Rebel Empire
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Rebel Empire

Mexico City, Mexico | Established. Jan 01, 2010

Mexico City, Mexico
Established on Jan, 2010
Duo Electronic Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Interview: Rebel Empire (Mexico)"

Yeah!, it's time to coming back to Central America to meet one of these most prolific band. We go to Mexico to talk with RÜZER! Viva Rebel Empire!

1. Can you please, introduce the band, his history and the members?

Rebel Empire was created as an answer, a shout, a claim to those people who imposed us and think we have no will or rights. Rights that hypocritically themselves have wrote in a corrupt constitution.

It is the first act against the new and old political rule, which controls, against the one we must fight.

The story is simple, one day I wanted to explore a new way to compose, I wanted to create a completely different music at the one I usually had done. This inquieteud only needed to make match with the indignation and with the impotence generated by the corrupt political class in my country (México), Something that I could not contain more, Rebel Empire.

The band is made by Silver Zeta on acoustic or electric drums and I at the voice and composition.

2. How did you get this name?

The name refers to imperialism that took place in México at the end of the century, in an ironic sense, because imperialism is still living in an absurd way but with different names, ones more sophisticated, that’s why the band name is in English.

3. How can you discribe the sound you produce?

Direct, strong and sophisticated.

4. What's general message you want to give throw his productions?

The claim of injustice, shouting through the songs.

5. What were your main musical influences that inspired you to produce your own sound?

This answer may disappoint many, though 2 bands were the ones that determined the basic line of Rebel Empire’s style (Laibach and DAF) The most influence comes from Nu Metal and Industrial Metal groups, as Megaherz, Oomph!, Letzte Instanz, Tanzwut, Eisbrecher and Rammstein until bands like Static X and Coal Chamber. Was also very influenced by mexican punk groups such as Sindrome y Graffitti 3X.

6. Are you open to collaborate with other bands, or done remixes for other ebm bands?

Among the bands or projects that Rebel Empire has remixed, i can name Red Industrie, Grosstracktor and Firemensch. Rebel Empire was remixed by Década 2, Batch ID and Grosstracktor, and more in a field oriented electro exists remix by WARDROBE. Working with all these projects, as any interaction, has been very rewarding, not in the final product is the delivery of the remix, if not the process and dialogue established with such projects in the range of the proposition and delivery thereof. Knowing and understanding the perceptions regarding gender, production and the attitude they carry in their respective bands or projects, it's the most enjoying you can feel!

7. How is the EBM scene in Mexico?

The EBM scene as such, is having a boom recently. A few years ago there wasn't exponents dedicated strictly to the genre, except the legendary draft Decada 2, the others projects were more dedicated to industrial, like the hard electro and electrodark, but not with the traits of the EBM classics.So I consider the EBM scene in Mexico new.

8. What is the news from this year?

For this year comes big plans for Rebel Empire, because with the new member band (Silver Zeta) on drums, the issues will have a different dynamic and with highest energy. Also we want fully enter in a professional studio, to record what will be the first items on our first album, which may see light early next year. The live shows will be also very different, I dare say that this year is the direct refente for what will be Rebel Empire's future.

9. What do you think about our compilation?

I think it is an important part of this new wave, the reborn of the interest to the Ebm. I hope a recognition fot all bands of Spanish language, sure there will be a significant worldwide impact.

10. One word you like?

11. One word you dislike?

12. one word for our audience.

13. How they can be in contact with you?

You can find us on facebook as Rebel Empire, here is the contact information for presentations, remixes or interests of any nature.

14. A last question for the interview.. What kind of beer you use to drink? A favorite brand? ;)

I cant tell you a favorite trademark of beer, only that I like too hahaha.....

Interview by Just242 for Radio Ebm Unidos y Fuertes, the 08.02.2012.
Rebel Empire on Stomping Before Apocalypse on Bandcamp the 24.2.2012, stay tuned! - EBM Unidos y Fuertes RADIO


Machinery (EP) 2011

01 Machinery
02 Machinery (DÉCADA 2 remix)
03 Machinery (BATCH ID remix)
04 Machinery (GROSSTRACKTOR version)

Machinery (EP) Advanced Synergy EDITION 2012

01 Machinery (W.A.R.D.R.O.B.E. remix)
02 Machinery (L.A. MORDER remix)
03 Machinery (DEAD mAD DANZ remix)
04 Machinery (EVA THA WRONG remix)

Imperialismo (LP) 2014

01 F.S.R.C.
02 Movimiento Máquina
03 Control Body
04 Action To
05 Yo Digo ¡No!
06 Fuerza y Actutud
07 Machinery
08 Spit It Out!
09 Disturbio
10 The Boots



Rebel Empire was born in 2010 in Mexico City with a sound between electro body music and punk old school. He has performed at various festivals, including the "EBM United" in Mexico, being part of the main cartel. Among the most listened to his repertoire songs how "Control Body" with a large number of views on YouTube. He has remixed projects like: Red Industrie, Firemensch and Grosstracktor.

His first material bears the name of "Machinery" in 2011, edited independently, and has versions of the legend of mexican electronic music Década 2, Batch ID from Sweden and Grosstracktor also of Mexico.

 The second material is a special edition of "Machinery" for the label Advanced Synergy and later in 2014 comes to light his first album called "Imperialismo" with 10 unreleased songs available at major digital stores around the world how iTunes , Spotify, Google Play, Amazon on the label Carpe Diem Records.

Rebel Empire has been in different compilations around the world like the Extreme Lustlieder 5 of Germany with the exclusive song Hard Sex.

Currently, it is about to release the most recently production named Movimiento Máquina (International Brotherhood of Machines) is the name of the song included on the first album "imperialismo". This is a completely thematic material on machines and brotherhood in music. It contains new unreleased tracks, versions in other languages made by Astma (Sweden) Oldschool Union (Finland) and Dr Body (Chile). The remixes was made by TöT (France) and the legend of electronic music Escalator (Hungary).

Work is being done in preparing the official video for worldwide release.

Please, visit us on SoundCloud, YouTube and Facebook

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