a sound
And I know this isn’t right
And I often stop and think
Is it cause of too much drink?
I’m a coward, she’s a minx
Won’t let her go
That’s because I love her so
Oh, she makes me fly
Oh so high, when I just pass her by
She’s still my only love
Can’t bear to let her go
She owns my heart and soul
And when I hold her no one knows
She’s my secret love
Brighter than the stars above


1. Reckless Heart, November 2016

2. Tattered Rose, June 2015

3. Ode To Tennyson, June 2014

4. Avant Garden, June 2013

5. Myths and Monsters, May 2012

6. Not in Neverland, March 2011

7. Young Voice Old Soul EP, September 2009

8. Rebecca Lappa EP, March 2009

Set List

Original songs 3 to 4 minutes each and covers such as "Shape of You" "Stitches"
""Rolling in the Deep", "Hallelujah", "Big Yellow Taxi" "Skyfall" and "Landslide".