The Rebel attitude to music, expressing the energy of Istanbul...


Rebel Moves’ set in 2000 as a jam session band. They did jam sessions at many underground clubs as well as festivals, featuring international and local guest musicians on stage. The vocalist Omer Ahunbay says that the reflections of the audience’s energy inspire the band while they emprovise.
Some people say that Rebel Moves jam sessions’ reminds the music of German band Can.
The band recorded each session they did and formed many of Rebel Moves’ songs from these session recordings.
The first album “In House Sessions” which includes session recordings was released only 399 copies and handed out to their close friends as a Christmas present in 2001.

In year 2003, band released their first single, “French Fries A La Turca” from Elec-Trip Records. Single contains 3 tracks, “French Fries A La Turca”, “Sheep” and “Sheep Ozinga Latin Mix” by Ozan Colakoglu.
“Sheep Ozinga Latin Mix” entered the charts in 500 radio stations in 80 countries.Rebel Moves’ first concert which they performed their own fixed repertoire, except jamming, was in 10th International Istanbul Jazz Festival 2003, just after the first single released.

In year 2004, Rebel Moves took place in the album Istanbul Calling with Bandare, the sond also used in Kia commercial. (Istanbul Calling, Elec-Trip Records 2004) and the band began touring Turkey with Tarkan as his support-band. They came together with more than 300 thousand listeners in that 8 concert tour.

Are You Satisfied? is the new Rebel Moves album released by Pasaj Muzik, 2005.
Before the album released, the song “Are You Satisfied?” is used in Peugeot commercial which broadcasted in 19 countries.

Lyrics are written in English, French, Turkish and Rebel Moves’s Rebelish. Rebelish is a language that has got no meanings but melodies transformed into words whilst making the songs.

A fan describes the music and the album : Every
song is so different from the other, yet they fit each other so well, as a whole. The lyrics are important and sensible. The music is so...
I don't know how to describe it... Cultured. It's not one genre.
It's rock. Pop. Jazz. Turkish. It's the world.

Rebel Moves will never be satisfied and will keep jamming, creating, performing…



Written By: Rebel Moves

You ought to be somebody
Sheep, you walk in lines since the lines will show you the way
Sheep, you eat your weed till you feed your mind from free
Sheep, don't learn to run cause you never have to run from here
Sheep, follow the rules till the rules turn you into a meat
Sheep, you need to learn that to live you gotta be free
Yeah, but freedom ain't come easy and you cannot get it from a tree
Sheep, while you sleep at night never thinking "what's it gonna be"
Sheep, it's the way too late when you learn what you're born to bee

Attention our apple stocks are down
Tasty apples are detected in the neighbour's garden
All units proceed to neighbour's garden and collect all the tasty apples
But the red ones bot the green ones

Sheep, you walk in lines since the lines will show you the way
Sheep, you eat your weed till you feed your mind from free
Sheep, don't learn to run cause you never have to run from here
Sheep, don't say a word just go mee mee mee mee meeeeeeee
Ought to be somebody!

Bandare (Dub Mix)

Written By: Rebel Moves

All the people in the house, just wanna, yeah man
All the people in the house, just wanna, yoo
Just wanna party
Gula gula gulam ari bandare
Cani bandare gulu bandare
Guri baka guri baka bandare
Cani bandare gulu bandare
Gore gore capati parotta pania hey
Gore gore capati parotta hey

Surround yourself with happiness
Soon, it's gonna be allright
So what if your life is so sad
Soon, it's gonna be allright
Come on and break down all your walls
Soon, world becomes so light
Give up your fears and feel the joy
Soon, comes the morning light

I open my arms for something delicious
Come and join my soul station
Don't let your heart for justification
So, why don't you come to my place?

Open your eyes and look around
Soon, there will be a sign
Allow your soul nothing but love
Soon, you'll be flying so high
Tomorrow is never too far
Soon, you'll realize
We all must become united
Soon, we'll become one love.


InHouse Sessions, Jingle House Records 2001
French Fries A la Turca, Elec-Trip Records 2003
Are You Satisfied?, Pasaj Muzik 2005

Set List

Setlist - 1 (30 mins)
Sheep Ozinga Latin Mix
Silly Combination
French Fries A la Turca
Are You Satisfied?
Setlist -2 (1-2 hr)
Silly Combination
Doesn't Matter
Hold Your Mother
A dove Came
Are You Satisfied?
Yuri Yamo
French Fries A la Turca
Carlos Montana
Sheep Ozinga Latin Mix
Bandare Acustic