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The best kept secret in music


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Formed through a gift only god himself could provide alcohol. It was a in a pub that Rohan (drummer) ended up having a drink with Kevin (singer & bass guitar) and as the conversation spruced into music they knew before the first beat of a drum and vocal out pouring they were on the same page. With Rohan’s roots derived from punk music and Kevin’s taste for the grunge scene, the mix was explosive. Having performed for the better part of three years there solid rhythm has helped them conquer clubs and parties across Toronto. Another intricate piece was soon to merge through a party of ill repute and immense intake of various substances, a character in one of the hallways named Erik (rhythm guitar) bumped into his future band mates. Erik’s solid rhythm playing has lead to more shows around the local club scene adding a spark to the music already created. The Final piece of the puzzle was stumbled upon outside a bar, unconscious from southern comfort he was helped up via Rohan after getting him sorted out and standing straight there conversation lead to passing phone numbers, five days later wearing the same pants and the number still in his pant pocket, he ended up calling to figure out who the number belonged to. Robbie (rhythm & lead guitars) showed up at an audition, taking out his guitar he ripped into some viscous leads and rhythms from the past greats and more importantly his own. The mix was set and stamped, with less than a year in creation the next audition brought everyone together and the laying down of the first song and you guessed it, after the jam they immediately all went for drinks at the local pub leading to the formation of Rebel Radio, God bless the power of alcohol …..

The music itself is to be consumed through mass doses, all the while keeping children at bay. With many combined styles, blues, punk, metal, and grunge it all melts into harmonious mayhem upon the eardrum. Take the time to listen, and perhaps it will dawn upon you that this is different from the norm. The guitar solo’s are back! The lyrics actually mean something, with a singer who has the vocal range and the musical changes within the songs keep you gripped to the back of your dirty underwear. The music is made for one reason for the love of music; every band out there is looking to make it, as are we, but whether we play for ten people or ten thousand it is for the love of rock n roll

Are band is influnced by everything from grunge to pop to metal, it is a great mix of songs that are hard driving rock n roll with different cultural up brings we mold into a wall of intense and melodic songs - what sets us a part is the songs - when we hit the stage it;s not to take prisioners it;s to leave them entertained and wanting more - please review our website which will be up NOVEMBER 23rd -