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This is my first cd project. My first single is
"Rap N Rock", it is being streamed over the
internet and should make it to radio soon.



Elijah "Rebellus" Warren was born 3-24-84 in Portland, Oregon to Larry and Eyvonne Warren. My parents divorced in the late 80's. During the custody battle my mom's house was shot up by a gang called the Kerby Block Crips, they were looking for my mom's boyfriend who was in a rival gang called the Woodlawn Park Bloods. Because of the shooting I was placed in a foster home where my living hell began. While in the foster home I was mentally and physically abused. Standing in corners for hours, whipped like a slave for the hell of it, even put under the house where the only thing I could see was the light reflecting off the eyes of rodents under the house with me. Eventually karma came around and my foster parents were caught by the state and justice was served. My dad won custody of me, then my new life began. So I thought! Because of what I went through in the foster home I was never the same. I started to have problems in school at a young age. In first grade I was put in anger management for biting and spitting on my teacher in front of my parents. Middle school I began to “gangbang” and of course it was a natural progression to be a blood, since that’s what I grew up around. I got good grades but still I would lash out and get suspended for the craziest things. High School didn’t fare to well either good grades but the lashing out became worst. 11th grade was the climax and “Explosion” of everything that happen to me as a child. I got into with the dean of my school when I threatened to kill him to his face and destroyed his office, my cousin who worked at my school over heard everything and knew I wasn’t a talker, but a man of action, so he called my parents. I was almost home when my mom got home first to stop me from getting my gun and therefore the dean and school were spared. There was a meeting with all the schools administrators and the issue was resolved. At the beginning of my 12th grade school year I tried to commit suicide twice. The second time I was in the emergency room for three days and placed in a mental institution for two weeks. After being released I turn to music as my therapy to dealing with my depression and the artist "Rebellus" a.k.a The Black Sheep was born and what you see today.

Height: 6ft
Weight: 165
Eyes: green (changes colors)
Age: 22
Middle child of 7 (3 sisters 3 brothers)
Style: 75% (Rap) & 25% (Rock)
Performance: More rock influenced