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Rebecca Scott

Boise, Idaho, United States | SELF

Boise, Idaho, United States | SELF
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Best of Boise 2011, Musician and Singer"

There are two kinds of people: those who have been reading the Best of Boise for years and those who have never seen one. If you are in the slightest bit surprised to see Rebecca Scott win Best Local Singer, you are definitely in the latter group. Scott has won for the past seven years consecutively--in fact, she's the only person who has ever won this category. And it is because of her that we are considering starting a virtual BOB Hall of Fame. Scott will be inducted with many huzzahs and much cheering, and we will commission a famous artist to create a bust made of solid gold to honor her--virtually, of course.

Uncle. We call uncle. We have written lavish compliments, poems, songs and acrostics about Rebecca Scott. We have scoured our thesauri, rhyming dictionaries and word-nerd Internet sites looking for new ways to talk about the singer who has walked away with the title four years running (eight times overall). We're a creative bunch, but her continual wins have taxed our overworked, pickled brains. We're going back to basics this time. Plain and simple: Rebecca Scott is the shit. - Boise Weekly

"Best of Boise 2008, Musician"

Rebecca Scott, Rebecca Scott Band

This one comes as no surprise. Year after year, the girl with the amazing pipes takes top honors. She's not only an amazing songstress, but an accomplished guitar player as well, and any time she and her band are playing, we know it's going to be a good time.

Second place: Doug Martsch (Built to Spill)

Third place: Curtis Stigers
- Boise Weekly

"CD Baby"

"Memorable, instantly grabbing, persistently tugging, emotionally revealing female folk pop. If you like Shawn Colvin, you'll love this artist." - CD Baby

"Review of Live Album"

"With ten years and three albums under her belt, folk-pop maven REBECCA SCOTT releases the album that captures what faithful fans have followed for the past decade. Her fourth recording and first live album, "Can't Get It Out Of My Head" takes the energetic passion exuded on stage and combines it with the melodic and familiar sound Scott is renowned for." - Boise Weekly

"Best Local Musician, 2004"

Rebecca was named 2004 Best Local Musician in Boise Weekly's Annual Readers' Poll "Rebecca is a hometown hero, a folk-rock star that Boise audiences simply adore. Her small stature belies a powerful, passionate voice, sparkling eyes and a memorable repertoire of catchy songs you'll be singing for days. Scott has had the honor of sharing the stage with folk stars Dar Williams, Shelby Lynne and Shawn Colvin. Boise is lucky to keep her in town because whether Scott performs as a duo, trio or quartet, she captivates."
- Boise Weekly

"Gig Of The Week 8/17/05"

No matter how old you get or how far away you go, when you come home, there will be changes. Old buildings will be gone, replaced by parking lots. Restaurants will have opened, closed and opened again. Old friends will have moved away, new ones will have moved in. Things and people do change. But many stay the same. There are people and things you can count on to be there when you come home. One of those people is Rebecca Scott.

Scott has been playing and singing her beautiful, original folk-styled music in Boise for over 10 years. And we're lucky to have her. Over the years, she's reached national acclaim. She's been lauded in Billboard magazine, all the local papers and has played at prestigious events such as Lilith Fair. With all this attention, you might think Scott would be impossible to get in to see. Not so. Whether playing alone or with a combination of her longtime bandmates-Debby Sager, Ben Burdick and Greg Belzeski-Scott is a woman who obviously loves what she does. So much so, that she plays all of the time and just about everywhere. Scott plays and sings at restaurants, bars, outdoor venues, festivals and more. Her rich, heart-rending voice accompanied by the sweet melodies from her guitar are perfect for intimate settings, but her ability to belt out a tune makes her musical musings just as at home on a larger stage. With performances scheduled through August, if you haven't heard Scott before, here are several opportunities. If you have heard her before, go see her again. And welcome home.

