Rebekah Jean

Rebekah Jean

 Burton, Ohio, USA

You might not be able to talk for a while after you hear Rebekah Jean sing. If you're eyes aren't filled with tears, you'll at least be struggling for the words to follow what you'd just heard. Beyond the voice, you'd be stunned by the honesty in every word uttered in her original songs.


Based out of her rural Burton, Ohio home, she's a mixture of her rustbelt-meets-country upbringing.  Rebekah Jean spent her school years hopping around Cleveland's east side, eventually landing in the sleepy farm town of Burton—and it shows up all over her music. It's rougher around the edges, sometimes, but then she sings about her softer longings, and quiet rest. Her mother, a coal miner's daughter, inspired her first connection with Loretta Lynn's music years ago, and it's taken a country flair ever since. But you also hear her time spent with the hippie songstresses and outlaw cowboys her father played in the car radio--Joni Mitchell,Willie Nelson, Graham Nash.
Rebekah Jean also grew up with music in the southern gospel church community of Cleveland's east side and started playing with a bluegrass band with a revolutionary spin in her early twenties. But eventually her writing took over, and Rebekah needed another channel for her creative turns.
Cleveland area open mic nights led to coffee shops and bar gigs, and Rebekah Jean can now be found throughout the area playing her original songs at the Beachland Tavern and Grog Shop among other venues, mostly wailing ballads of some broken heart or place and time she's passed through.


The Girl You Couldn't Live without (Is Living without You)

Written By: Rebekah Jean

The girl you couldn't live without
is living without you

Pretty as a picture
singing just like a bird
you knew it in an instant
she oughtta be in your world
laughter and her sunshine filled your mind
while she wasn't dreamin of you
but you were content
your days to be spent
dreaming of kisses that might come true

returned from metamorphosis
why not give it one last try
this time wouldn't be like the others
when your smiles would turn into cryin
maybe the snowflakes were on your side
maybe it was the moonlight
her eyes fell on you
she felt something true
but she could only run inside

revenge is such a dirty word
but sweetly it runs down your throat
was it worth it for you to be so cruel
to the one girl you said you love most
the package you'd waited so longingly for
was finally coming unglued
I guess you showed her
just how much you hurt
you made her cry just like you

the girl you couldn't live without
is living without you
she's writing lonesome lover songs
like you used to do
you thought that you didn't stand a chance
then she was at your door
it took a long time
but she changed her mind
and you ruined her world
your favorite girl
'cause now you don't want her no more

I Missed You

Written By: Rebekah Jean

I admit it
what I had planned
mighta not been the best thing for me
and I realize
what I was afraid of
mighta been harder on my life
but easier on my heart

I made a list of love songs on the bus
I was gonna make a cd for you when I got home
from Ireland
but an email changed my plans

And it's too late now
don't wanna break up a happy home or a house
so I'll sit quiet
you'll never know
if you're happy
I'm tickled to death

should've told you when I had the chance
nothing feels as good as when we dance
in this bar
crazy people all around us
trying to make their nights
as wonderful as ours

It's too late now
I missed you
my best friend
didn't see it
but in the end
I see it now
but I missed it then

and now it's ending

Big Green Shelter

Written By: Rebekah Jean

I'm tired of fitting square pegs into round holes
cramming people into schedules
pulling rabbits out of tiny hats
one more drop from the bottle

I wanna go away to a big green shelter
maybe a willow down in hot Alabama
with billowy branches as big as the sky
holding a hammock where I can go cry
I'm tired
my eyes burn like the devil
and I lose
myself in the middle
of it all
of it all

I'm tired of saying so many goodbyes
so tired I don't wanna say hello
It feels so good in the beginning
the ending is always letting go
they say it's healthy but it hurts me so

I wanna go away to a big green shelter
maybe a willow down in hot Alabama
with billowy branches as big as the sky
holding a hammock big enough for just me


Ribbons and Pearls

Set List

Love I Had in Mind
Big Green Shelter
Girl You Couldn't Live without
Put Out
Still Waters
Baby I Can't Wait Forever
Love May Be Real but it Aint Enough
The Devil Is