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Livingston, Texas, United States | INDIE

Livingston, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Country Alternative




"Jordan Phillips and Rebel Download is a Tripadelic Texas Honky-Tonk band. Confused?"

Several weeks ago, I was referred to be-friend a new friend and band on Facebook - Jordan Michael Phillips and Rebel Download Band. They just celebrated their second year anniversary as a band on August 10, 2011. By this time, the Rebel Download Band had played over 200 gigs! As I accessed their information and checked out their websites, it was obvious that this was a band I had to know better – an undiscovered treasure. I listened to their first CD, “Keep It Real” completed in the first year of their two year career as a band. I was hooked.

The fact that this Rebel Download Band received over 1000 hits a week on their website and their music was hailed as a “4 piece Tripadelic Texas Honky-Tonk band,” my reporter-moth-to-a-flame persona was not to be hindered!

Rebel Download Band was also all over the place, socially online with just as many hits on Facebook, My Space, Reverbnation, YouTube and more. They also have an active newsletter distribution of 100+ each month. We arranged a conference call so all could tell me all I wanted to know. The day came for the call and quickly, I headed straight to the phone! Everyone was together and as a great bonus - manager, Mama Karen Phillips was also there!

The lead vocalist/guitarist, Jordan Phillips answered my call. He sounded so young - he’s only 22 yrs. old – but what vocals he can deliver! It’s the perks of singing professionally since the age of 14. Jordan said the group consists of four, tightly-knit artists – “Myself (Jordan) Phillips, “Magan (aka Ki’) Phillips, my sister, beautiful female bassist and singer, then Charlie (aka Bo’) Reaves is my baby sister and our beautiful female rhythm guitarist and singer. Then there is Charlie’s husband ‘Wildthang’ Luke Reaves.” Jordan continues, “Luke ‘Wildthang’ holds our twisted rebellious beats in his hands.” Along with this and their songs, I’m beginning to love them more already!

As to the fact that Mama K. is their manager and mom, Jordan says proudly that “She’s a tough cookie sometimes, but it’s great. Many people don’t understand our sound, style and the way we work, but she does – we don’t have to break it all down for her. We don’t have to go through the Music Management 101 thing like people have to do with their new manager. It makes it a lot easier to communicate all our thoughts and ideas with her.”

The interview began with all hi’s and hello’s from all. We did agree that we all needed a third cup of coffee. Well, except for Jordan, who is definitely a ‘sweet tea kinda guy!’

So where does the band have home base?
We’re located out of Camilla, and Coldsprings, Lake Livingston around the Lufkin-Nacogdoches and Houston-Cleveland areas.

I would love to hear what the Rebel Download Band is up to now.
Jordan answered, “Just so many things! We’re doing a lot of shows, bookings and a lot of road time! We’ve been busier and logging in more road time than last year -- and, finishing up a new CD.”

And,your most memorable road story?
“Speaking of road stories, we were following Luke around this town trying to find our way to a restroom. Luke’s from Louisiana and has a hard time with turn signals. So, we’re circling around and around, trying to follow Luke. This story ends with us being stopped three times, in the same town, by three different policemen, for, as Charlie says, “Suspicious behavior following closely behind a black truck!” Mama K, in the background, asked Jordan to tell me something – It was a little muffled with all the laughter and Jordan refused to repeat it. I asked if I heard the word “Depends?” No one would tell me, just a huge round of laughter from everyone! I was surely family now! Ok, so we all composed ourselves, amidst short giggles (including mine!) Deep breath, and….

To Jordan: Did you always want to do this? Be a country artist and in a band?
“Oh, yes. When I say ‘Country is my backbone,’ I mean it. I’ve been in the band life and bar room scene, but I grew up on Gospel and Gospel Blues music with my mom. Loving Country Blues, also included a love for rock, reggae, country and gospel were all part of our background from all the families. So, when people ask us where we get our influences, it’s hard to list them all…you would have to write a book!”

“I got my first guitar when I was about three years old.” Jordan reflects. “And, began singing about 6 years old and really in church, I sang my first song ‘Old MacDonald’ to a real audience. I went out there with everything I had, and man, I rocked that song! At 14, I began singing in restaurants and acoustic venues. Around that time, I brought the girls in (Magan and Charlie.) They were catching on to the instruments so quickly, and Mama K. played harmonica with me. About two years ago, the band began to form. I interviewed so many musicians, it was crazy.”

Jokingly, Jordan says, “Then came Luke. He ate up all my food, slept in my bed, kicked me out of the house for a while, and married my sis - Sherry Jane Cooke; Country Music Examiner

"Rebel Download Band – incredible talent, brilliant songwriting and immersing your soul in the song."

As in my earlier article, I listened to the Rebel Download Band’s first CD, “Keep It Real” completed in the first year of their two year career as a band. I was hooked and still find undiscovered treasures in the band!

The thing I love about the Rebel Download Band, consisting of Jordan (Mordache) Phillips, Megan Phillips and Charlie Reaves, his sisters, and brother-in law, Luke Reaves, (never forgetting the amazing Mama Kay, manager extraordinaire) is that that they sing the songs we wish we had written about our lives! The lyrics are straight from the band members’ experiences and memories and so like our own that you can’t help but connect on a deep soulful level with these young, but oh so talented and wise members of the Rebel Download Band. One wonders how they can be so young, yet know so much about life as it relates to any age group. Now that’s a feat of its own and rarely captured by such a young band. Their sound is aptly named by the band as”Tripadelic Honky-Tonk.”

