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Rebekah Starr Band

Kittanning, Pennsylvania, United States

Kittanning, Pennsylvania, United States
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"Rebekah Starr Band Score with Debut CD"

Western Pennsylvania-based singer/songwriter, Rebeka Snyder-Starr, has a detailed plan in place for making people aware of her up-and-coming pop/rock trio, the Rebekah Starr Band. After self-financing the recording of their debut album, the enjoyable "Rockstar Girl!!!," she's sticking to a marketing plan that includes internet sales, as well as music friendly businesses, in her hometown of Kittanning. This DIY approach isn't unique, but it can be an effective way for independent artists to broaden their fan base beyond regional borders.

Of course, the best marketing plans in the world mean nothing if a band doesn't have the goods to back it up. That's not a problem for the Rebekah Starr Band, which includes Snyder-Starr on vocals and guitar, and husband Michael Starr on drums and Nathan Mancine on bass. "Rockstar Girl !!!" is a fun 12-track release that runs the gamut from power pop to piano ballads to a touch of Western Pa. - tinged riot grrl.

Amonth the keepers here are set opener "Crook and a Liar," "Rockstarr Girl," "My Way," "Shostakovich," "A Lot to Me," and "Pretty Playthings." Slightly less effective are "Very," "Irrational Boy," and Radio," though there are no aggregious misfires to be found. Here' hoping the ambitious plans for the Rebekah Starr Band come to fruition because this is a talented outfit whose music deserves a wider audience. - Jeffrey Sisk - Greensburg Daily News, Greensburg, PA


Our record, Rockstar Girl, i available on itunes as well as at our website



Lead singer and guitar player, Rebekah Snyder-Starr, has performed her version fun kitsch rock songs from Manhattan to Kittanning, PA. Now, teamed up with a tight rhythm section, Michael Starr and Nathan Mancine, Rebekah has formed rock trio, the Rebekah Starr Band, and they are taking over Pittsburgh's music scene with their unique version of stripped down rock with a funk edge.
Rebekah and Michael, now married, have been friends and playing music together since childhood. Rebekah developed a mad crush on Michael walking home from school in the fourth grade. Desperate to get his attention, she took up the guitar and started writing, marking the beginning of the unreciprocated love themes that permeate many of Rebekah's original songs. Her original songs will amuse you with catchy, matter-of-fact lyrics combined with the band's high-energy execution. The rhythm section, Michael and Nathan, became fast friends, when they discovered they shared many of the same favorite bands and rock idols while selling drums together at a local drum store in Cranberry, PA. They together shape an aggressive and locked in rhythm section.

And who are those two exotic-looking tambourinists??? The band's friends from Estonia, Temea and Annika, may look like tall blonde twin sisters, but they are actually a energetic force in the band's rhythm section. As back-up-vocalists/tambourine-player, Annika and Temea make the fabulous finishing touch on the Rebekah Starr Band live show.

With a wide range of talents, The Rebekah Starr Band members are versatile enough to switch off instruments, even vocals, and they incorporate plenty of entertaining improv into their live shows. Don't be surprised to see Rebekah jump on the drums, with Michael on lead guitar, dancers sharing vocals and bass, and Nate on an acoustic. Anything is possible! Really!