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"Rebecca Lindsey "Headlights on the Highway" - Reviews"

"Headlights on the Highway" - Reviews

KCNY - Y-107FM:

It is in my opinion, that Rebecca Lindsey is an exceptionally talented singer. I recently had the pleasure of an "On-Air" interview with Miss Lindsey and she handles herself like a true country star in live situations. Rebecca's current single "On the 4th of July" is getting between 8 and 14 spins per week on our station, our listeners are requesting it as well. I am looking forward, as is our "public", to her next release. Rebecca's fantastic vocal abilities along with her incredible marketability make for a very nice "Package" in today's music industry.

Brian Austin
Brian Austin P.D. KCNY - Y-107fm

Charlie Craig - producer

I thoroughly enjoyed working in the studio with Rebecca Lindsey and producing her current album, 'Headlights On The Highway'. It was a project we both put a lot of time into, looking for the right material, Rebecca learning each song very well before she entered into the studio, and the two of us working together in the studio until the album was completed.

After I played the album for most of the major record labels here in Nashville, several of those labels requested that I bring Rebecca in to perform live for them. Accompanied musically by only an acoustic guitar player, Rebecca performed 3 to 4 songs for each label and did a wonderful job. Later she did a showcase with her band at 3rd and Lindsey in Nashville where I had invited record labels to attend. There were other music related people in the audience, promotion people, booking agencies, managers, etc., and again Rebecca did an admirable job. She sang 8 songs from her album and her stage presence and performance was noted very favorably by several of the music industry executives in attendance.

Rebecca Lindsey's CD is a professionally orchestrated product I am proud to be a part of, and she herself has demonstrated to be professionally oriented and very focused on her musical career. I truly feel, given the proper opportunity to be heard by country music lovers, Rebecca's CD will be a huge success.

Charlie Craig

Roots Music Report

Rebecca Lindsey has just released one of the hottest new albums of 2007. This lady sings from the heart, and what a big heart she has. Just this past February Rebecca gave away 6 cars to victims of domestic violence in the Harbor House shelter in Orlando through her affiliate, 1800CHARITYCARS. The shelter also gave a conversion van to help other victims to get to the shelter as well. You can really hear her what Rebecca is all about from the songs that she chose for her debut album. The songs on this album were also written by some of the hottest songwriters in country music and every track on this CD is just superb.

The latest single release from the album is titled "On the Fourth of July" and this song will definitely launch Rebecca Lindsey into the upper atmosphere of the country music universe. Prior to the album being completed "On the Fourth of July" was already played in over a thousand radio stations world-wide.

The production on Rebecca's album is also top notch. Rebecca's Producer Grammy-nominated legend, Charlie Craig. Charlie had written "Wanted" with and for Alan Jackson as well as was nominated for "Song of the Year" with Reba McEntire's "She's Single Again".

Rebecca's vocal performance is truly out of this world! Along with the Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, Christina Aguilera, and Tim McGraw, Rebecca has studied the training methodology of vocal coach Renee Grant-Williams.

"Headlights On The Highway" is an album waiting to be presented to the world, and radio should accommodate it. This is an album that I would recommend to anyone that loves great country music.

5/5 Stars

Robert Bartosh - RMR GM
Roots Music Report

WBTN 1370AM:

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rich Ryder, on-air personality and sales director at 1370 AM WBTN located in the southwest corner of the beautiful state of Vermont. Recently, I have had the good fortune to be introduced to a very talented young lady by the name of Rebecca Lindsey. Rebecca gave us her latest copy of her new single "On the Fourth of July". I listened to it and was very impressed with Rebecca. I also had a number of other musicians, singers and performers who are well-know locally listen to her as well. They all really loved what they heard! Some of the comments they made were as follows. "WOW"-"She is smooth"- "You can hear the emotion in her voice"- "Her sound is strong yet comforting"-"Where can I get her CD?" The positive comments go on and on. I called Rebecca and booked her right away for a live on-air interview. A few days before the interview, I played the "On the Fourth of July" for the listeners and the board lit up with more positive responses .The questions that our callers asked ranged from "Who is she?" to "Where can I get this CD".

When Rebecca did the interview with me, I cou - Several


1) "Cowboys Never do it that Way" - Streaming and received radio play
2) "While You Were Sleeping" - Is endorsed by U-Haul as well as received streaming and radio air play
3) "Hanging on Hope" received air play on Lan Chile Airlines, Bangkok Airlines, Delta Airlines and AIR FORCE ONE.
4) "I Will Be" is endorsed by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) as well as received streaming and radio air play
5) "On the Fourth of July": Rebecca opened for Mayor Bloomberg in NYC with her debut single. "On the Fourth of July" is being played nationally in 2100 radio and Internet stations.



