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New York City, New York, United States | AFTRA

New York City, New York, United States | AFTRA
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"Imagem Music Signs Rebecca Jordan as songwriter"

Imagem Music has signed Rebecca Jordan to multi year publishing deal. Feb 14, 2011 - Imagem/Rebecca

"FEB 2011 - Independent Music Award Nomination for Best EP"

Rebecca Jordan's Souvenir EP has been nominated for Best EP by the Independent Music Awards! - Independent Music Awards

"2010 Songwriter's Hall of Fame/ASCAP Abe Olman Award"

Awarded one of 5 Abe Olman Awards given each year by the Songwriters Hall of Fame to an up and coming songwriter. Past recipients include Lori McKenna and John Legend. - Songwriter's Hall of Fame

"2010 NPR Mountain Stage NewSong Finalist"

Chosen as one of 10 Mountain Stage Finalists for 2010. Mountain Stage is the popular live show broadcast on NPR. Other finalists include Ben Lubeck of Farewell Milwaukee, Lauren O'Connell, Roger Gupton, Emily Ebert, Amber Rubarth, Tori Vasquez, Lauren Lucas, David Berkeley, Malia, and Rob Szabo - Mountain Stage, NPR, NewSong

"Rebekah Jordan"

Rebekah Jordan
" The Trouble with Fiction "
Genre: pop
reviewed by Annette Warner

Rebekah is refreshing for the excessive “pop”-ulation of female artists these days and something different is much appreciated. A melting pot of sweet vocal fondue. Her sound is as alluring and thankfully not over-dressed with instrumentation rather what instruments are there are working to showcase the real talent behind the project…Rebekah’s vocals. Nice. Lovely. I’m a fan.

Copyright © 2005
-, June 2005


XM Radio
Acoustic Pie
Radioio Eclectic
Whole Wheat Radio
Women On Air (syndicated on 80+ NPR stations)
Uneon Radio
KLA--Los Angeles
WMVY--Martha's Vineyard, MA
WRAS--Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA--
CKUT--Montreal, Quebec--
KUMD--University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN--
WCVF--SUNY, Fredonia
KBOO--Portland, OR
KAOS--Olympia, WA - Getting Played on:

"EP Review: Rebekah Jordan -"

EP REVIEW: Rebekah Jordan - "The Trouble With Fiction"

By Gian Fiero - 07/19/05

Genre: Alternative R&B
Sounds Like: Wayna
Technical Grade: 9
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10
Commercial Value: 9
Overall Talent Level: 10
Songwriting Skills: 10
Performance Skill: 10
Best Songs: The Art Of Losing, Lovely Life, Happy, Dreams
Weakness: ?

CD Review: Rebekah Jordan, a singer/songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio, sent me a 6 song EP that captures and reflects her diverse interest in music. Though she modestly refers to herself as a "budding" songwriter, my industry ears must refute that. She is on the verge of becoming a "bidding" songwriter - as in having people bid for her songwriting services.
Actually, her modesty is both rare and refreshing. American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, performed one of Rebekah's songs ("Beautiful Disaster") on her first album, AND as a live recording on her sophomore release, "Breakaway." I'm sure she didn't think of her talent as
"budding." One listen to this masterpiece of an EP, and you won't either.
Rebekah, who also produced the entire CD, vocally executes the songs on this project with unyielding emotion without sacrificing technical precision. Her voice keeps you in a state of suspended animation as she delivers poignant stories, heartfelt lyrics, and subtle intensity that engages your emotions. Her most commercial song, "The Art Of Losing," exhibits all of these qualities with an almost Sade/Sting-like feel that's soothing and stimulating. Of course, she can also perform the typical, "it's-over-and-I'm-glad-of-it" type of song, but she does it her way, as evidenced on "Lovely Life," where she states:

Verse 1:
"This aint no angry love song, blaming you for what went wrong
It is what it is and wasn't now it's over out and done...
So save those crocodile tears and baby let's get honest here
we were not forever but we sure had some fun...."

