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Rebel Hotel

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Metal




"REBEL HOTEL added to List of Bands Playing CrueFest"

L.A.’s own Rebel Hotel has been added to the list of acts playing CrueFest Hollywood 2014, at the legendary Whisky A G0-Go on July 26th.

Since the inception in 2001, CrueFest Hollywood has been a musical event organized by the fans of the rock band Motley Crue. To the Benefit The Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation. The event was developed through the goodwill, generosity, dedication, and energy of a group of fans from all of North America. This once small event has grown over the past 12 years with similar charity events also being held in Cleveland, New England, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Canada, and Australia.REBEL HOTEL RICKY 7-12-14

over the years CrueFest Hollywood has grown in attendance, funds raised for Cancer research, and musician participation from around the world. Event supporters share their money for a great cause and artist and organizers give of their time and talents to make this event a success.

Rebel Hotel‘s unique sound stems from the roots of three different nationalities from all over the world influenced by rock, blues, heavy metal, pop and punk mixed together in a Rock n’ Roll cocktail of their own, which they prefer to serve with full energy.

Rebel Hotel are the connoisseurs of catchy Rock n’ Roll, very influenced by bands like Guns n’ Roses, Motley Crue, Hellacopters, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and bands that play from their hearts like it used to be done; and of course with a flavor of the Scandinavian rock. So beware–lock up your daughters, wives, and liquor cabinets.

GILBY CLARKE – Guns n’ Roses-MC5-Heart-Supernova.. “Its nice to hear a straight forward Rock n’ Roll band, I like this, I would buy this”

HEIDI AND FRANK 95.5 KLOS – “Its refreshing to hear a band with loud guitars that plays actual Rock Music”
Rebel Hotel band promo 5-25-14 - Screamer Magazine

"Musings Of German Dave of Kaotic Radio"

German Dave
Tell us who you are and a little bit about your story?

Ricky Ohrn
We are four rockers from three different countries who came together in Orange County and things burst into flames. All of us have played in many SoCal bands and knew of each other, we like the same music, and love playing what we’re playing and we also having a blast doing it. Rebel Hotel started as a heavy 3 piece, but things weren’t quiet right but when we became the line up we are currently something just exploded. I think we all knew immediately that this is what we’ve been looking for, it just felt right and I know that no one in the band have had doubts about our self, the band and the direction we’re heading

German Dave
What is Rebel Hotel and what are it's origins?

Ricky Ohrn
A straight up high-energy hard rock band with a truck load of attitude and exiting and unpredictable live performances. The influences are countless, but we’re definitely more of an old school band. Rebel Hotel originated from my previous bands demises cause the lead singers left, went to rehab, got jailed and even vanished, (all true) so I just decided to sing my self and we wont have that problem (laugh) and Rebel Hotel was conceived.

German Dave
Tell us a little bit about the current members of the band. Of course, Tristan is my best friend in real life and I know him all too well but tell me your perspective on him, Rique, and Dave.

Ricky Ohrn
I knew Tristan before Rebel Hotel from the Hollywood scene and he and I played a few shows together in the punk band Hollywood 77 where he kind of directed the band and he struck me as very driven and particular about getting it right, and I love that. He brought a refreshing punk/rock n roll bass style when he joined Rebel Hotel, and he have great attention to details in his playing, he brings a massive amounts of energy to the shows also, he’s simply just great to be in a band with, great easy going friend.
I have known Dave the longest, a total berserker that beat the shit out of his skins, have a great feel and repertoire, he brings a great groove to the music, action and debauchery to the parties and all over a really fun guy to be around, he’s a loose cannon and everything can happen around him, also a rock star by all means.
Rique was the last guy to join the band, it happened very quick, he was suddenly in the studio with us and he brought even more professionalism, drive, great skills and lots of knowledge about gear. He’s very accurate and also pays attention to micro details and super serious about the music. He is also someone I lean on for many things musically, with the band and in life. When he joined and the band became the 4 piece it is, it was like we’ve been sitting around on the floor for a long time but now where sitting in a leather couch, it became comfortable.

German Dave
I personally love the sound of Rebel Hotel, watched some band practices and I find your overall style refreshing and this is coming from a dude that listens to Metal all the time! Tell the readers what your sound is and who are some of the influences that helped create the sound.

Ricky Ohrn
Our sound is probably coming from the days you plugged your axe straight into the amp, no processors and digital effects. Rique and I are playing Marshalls and Oranges and they just sound amazing together. After all we utilize all our options with the knobs on the guitars and 2 channels on the amps very few effects and you can be very creative with that without adding a bunch of bells and whistles, after all its what you play and how you play it that really matters.
I am personally deeply influenced by a lot of the Scandinavian rock bands such as Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, Hardcore Superstar and Babylon Bombs to mention a few, and together with the other guys we’re all coming from GnR, Zep kinda music and, I do think we bring some metal into it as well, and then we mix it with our old school style and making it our own blazing rock n’ roll cocktail and playing it all with a punk rock attitude…..

German Dave
Where do you see Rebel Hotel going and do you feel that balls-to-the-wall hard rock is going to gain a mainstream following or do you think it's something that is still more underground these days?

