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By His Wounds I Am Healed

Written By: Rebecca McKinley

Verse 1:
The Author of Life
Suffered in death
The one who makes whole
Was broken and bled
The giver of hope
Bowed down in despair
To free my lost soul
From sin's deadly snare

By His wounds I am healed
By His body I'm fed
By His blood I am cleansed
Given life from the dead

Verse 2:
His nail scarred hands
Hold power divine
On His thorn pierced brow
The crown of life shines
The servant of men
Is King of all Kings
Salvation He gives
The great Prince of Peace

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 3:
At His throne I'll kneel
At give Him all praise
My Glorious Lord
Who bore all my shame
Who reached far beyond
The depth of my sin
With fathomless grace
He bought me I'm His

(Repeat chorus 2 times)

Let Me See Christ

Written By: Rebecca McKinley

Verse 1:
Each day before my eyes
Let me see my Savior’s scars
His side, His hands and feet
The bruises of the Lamb of God
That I may read my guilt
Within the wounds that purchased me
That I may cling to Him
And hate my sin as much as He loves me

Oh let me ever see this vision of my Savior
Oh let it live in me and speak eternal favor
Forever and ever let me see Christ

Verse 2:
Each day before my eyes
Let me see the Prince of Peace
Reach out and shelter me
Beneath the cross of Calvary
That I may live within
The presence of His holiness
That I may turn from sin
And find in Him the hope of righteousness

Verse 3:
Each day before my eyes
Let me see my Risen Lord
Who triumphed over death
To bring the hope of life restored
That I may not fear death
But rest within the life of Christ
That I may one day run
Through gracious open gates of paradise

Copyright 2009 Rebecca McKinley

I Tremble

Written By: Rebecca McKinley

(Verse 1)
As I gaze upon
The beauty of the cross
I’m overcome
By all You’ve done
The wounds that ransomed me
Reach out and capture me
And I’m undone
By mercy’s touch
As waves of grace wash over me
I fall down on my knees

And I tremble
At Your feet
I tremble
When You look at me
I tremble
As Your mercy covers me
Oh I tremble

As I humbly kneel
Forever I am healed
Because Your blood
Bought me in love
Your voice that calmed the sea
Rejoices over me
Because I’ve come
And grace has won
As I give You all of me
I hear your shout of victory

Holy, Holy, Holy, Full of endless glory
Christ the Lord, Almighty One
Holy, Holy, Holy, Full of untold beauty
Lamb of God the risen Son
Because of who You are I come

Copyright 2009 Rebecca McKinley