That's honest and respectul. Even though Rebekah has appeared in such films as "Liberty Heights," and "Latter Days," it's my sincere hope that she uses her media activities to bolster her position as a music artist. Once industry professionals hear the scintillating vocal performance on her cover of the Stevie Nicks classic, "Dreams," I'm sure they will convince her that she can (and should) do both.
Perhaps the trouble with fiction is that when you are as talented as Rebekah, non-fiction is a more pleasurable alternative.

Advice: Pursue a publishing deal while you promote your indie project. You have the credits (and the talent). In the interim, write and record more material for a complete album that you can fully exploit and use to leverage your position as a recording artist. - The Muse's Muse, July 2005

"Quelques questions a Rebekah Jordan"

Mercredi, 27 juillet 2005
Quelques questions à Rebekah Jordan...

Certains artistes vous chatouillent les oreilles dès les premières notes.. Rebekah Jordan est une de ces artistes là : Absolument inconnue chez nous, très peu, trop peu connue encore de l'autre coté de l'Atlantique et pourtant un talent fou pour l'écriture (textes et musiques).. le tout associé à une voix absolument charmante. Son EP "The trouble with fiction" (6 titres originaux + une cover) entièrement autoproduit (!) démontre pleinement tout son potentiel dans un univers musical à la fois pop et jazzy... Moi c'est clair, j'ai succombé ! Alors pour vous faire succomber à votre tour, je vous propose de la découvrir davantage au travers de ma petite série de questions :

Eric : Hi Rebekah, where do u come from ?
Rebekah : I'm from Ohio..

What is ur story ? How did you fall in Music ?
Probably fell into music because of my parents. My mother played the organ and piano at our church and my father was the choir director. My mom also sang jazz. And my dad was always playing his old dusty records.

Who are (or were) your influences ?
I don't have any conscious influences. I'm sure anything I've ever listened to affects me in some way. I like so many different styles of music. But I don't wish to sound like any of it. My quest is to sound
like myself, whoever I happen to be at the time.

Do you remember an album in particular when you were child ?
Anything by Earth, Wind and Fire, James Taylor and Bill Withers always makes me think of my childhood. And New Edition (i had a crush on Ralph, i must admit)..

How do you work on your songs ? What are your sources of inspiration ?
I'm inspired by any and everything, my life, other people's lives, something I read or see on television, and my imagination. sometimes I like to make things up. working on songs is a tricky process, it's always different. though i have developed a habit of writing at 4 in the morning.

You financed, produced and distribute your EP, is it not too difficult to do everything alone ?
Yes it's incredibly difficult. More difficult than I imagined. But it's also satisfying in a way that I never imagined either. Empowering.

What do you listen in this moment ?
Lately I've been listening to lots of Brazilian music (Elis Regina, Marisa Monte, Jorge Ben) and Shivaree. Also Doves, Bloc Party, and Dinah Washington.

If you could choose an artist to work with ?
Hmm. Zero 7 and Massive Attack.

Do you already think of your next album ?
Yes and no. I can tell I am growing musically. And I know I want to be more experimental. The cool thing about making music is there's no limit to what you can try other than your own imagination. But I don't think I'll put out another EP or LP until next year.

Will you come here one day ?
God I hope so! I'll come tomorrow if you'll have me.

To finish, A last word for your french readers/listeners ? In french maybe..
Gros bisous !

Wow ! Gros bisous ! Merci Rebekah ! Que réclamer de plus ? Moi je suis comblé ! Dépêchez vous de découvrir la délicieuse Rebekah, vous avez toutes les chances de craquer vous aussi !...
Intéressant en plus son désir de travailler avec des gens comme Zero7 ou Massive Attack, univers plutot trip-hop, donc assez différent de celui de Rebekah... Bon allez zoo, z'avez vu elle est prête à venir nous rendre une petite visite, il ne reste plus qu'à l'inviter ! En attendant, jetez vous sur son album "The trouble with fiction" (dispo sur elle le mérite !