Ricky Ohrn
I don’t doubt for a second that what we’re doing could or will be mainstream because things change, trends change, music change. Every show we’ve played, we’ve certainly won the crowds respect and love because we’ve got catchy songs, and action performances. We are slightly different to what’s “modern” right now and that is refreshing to people. We have not so far heard “you sound like” and I love that. I know were not reinventing the wheel, but our different approach is more like we just re treading.

German Dave
Tell us about some new things that are going on with Rebel Hotel these days?

Ricky Ohrn
We have spent a lot of time in the studio rehearsing for our up coming shows. We will bring it guaranteed!! Also we are going to release an EP of 6 killer tunes, some new, some re recorded as soon as we can. We just finished 2 of the songs, “Beat You Blind”, one of the older songs I wrote and “Down” a new one we wrote together recently, which is exciting because what’s on our sites are songs we did as a 3 piece and older demos I did, so the new recordings really represent the current band which is so much more exiting, and I cant wait for people to hear this and not the past line up. Also we will shoot a video for “Beat You Blind” in the up coming week or so, so keep an eye out for that. Next month (November) we’re booked all over Orange County and we will keep on booking shows through out the year everywhere. We also had a few different management companies showing interest in us, so we’ll try to choose who we want to work with. We will keep playing live and pushing our self as much we can, this is what we live for.

German Dave
Any last thing you want to tell the readers?

Ricky Ohrn
Yes, come on out and experience a live show with energy, attitude and good songs, you can also check us out on all the social media to see what you’re in for but remember that some of the songs are older versions so keep checking in for the new tunes, video, live footage. We’re responding to all our fans all the time so don’t hesitate to ask us anything

Nov 2 Doll Hut
Nov 10 House Of Metal at Malone’s
Nov 15 Hogue Barmichaels
Nov 24 Tap House
Nov 30 Tiki Bar

German Dave
Thank you for your time and hope to be front row and center at your next show!

Ricky Ohrn
Thank you and you know you got that… - German Dave

"Rebel Hotel featured artist in Project Fresh Magazine" - Project Fresh Magazine


EP 1
Gotta' Go
Doin' Time
Beat You Blind
Skin Of Your Bones
Ready To Ride
EP 2
Get Lost
No Peace
Rebel Hotel
Why (new version)



Rebel Hotel is not just another one your typical Sunset Strip party bands.  They are in fact a punk driven down and dirty ROCK AND ROLL/HARD ROCK outfit with a whole lot to say!

The band was originally conceived behind the Orange curtain by front man Ricky Ohrn, but were never truly born until he landed in the City of Angels.

  This upward evolution of course also led to an ascending line up change that was built on an authentic platform combining both a deep adulation of understanding and an organic appreciation for music.

  An eclectic and eccentric merger of musicianship comprised of Swedish born front man Ricky Ohrn. Japanese born bass player Satoshi Ichiyanagi, Latin and LA native lead axe man Gabe and East coast drummer Carl M.

If you are looking for a band to aurally assault you, these are not your boys, if you desire sonic drool or the slow plodding drone of endless overture, if you long for sappy sad songs.... then please look elsewhere.  But if you crave an honest workingman's straight up rock n roll band with a punk and country twist then by all means... come and hang with us here, in our REBEL HOTEL.

Rumors started spreading around Southern California about these underground rock stars before they even played their first show, yet their arrival has been long awaited from their recognition on the music scene.

Ricky Ohrn founded REBEL HOTEL in 2011.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden he always desired adventure.
After two world trips and starving for action, he relocated to Southern California in 2000. In the years that followed, he played guitar in the So Cal rock scene and was founder and core member of many L.A. bands as a guitarist.

After his previous bands demises he honed up in the studio and wrote many songs that infused Rock n’ Roll, punk, metal and a huge dose of attitude containing experiences from his extensive world travel, and he simply became the singer.


REBEL HOTEL started out as a heavy three piece, but in the summer of 2012, they added a second guitarist and the band was finally complete. It was not until the band became the two guitar four piece when things really ignited. The energy in the band shot through the roof. Just a few shows later a buzz started brewing in Orange County, where they were based, about the band.

The band moved the Rebel studio to Hollywood in 2013,

REBEL HOTEL is constantly working on new songs and their action packed shows.

There is a lot to come from these four vagabonds who live for music and their rock n’ roll lifestyle.

New music, videos and a whole lot more are constantly being added to the rotation, set lists changes from show to show, and you can never predict what you will experience when you see these four desperados live. 

But one thing is for sure…you will be taken away by high energy, a truck load of attitude, and you will go home satisfied knowing you’ve seen something different, new, and really exciting.


REBEL HOTEL keeps on announcing more show dates and you can find their songs at


REBEL HOTEL are the connoisseurs of catchy Rock n’ Roll, very influenced by bands like Guns n’ Roses, Motley Crue, Velvet Reveolver, Green Day, Buckcherry, Volbeat, Raise Against, Pantera, Judas Priest, 3 Days Grace,  Rolling Stones, and of course a flavor of the Scandinavian rock bands like Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, Hardcore Superstar, and are roaring out of the gate…….

So beware, lock up your daughters, wives, and liquor cabinets….

REBEL HOTEL will blow you away and they’re here to stay………………..


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