Rebel Blues

Rebel Blues


Rebel Blues can lay down a funk rythmn around a blues arrangement and rock the house with it. Rebel Blues is 5 guys dedicated to keeping the blues authentic in the 21 Century and we're gonna keep doing it until we're done.


Rooted deep in the blues traditions of Robert Johnson and honoring the stylings of greats like Pinetop Perkins and John Lee Hooker, Rebel Blues can lay down a funk rythmn around a blues arrangement and rock the house with it. The sweet vocal sounds of Donald Hill backed by the keyboard highlights of Rob Woolsey and their outstanding rythmn and guitar make this a band you want to know. Packed with soul-twisting hooks, a rebellious blues rhythm and white-hot guitar punctuation, with a respecftul nod to history, these young bluesmen are keeping the blues authentic while evolving the style in the 21st Century.

And, it's "Rebel" as in James Dean, not Southern rock (not that we don't have a few Drive By Trucker and Chris LeBlanc albums laying around). About 2 years ago we got together with some friends and started a side project band. Most of us were working full-time on other music projects and this was a good way to let off some musical steam and do some experimentation. It turns out that our experiments were, well, popular and we ended up getting more excited about Rebel Blues than some of the other work that we were doing and, next thing you know, a record label guy we know was talking to us about doing an album.

Please check our website at for our current schedule.

We're booked in Alaska through most of the summer, but will be out of Portland, Oregon starting in September 2005.


Rebel Blues

Set List

Funk in C (Drippin' and Drifting)
Shuffle in G (Pride and Joy, Sweet Home Chicago)
Fast Swing in G with Donald (Ain't Nobody's Business)
Slow Blues (Anchorage City Blues--original)
Green Eyes or Cigarette, No Matches (originals)
Funk/Rock (Everyday Jimmy)