Au passage, un grand merci à Mandi de DMG pour son extrème gentillesse ! -; July, 2005


What can I possibly say about this lovely young woman without sounding like she paid me to say it? I love this woman! I love her CD; it is so absolutely refreshing to hear Ms. Jordan sing. Every song and I do mean EVERY song on her CD is a jewel. I'm not a big fan of remakes simply because the remake hardly ever does justice to the original, bt let me just say this, the remake Rebekah has done of Stevie Nick's "Dreams" is magnifique! The most refreshing part of all is hearing a young African-American female singing...and I mean really singing, about something other than shaking her ass! Rebekah has everything it takes to be a star and in whatever ways we can help her get there, you can bet we will. Her songwriting skills are superb and her voice is so super sexy and inviting it just floats over the well-produced tracks. This young lady is going to appear in our special all female issue in February 2006 because she deserves a lot more space than we can give her right now. The name of her album is "The Trouble With Fiction"; there is certainly nothing fictional about this woman's talents. Bravisimo!
to see the review images go to: - Unsigned Music Magazine, August 2005

"CD REVIEWS: The Trouble With Fiction"

Rebekah Jordan was Collected Sounds' artist of the month for July 2005 and how well deserved. This is one talented lady.

These songs are very well written. They're a nice glimpse into what this artist has to offer. Catchy and inspirational (but not at all sappy).

Her voice is beautiful, soothing, the kind you could listen all day. She's so skilled at portraying emotion. These songs are just dripping with soul. I don't mean "soul music" but that kind of conviction that seeps inside the listener.

The quality of her voice is especially evident on "The Art of Losing" which is a gorgeous song.

"Lovely Life" shows her funkier side.

All these songs are good actually. I like how she showcases the piano on "Sweet Here After" (but you know me, I'm a piano slut).

"Dreams" is the Fleetwood Mac cover and it's quite nice. I've never really loved that band, so I prefer this version to the original.

This is a great little recording but I want MORE!! Hopefully we'll see a full length soon.

Posted on August 13, 2005
- Amy Lotsberg, Producer of Collected Sounds 8/05

"XM Satellite Radio Artist Of The Week"

"I saw this Lady perform at the South Park Music Conference. I bought a cd and even got mine signed. This young lady is the real deal. Label hounds watch out."
--Billy Zero, XM Radio Unsigned's featured "Artist of the Week" September 16, 2005. - XM Satellite Radio

"Pick Of The Week" Pick of the Week, September 26, 2005. -

"Artist Spotlight"

"Rebekah has developed her own beautiful and at times, quirky, sound.." - NEMO Boston August 2005 Newsletter

"Recent 2005 Year End Awards"

*Voted Best Independent Female Artist as part of Unsigned Music Magazine's Independent Music Awards. Will grace the cover and be featured in the February Unsigned Music Magazine for their "women in music" issue

*Best EP, Best Lyrics, and Best Female Website by The Muse's Muse for the best of 2005

*Best of 2005 Award along with Dar Williams, Imogen Heap and others given by

*Won Best Website by the Independent Music Awards sponsored by Borders and Musician's Atlas - rebekah jordan/the trouble with fiction


*"Souvenir" EP, self released on iTunes and BandCamp Nov 2010
free Souvenir EP stream:

*"The Trouble With Fiction" EP, self released

*"You're A Spark", EP, limited edition with and as Dreaming Ferns.



Rebecca Jordan grew up in Ohio listening to Muddy Waters, Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Cure, Bill Withers,The Beatles, John Coltrane, gospel quartets, Aretha Franklin, The Pixies, and Joao Gilberto. Rebecca studied classical piano as a kid and taught herself guitar to write songs.

A major label development deal helped Rebecca’s song “Beautiful Disaster” find it’s way to Kelly Clarkson, who has recorded it twice.

Since moving to NYC, Rebecca has been named a 2010 NPR Mountain Stage NewSong Finalist, and honored with a 2010 Abe Olman Award from the Songwriter's Hall of Fame and ASCAP. Given each year to a promising songwriter, past recipients of the Abe Olman Award include Lori McKenna and John Legend. Rebecca has played Folk Alliance, SXSW, CMJ, Nemo, and plays regularly in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall and in the Live@Best Buy Series.

*Rebecca's self released Souvenir EP was nominated for Best EP by the Independent Music Awards in February of 2011.

*Rebecca has just been signed as a songwriter by Imagem Music, whose roster includes Temper Trap, Guy Sigsworth, and Phil Collins