As the band says of the group: “Rebel Download Band celebrated their one year anniversary on August 10, 2010. We are a 4 piece Tripadelic Honky Tonk band. In 2010 we have played over 200 gigs, and have over 1000 hits a week on our website, not including MySpace, YouTube, or Facebook. We have an active newsletter distribution of 100+ each month. Lead vocalist/guitarist, Jordan Phillips is 22 yrs. old, and has been singing professionally since the age of 14. Magan (aka Ki’) is our beautiful bassist. Charlie (aka Bo’) Reaves is our beautiful rhythm guitarist. “Wildthang” Luke Reaves holds our twisted rebellious beats in his hands.”

In first reviewing the soulful sound and lyrics of “My Baby Don’t Cry” … ok, they got me with the phrase, those “sexy green eyes!” The song has the beautiful melody and backup guitar riffs, lyrics of real life and of making any woman wish they had such a man….a man who is determined to his baby not crying. The vocals, the lyrics and the music drag your heart straight into the song. It’s pure magic, but experience it, I did. Listen to the song… you can’t help but be there!

“Another Sunday Gone” – Of course, we all feel a certain anxiety on Sundays. But “Another Sunday Gone” takes it even father and more melancholy, missing and remembering that person that could have made Sunday so beautiful and bearable… a little background from female vocalist ___________________adds to the memories in such an amazingly far away ghostly but lovely sound of that person he so loved and remembers. It tears at your heart and makes “Another Sunday Gone” take on a whole new depth of meaning.

“Sick and Tired” - This is a cover of Cross Canadian Ragweed's " Sick and Tired", THE anthem for most of us who are sick and tired of being sick and tired! With a perfect mesh of musical support and background, you are drawn so deeply into that thought and the resolution that follows. The only respite is home, where the love is, where you can wash your soul of all things …. It’s a yearning and a call to the heart to come home.
What an amazing songwriting ability to really come so close to your heart and help wash your soul clean. I love this one!

“I Survived” blends a beautiful harmonic thread, as if it were a magical childhood memories blood infusion into and the lyrics can relate to all of us. We’re wondering how we all survived those years. Love in the front seat of Daddy’s truck…and Texas nights. The inclusion of the harmonica is brilliant, bringing such a wonderful nostalgic sound … back to those times of when harmonicas were a must in the music of our past years. I couldn’t be more impressed with this collaboration of lyrics, vocals and background melodies. Did it bring me back to those years? Absolutely. The amazing thing is that my son also listened to this song, and it affected him just as much. I see this as a song that will last forever…it crosses over to any age group! Again, sheer genius from the Rebel Download Band!

In the cover of Kevin Fowler’s “A Hard Man to Love,” Rebel Download Band nails it and makes it their own with a honky-tonk freshness that they own! Another “Killin’ Time,” cover of a Clint Black song, again, the delivery has a fresh, but even more of a soulful deep level than even Clint ever delivered. Oh yeah. This one is so much richer than the original – hear it and believe it!

Tripadelic Honky Tonk? You bet! Rebel Download Band may be a young band, but they’ve already found that way into your soul, the way to rock your senses and the magic to make you love their music. They’ve become such shooting stars that they are even booking for 2012! Watch Rebel Download Band rise to the top of the charts. They remind me of a few bands that were unknown at the time, but ones that I my instincts and belief led me to know that they would hit charts in Texas to Nashville. Rebel Download Band is on that same golden path. Bravo, RDB!

- Sherry Jane Cooke; Country Music Examiner

"Band performs for military, local heroes"

The Rebel Download Band isn’t just trying to make it in the music industry but performs weekly to make a difference in the lives of veterans and other local heroes - Eastex Advocate

"Coming Soon!"

By Sherry Jane Cooke - Country Music Examiner


Debut Album: "Keep It Real"
Released February 2011

Up Coming Album "Killing Flies"...Coming Soon!



Highway 24 Records is now taking bookings for the Rebel Download Band, for 2013. The Rebel Download Band currently has bookings from January through December 31 for 2013 with available dates remaining. We invite you to check out their schedule at the following links.!/RebelDownload/app_2405167945
we look forward to working with you and your venue this year to dynamically deliver a sensational performance that our fellow Texans have come to expect.
With over 400 shows under their belt Rebel Download was honored to kick off the 2012 Texas music Series for Papas On the Lake; As well as opening up for Dewey Wayne, Johnny Falstaff, and Charlie Lucas Band. In the Peoples Choice Awards, hosted by East Texas Music Rebel Download was voted in the top 5 for Best Country Band and Entertainer of the Year. They are very excited to have their music recognized in several full length press articles in such newspapers as the Advocate and Magazines such as the Examiner, this past year.
As of 2013 The Rebel Download Band established the Fight 4 Fought 4 non-profit organization directed toward community awareness of the sacrifices and needs of active and non-active Military, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement, Correctional Officers, and just Good Samaritans helping their neighbors.!/Fight4Fought4
They feel very humbled and privileged to have been a part of such benefits as Run for the Hills (Denison, Texas) and Tubing for Cancer (New Braunfels, Texas) in 2012.