Rebecca Nurse

Rebecca Nurse


Rebecca Nurse - A dauntless display of pure rock fury complete with spine-tingling vocals, savage hooks and a beat you can dance to.


Discovering Rebecca Nurse

No one can take from us the joy of the first becoming aware of something, the so-called discovery. But if we also demand the honor, it can be utterly spoiled for us, for we are usually not the first. What does discovery mean, and who can say that he has discovered this or that? After all it's pure idiocy to brag about priority, for it's simply unconscious conceit, not to admit frankly that one is a plagiarist.

And so goes the story of Rock, evolution (not revolution) and Rebecca Nurse.

What makes this band so special? Snot-nosed-post-punk/pop-retro 80's bands abound. So why Rebecca Nurse? The answer may be that Rebecca Nurse is none of the above and all of the above, and then some - all at once. The closer you listen, the more you realize, if not recognize, the depth of their influences. And listen you will, as the band demands your attention. Sonic sparks from the savage rhythm section converge with what one critic described as "a red hot goddess who drips sex appeal as she shimmies and shakes around the stage ... Her voice ... powerful and confident containing equal doses of sarcasm and sweetness." Add defiance in the form of guitar. What escapes is great rock music. Creative. Unpretentious. Evolutionary. Powerful. A groovy time for all.

Rebecca Nurse is a highly professional and exceptionally skilled act, which you will be proud to show-off as your very own discovery. Great originals, peppered with cool covers. Oh, and yes, you can dance to it. You know you want to.


Black Sheep

Written By: Shawn Garrity/Tracy Garrity

I lost white by the haystack
He leaves, he's back, all black
He doesn't like his own kind
He's by himself, and that's fine

Where'd all the other sheep go
He don't know
We don't know

There's no one left to pick on
No one to fight, they're all gone
I'm free to do as I please
I'm free to feel lonely


Written By: Shawn Garrity

I saw you walking just the other day and I had to laugh out loud
How could anybody take themselves so seriously
I mean come on now

The leaves are falling and its getting colder
Why is it so hard for you to stay sober
The setting sun doesn't make it right

I hate you so much that it gives me energy, much more than I need
You make me so angry

Night has fallen, stars shine bright
Make a wish, make it right
I wish I may, I wish I might
I wish you were, out of my sight, huh

I saw you standing on the corner with a bottle in your hand
The fact that there is so much more to life you will never understand

The End

Written By: Shawn Garrity

They say you’ll pay for your sins (when you) go to the grave
But not me
They’ll count the thousands of times, you told a lie
Who are they?

The earth is getting closer, I’m falling to the ground
My sins becoming clearer, my breath the only sound
The world draws in around me, the lights begin to fade
I’m moving in slow-motion, as I step into the grave

As I lay my head down, be sure there is no sound
That’s coming from my head
And as you lay me down, I hope its dark underground
So I don’t see The End

Now there’s no one left to fear, nowhere to hide
I’ve gone blind
I thought that this was the end, that life can’t go on
I was wrong


Infamous Anus, released 6/03, Sling Slang Records
Bedtime Stories, released 12/04, Dog Hill Records

Singles "Freako in the Supermarket", "Miserable Hell", "Doug E. Beers", "Bedtime Story", "Black Sheep" & "Energy" have received airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Satellite Radio, WAAF in Boston, WFMU in Jersey City, WBRU & WHJY in Providence, WEQX in Manchester, VT, DownCitySignal & New Media Radio.

Set List

A typical set consists of 45 minutes of original material. A sample set is as follows:

1. Energy
2. Lipstick
3. Money
4. Black Sheep
5. Know It All
6. Bedtime Story
7. Tuesday Night
8. The Teacher
9. Sasquatch
10. Over Again
11. Ho Down
12. Million Beats