- Boise Weekly, by Amy Atkins

"Best of Boise 2006, Singer"

Hearing is the sense of sound perception and results from tiny hair fibers in the inner ear causing a membrane to vibrate in response to changes in the pressure exerted by atmospheric particles within (at best) a range of 9 to 22000 Hz. Rebecca Scott was voted best singer for a reason: She has been tickling the tiny hair fibers in all of our inner ears for years. And she does it oh-so-delicately and eloquently.
Scott has created her own unique brand of folk-rock. With the sound quality of her voice so compelling and distinctly mesmerizing, it's almost as if you have fallen under a spell immediately after she begins to serenade the crowd. Her music is sweet and sultry, and her energy is powerful and potent. After she begins to play, you get lost for a moment, asking yourself, "Am I the only one in the room? Is she singing solely to me?" What more could you ask?
- The Boise Weekly

"Best of Boise 2006, Musician"

Obviously, Ms. Scott is good at what she does and people know it. The first time the Best Of Boise issue comes out and Rebecca Scott doesn't win a category, one of two things will have happened: 1) she's moved out of Boise, or 2) for whatever reason, there just isn't a Boise any more. Otherwise, we expect and anticipate counting up the votes year after year and finding she's a clear winner. Our only problem with writing about her again this year is trying to find a new way to do it. Scott also won for Best Singer, and it's getting harder to avoid re-using all the superlatives we've used to talk about her over the years. Amazing, brilliant, entertaining, graceful, lovely, poignant, sweet and talented are just a small handful of the words that we've written right before or right after Scott's name. We can't wait to see what we come up with next year. - The Boise Weekly

"Best of Boise 2005 Readers' Choice Awards"

Rebecca Scott
Once again, our readers choose the lovely Rebecca Scott as their favorite hometown music-maker (she won last year, too). And we couldn't be happier about it. Scott has graced the Boise music scene for over a decade, performing her original, folky tunes and has garnered not just local fame, but national acclaim. Such a talent deserves all the recognition it garners.

Rebecca Scott
We can just imagine her saying, "You love me! You really love me!" And we really do. Her all-around musicianship doesn't take away from the fact that Rebecca Scott has a great singing voice, too.
- The Boise Weekly

"Best of Boise 2007, Singer"

Best Local Singer

Rebecca Scott

Over the years, we've used just about every adjective we can think of to describe Scott's voice: dulcet, sweet, smooth, melodious. If Boise had a soundtrack, it would be the euphonious voice and mellifluous melodies of Rebecca Scott. We're going to have to find some new descriptors for next year ...

- Boise Weekly


By Request, 2010
Can't Get It Out Of My Head, 2003
The Game, 2002
United, 1998
Wave To The Elephants, 1994



Rebecca Scott has been performing her unique brand of folk-rock in the Northwest for over 19 years. For the seventh straight year, Rebecca was named Best Singer for 2011 in the Boise Weekly's coveted Best of Boise Readers' Choice Awards. And for eight years running, she was also voted in the top three for Best Local Musician (winning in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2005 & 2004), and earned 2nd place for Best Band behind national act Built To Spill. In December of 2003, Rebecca was named the top "Mover & Shaker" in Boise entertainment by the Idaho Statesman's Thrive Magazine. Her fourth release, Can't Get It Out Of My Head (2003), is a live compilation of her previously recorded original material plus two new cuts.

She’s recorded three all-original studio albums.
The first album, Wave To The Elephants, received national attention when the song Diggin’ a Path was used in an MTV movie soundtrack "The Anatomy Of A Hate Crime: The Matthew Sheppard Story" as well as the television show "Good vs. Evil". Her second album, United, was acclaimed when Billboard Magazine named her one in six of the country’s top unsigned bands of 1999. The third release, The Game, was Rebecca's first self-produced endeavor, completed at Little House Recordings with Ben Burdick. Her fourth release, Can't Get It Out Of My Head (2003), is a live compilation of her previously recorded original material plus two new cuts. And last but not least, her 2010 CD, By Request, features cover songs that have been requested the most by her audiences.

During her musical career, Rebecca has had the opportunity to perform with Candy Coburn, Jonatha Brooke, Shawn Colvin, and with Dar Williams and other artists at Lilith Fair and other NW music festivals. The band recently shared billing with Keb Mo, Cowboy Junkies, Dishwalla, Shelby Lynne, Curtis Stigers, Melissa Ferrick and Garrison Starr.