Leverett, Massachusetts, USA

Rebelle brings the conscious message of love and justice. Powerful and mesmerizing sounds come together to sing praises and spread the word of truth and rights. The world is represented in ReBelle. Soul rebels standing strong.


In their music and their lives, Rebelle is an intergenerational and intercultural band from Africa and America devoted to love and justice. Rebelle was founded in the spirit, knowledge and teachings of ancestral and contemporary wisdom. The Rebelle story is rich in a foundation of love and powerful musicianship.

ReBelle plays all original music, sung in four different languages, English, Wolof, Creole and French. ReBelle plays Roots reggae music, and its powerhouse vocalists chant meditations on liberation while the band propels roots reggae soul. The band’s mystical mix of pulsing tribal rhythms, reggae horns, guitar and tight harmonies is internationally acclaimed.

ReBelle has performed internationally including performances in Africa and all over the United States. In Africa, performances at the Blaise Senghor Institute in Senegal, Reggae Sunsplash in Senegal and Baia das Gatas Festival in Cape Verde exemplified the band’s outstanding success at reaching the hearts and minds of people and sharing their message with love and grace. At the Baia das Gatas Festival in front of 60,000 people and to an international television audience, the band so moved the people that the audience rushed the stage as the band members appeared.

ReBelle is heard on airwaves throughout Africa, Europe, Jamaica, the Americas and the world. In the U.S., along the east coast, from Maine to Florida to California, ReBelle has performed hundreds of concerts at noted festivals, venues and colleges including the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, SOB’s, Fire Water Festival, Harmonic Convergence Festival, Vermont Reggae Festival, Bel Chere, LEAF, Ocean State Reggae, sell-out crowds at the Iron Horse Music Hall, Pearl Street Night Club, The Roxy, Reggae Sunsplash, New England Reggae Festival, Guilford College, Amherst College, Smith College to name just a few, and the Valley Advocate writes, "When ReBelle performs, concert halls become temples, and for several hours, at least, people come together."

As a group, ReBelle has shared the stage with virtually all of the epic artists in Reggae music, including, Burning Spear, Israel Vibration, Sister Carol, Damien Marley, Ijahman Levi, Michael Rose, Culture, to name a few. The band has 8 independently released recordings and is currently mixing their latest for 2011.

Reggae Runnins writes, “ReBelle brings the conscious message of Rastafari with African roots reggae music…powerful… and mesmerizing sounds come together to sing praises to Jah and spread the word of truth and rights…ReBelle bring a serenity and peacefulness with them; in speaking, in their music, and in their spirit. They are a unit guided by Jah and inspired with the love of the universe. Soul rebels standing strong.”

Dirty Linen magazine writes, “Few bands brave the more difficult challenges of composing new, intelligent and trail blazing music. ReBelle is one such band.”

"Since its inception and to this day, reggae has been strongly African oriented...ReBelle is a clear example... one of the most striking bands you'll ever encounter... ReBelle songs speak of the importance of African unity and human justice, yet they never neglect to touch on the spiritual." Hernan Rosenberg, music critic

"ReBelle holds true to a vision for a better world that we can construct here on earth."- The Beat

Dub Missive writes- "Their music reflects the spirit of ReBelle; warm, contemporary, vital. We were blessed to witness a spellbinding performance as the ReBelle came forth strong and sure."

ReBelle is devoted to inspiring the world with music. The band is committed to bringing love, justice and unity among people and nations. ReBelle live a positive way of respect and represent a multicultureal creation.


War is not the Answer- single
Free Mumia- single
Move Together Now- LP
Live Recordings- LP
Thank U Jah- LP
Trinity- EP
To Be Continued- EP
Live 2004- EP
Acoustic Womb- EP

Set List

Satta Intro
Kingdom of Jah
Truth Come Around
Old Flames
Blondie N' Diop
Ancient Roads
Watch Out
What Happens
Jaam ak Salaam
Wake Up
Move Together
Devotion/ Jah is Mighty
Universe Most High

Our set usually runs 1 hr and 45 minutes to 2 hrs and 20 minutes.