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REBELSTAR Mixtape Volume 1 Champion Heart



REBELSTAR, Charles Bradford, was born in Cleveland Ohio. I am 27 years old and have been writing music and poems since I was 14 years old. In grade school, I use to draw vivid pictures which helped me develop the eye and the mind for detailed expression. I attended art schools in the summer that my mother organized for me. Around my early teenage years my father developed an addiction to drugs that began to destroy my family and my faith. I am an only child so the only thing I felt I could do to save myself was to express my grief, anger, and confusion through drawings and literature. My mother kept my sick father in the household despite his drug addiction which made me very depressed and eventually a canidate for clinical therapy. My grades began to drop in school and I began to identify with rebels and other young men who were going through pain. They were drug dealers, street people, and just poor people. I would stay in the streets and catch buses alone all over the city because I was too angry to go home. This is were I learned about the adversity and challenges of today's black males. I learned about everything and I have done allot of what I rap about. Im a product of a broken home and from the time my father went to jail I have been the only child and man of the house. My influences when I began to develop into REBELSTAR were Scarface, Tupac, Wu-tang, Notorious B.I.G, Kool G Rap, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Nas, Naughty by Nature, Too Short, LL.Cool J, and Jodeci. These are the kinds of artist that got me through many hard nights alone. What sets me apart from other people is they are not me and I am not them. They can not do what I do how I do it. God only made one Charles Bradford who is artisticly known as REBELSTAR. My ambition is to represent the same strength and classic talent that my influences possesed. I will represent the same force that Tupac, and BIGGIE, and Treach, and Method Man represented. I want those young teenagers out there to enjoy my stories and passion. I want those in jail to celebrate my success and play my songs when they feel the way I feel about the world. This gift is all I have to contribute back to the society that made me. Despite what society thinks I owe them or what they think I should pay them back. All I have is a beat, a rhyme, and an ocean of emotions to express.