Vocal Training
Along with the Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, Christina Aguilera, and Tim McGraw, Rebecca has studied the training methodology of vocal coach Renee Grant-Williams.

Recently winning the award for New Country Star "Female Vocalist for November 2006", Rebecca Lindsey is becoming one of the most recognizable figures in Country music. A trained singer/ songwriter since she was 10, Rebecca has continually set the bar for excellence in performance and song writing.

Rebecca's debut CD Headlights on the Highway is scheduled for release in January 2007. Rebecca is also an active member of BMI and the American Federation of Musicians.

"I Will Be", a featured track on the soon-to-be release debut CD, was chosen by The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (visit to represent the organization's effort to "Keep Every Home A Safe Home".

"I am so honored that I Will Be has been endorsed by the NCADV. As a survivor of domestic violence, I know what a comforting effect music can have. My prayer for those of you who may need strength to leave a bad situation is that you are inspired and empowered to take action and really 'see yesterday is gone' and that you are not alone. May God bless all of you and keep you safe." - Rebecca

Another song which demonstrates a woman's triumph over adversity is the Headlights on the Highway track "While You Were Sleeping". This song as well as the entire album is endorsed by U-Haul. "Rebecca is honorably using her singing talent to raise awareness and support" states Joanne Fried, Director of Media and Public Relations for U-Haul International, Inc.

Since finishing her debut album, Ms. Lindsey has received favorable response within the industry, and has recently had positive meetings with RCA, as well as Broken Bow and Warner Brothers-Nashville record labels.

Rebecca was also recently interviewed by Country Home and Music 75. On Music 75, she was nominated as "Artist of the Week". Rebecca was previously recognized and interviewed as an "Up and Coming Artist" in HEET Country magazine in May 2002 and was also nominated and featured around that time again in Burningcountry's "The People's Choice Show Case" 2003. Rebecca was also a featured artist in February 2005 in Countrystarsonline who have featured other artists such as Martina McBride, Keith Urban and Trick Pony.

In October 2006, Rebecca was delighted to serve as a motivational guest speaker in New York City for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Virgin Records, several media outlets, as well as "The Red Jump Suit Apparatus" were all guests at the event. Rebecca was the only performer representing country music, and provided the crowd with a stirring account of her own struggles and triumphs over domestic violence.

Rebecca has been interviewed by PAX TV, Orlando Fox 35, Orlando Matters, and the syndicated NBC show "Daytime".

National Events
On November 11, 2006, Rebecca performed at the "Eternal Monument Light Ceremony" in New York City for the Veteran's Day Parade representing U-Haul. The Mayor of New York, dignitaries, 20,000 participants and 750,000 spectators turned out. This was a tremendous media event. After the ceremony, Rebecca and her band performed songs from her album in the Parade on the First Lincoln Mortgage float.

Rebecca will also be on HBO's "From Broadway to Baghdad" giving tribute to the troops in Iraq as well as performing four of her songs from her debut album on the video.

Prior to recording Headlights on the Highway, Ms. Lindsey released two singles, "My Man" and "You Got Me", both of which charted over seas. Rebecca's song that she wrote and sang, "My Man", is currently being played on France's Music Box Radio 92.8 FM and is also playing worldwide on web radio.

Rebecca's latest release, "On the Fourth of July" was engineered by EMI's Chris Latham and has been getting radio play in Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, California as well as Texas and on Lexington "On the Fourth of July" is also presently being played in over a thousand radio stations world-wide. Rebecca was most recently interviewed by Lexington with Steve Martin as well as WBTN AM with Rich Ryder, Y107 FM with Brian Austin, NIXA on XRadio and she was featured in The TIKI Lounge magazine and graced the cover of The TIKI Lounge in June 2006.

Rebecca has been working with Charlie Craig as her Producer, whose credits include songs recorded by Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt, Johnny Cash, Aaron Tippin and George Strait, plus many others. Charlie has also won a Grammy nomination and was nominated for Song of the Year for "She's Single Again", sang by Reba McEntire and was co-written with Peter McCann in 1986. Charlie also wrote "Wanted" in 1991, co-written with Alan Jackson, who recorded t