Rebecca Morris

Rebecca Morris


My musis is from my heart. I write about experiences in my life and the people that I love and have loved.


Since I am a old gal I was here when the Beatles first came here. I also remeber the first record I ever got for my new record player was a album by Elvis called Blue Hawaii! I love the old rock and roll, Lynryd Skynrd, Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, Alabama. Hank Williams (did I mention I am from Alabama???) as well as classic, celtic etc. I am a big fan of Allison Krauss, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Keith Urban and many many more. I LUV MUSIC My song writing began when someone broke my heart and the first song I ever wrote was called OL KAT! Guess what that was about??? Anyway I always loved to write poetry and one thing led to another. The only thing that makes me different from others is that is the way God made me and He plans my future. I packed up a year ago and moved to Nashville to chase a dream. I am willing to take a chance and I work hard to make my dreams come true. I am a nurse in real life and have been since 1982. It's a great way to help folks and I hear alot of great stories and meet some very interesting characters!!!!


Without You To Love

Written By: Rebecca Morris

I am like a dreamer that has given up on a dream.
I am like a painter with no eyes to see.
I am like a full moon without a sky above.
I am nothing without you to love.

I am like a poet without a rhyme. Like a melody that is playing out of time.
I am like a ocean that has turned to dust;
I am nothing without you to love.

My heart is like a desert since you left me. My soul is wandering aimlessly without you to love without you to love.
I am like a writer that words left alone.
I am like a chisel broken by stone.
I am like a forest when fire comes.
I am nothing without you to love without you to love.
I am like a sculptor without hands.
I am like the future without any plans... without you to love, without you to love.


I wish!!!! I have a song called Fishing With The Best about my daddy that I pray will be on the radio someday. It is the one song I want to get cut if I never get another.